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Doomlord’s Extended Edition Recovery in the Works for Xperia S

Sony Xperia S

Sony made quite an impact when it announced its latest NXT line of smartphones, and especially when it made public the Xperia S. While it did not have the best hardware possible underneath as far as the CPU is concerned, it made up for it with very nice screen, overall design and especially that 12 MP camera. These feats have made it into quite a seller and as such, more and more developers turned their attention to it. The first step to installing any custom ROM on an Android device is to have a recovery that allows that, and this is exactly what Doomlord’s Extended Edition Recovery is.

So far, the most widely spread custom Recovery on Android devices is the ClockworkMod one, but lately its original design has suffered some interesting modifications. The biggest of these is of course the ability to use touch gestures to control it, and this was the one that sparked the birth of a whole bunch of recoveries based on the ClockworkMod one. Each of these mods of the touch version of CWM came with different features and tried to improve on the original with better graphics and performance.

One of these custom made Recoveries is the Doomlord’s Extended Edition and it comes with a lot of additions to the standard touch edition of CWM. Please read the lines below to find out what to expect from it:

  • FULL TOUCH interface
  • Swipe gesture support!!! – the hotspot for this is across full screen
  • swipe left to GO BACK/ Scroll UP
  • swipe right to Scroll Down
  • Honeycomb themed
  • Haptic feedback
  • Shows current time (time when the recovery was entered/started)
  • Uses new Roboto FONT (from latest CWM repo)
  • New “select update.zip menu”: it will give u a new option – “show file details” – which will display the size (in bytes) and the MD5SUM of the selected file
  • Added advanced reboot menu.
  • Added “advanced backup” menu, now u can selectively choose which partitions to back up.
  • Changed ”wipe data/factory reset” option to just “factory reset”, and detailed the partitions which will be wiped
  • Changed text of most menus to fit the new honeycomb inspired design

These are the main features of this recovery and it sure looks nice. You can also check out the screen shot below to get a better feel of what it should like. The only problem so far with it is that it is still a work in progress, so you will have to wait a little bit before it is ready to be flashed on your Xperia S.

Doomlord Recoevry

Doomlord Recoevry

Once the developer has finished working on it you should make sure you want to follow the custom ROM path before installing it in your device. I am sure however that many of you will still choose the classical CWM Touch version, but the features of the Doomlord’s Recovery will weigh heavily in its favor. You can check out when it is ready on the official developer website.

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