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Dock Station for Nexus 7 available now from Google Play Store for $29.99

Today, Google Play Store has officially made available the Nexus 7 Dock Station after eight months have passed since the tablet computer was launched. It is cheap and a great accessory that you should buy for your Android device as it will help you easily watch movies and perform any other tasks easier than you did before.

Nexus 7 dock station features microUSB and audio out ports. There is no HDMI nor MHL ports so you will not be able to connect the tablet to other displays. The microUSB port can be used to charge your tablet using the dock’s POGO pins, while the audio out port lets you connect your headphones or the audio system for music, movies and any other audio files. It comes in black color, its bottom features a rubber-like texture so it should stick to any surface you put it on. It doesn’t weigh much so it shouldn’t be a hassle whenever you try to move it around your home.

If you buy the dock station for your Nexus 7 then you will be able to truly get the best out of the Daydream feature of Android 4.2 Jelly Beam feature as you can place the tablet whenever you like and you will great visibility and be able to check the time. Also, you can use Daydream and dock the tablet to use it as a photo frame.

Google Play Store has the Nexus 7 Dock listed at a price of $29.99 and it is still cheaper than on any other online retail shops. You simply place your order and the dock should arrive at your door step in maximum 2 weeks. Despite the fact that it cannot be used to connect your tablet to other monitors or TVs, it’s still a great accessory and if you think that the price is reasonable, then why not order one.

If you want the Dock Station for Nexus 7 then you can purchase it from Google Play Store here.