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CyanogenMod to stay away from Linaro for now

The Linaro team proved a few weeks back that they managed to optimize the Android code and showed some impressive numbers. The CPU performance for 3D tasks was increased by up to 100%, while the browser performance by 30%, along with many other improvements.

They also submitted their code to the Android Open Source Project and to CyanogenMod and Android users have been very happy since, because they were expecting to see the improvements both in the stock Android and CyanogenMod custom firmware. Though we have to disappoint you, because CyanogenMod decided not to use the code, according to Steve Kondik, its founder.

Stock Android is now moving to the GCC 4.6 toolchain, while Linaro uses GCC 4.7. And CyanogenMod chose to go for GCC 4.6 too for being more stable and better tested than the newer, bleeding edge 4.7 toolchain. While it’s sad to know we won’t see the improvements soon, a stable environment should be preferred over an untested one. The new 4.7 toolchain could also create compatibility issues.

Currently we don’t know when Google is going to move to the GCC 4.7 toolchain, though it might go with it for the Android Jelly Bean and it could even come with Linaro’s optimization or at least a part of it.

While CyanogenMod chose to stay away from Linaro for the moment, it doesn’t mean there aren’t already ports made by others, though there’s nothing stable yet.