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Cyber Monday Deal: Moto X Is Free at Amazon

The Cyber Monday Moto X deals are now live at Amazon, so if you didn’t purchase the Motorola flagship at a promotional price on Black Friday, now it’s your chance to buy it for only a penny on contract with either Sprint, AT&T, or Verizon.

As I was mentioning above, three of the biggest US carriers are offering the Moto X at a promotional price via Amazon Cyber Monday deals. Therefore, after you agree to sign a two-year contract with either of them, you will be able to purchase the Sprint Moto X, Verizon Moto X, or AT&T Moto X for only $0.01. It’s also worth mentioning that we are talking about the 16 GB variant of the smartphone and that all three carriers are selling the standard White and Black models.¬†As you probably expected the price may vary with the service plan you choose.

If you don’t want to purchase the Moto X with a service plan, you can also grab it contract-free, but the prices are way higher. The off-contract Sprint Moto X has a price of $549.99 (Black and White), the Verizon Moto X sells without a plan at $599 (Black and White), while the contract-free AT&T Moto X costs $599.99 (Black and White).

The stocks for the Moto X Cyber Monday sale are limited, therefore we are recommending you to hurry up and purchase the handset right now before it becomes unavailable. Furthermore, if you order Moto X in the following hours (8 hours at the time the article was written), Amazon will ship it at your door in on Wednesday, December 4th.

Even though the Moto X is not the most powerful smartphone on the market, the Motorola flagship is very appealing due to its almost-stock Android experience with always-on voice commands, Active Display, and Motorola Assist and quick software updates.

If you want to take advantage of the Moto X Cyber Monday deals you can use the links below to order the device from Amazon:

Did you order your Moto X? If not, feel free to check the other Cyber Monday deals from Amazon using the links above the article.

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