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Downgrade Samsung Galaxy S Advance from Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean to Android 2.3 Gingerbread

The Samsung Galaxy S has been update to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean official OS this year. But, not all users have been happy with this update and some of them want to know how they can downgrade to stock Android 2.3 Gingerbread. That’s why I’ve created this post, for you to learn how to successfully restore your device to an official Gingebread firmware.

In order to make sure that you successfully complete this guide, you need to read the preparation guide below:

  • Use the tutorial only for the Samsung Galaxy S Advance model number I9070. Both 8GB and 16GB versions are supported by this guide.
  • This guide is destined to be used by advanced Android users and you shouldn’t attempt to update your device in case you don’t know what you’re doing.
  • Don’t try to use the firmware files you find in this post with any other smartphones.
  • Backup all your data before getting to the tutorial. The downgrade process will most probably wipe all data from your device.
  • Sync your Contacts with your Gmail account, so that you can restore them to your PC after the update is complete.
  • Enable USB debugging option from the Developer Options menu.
  • Make sure that no antivirus apps are running on your PC.
  • Check the battery power left so that the device won’t switch off in the middle of the updating process.
  • Read the entire post and don’t skip any steps that I’ve listed.

Now that you know all of the above, you can continue to the next part of this article.

How to downgrade Galaxy S Advance I9070 from Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean to Android 2.3 Gingerbread:

  1. Download Android 2.3 GB file from HERE.
  2. Extract the contents of this file and you will get all the required files in order to downgrade your device. Also, the PIT file and Odin 3 app for your desktop are included in the zip.
  3. OPTIONAL: If your device is the 16GB version then you should download the following file here. If you download this file then you won’t need to .pit file listed in step 2, as you will use instead the 16GB .pit one.
  4. Power off your smartphone now.
  5. Boot the Galaxy S Advance to Download Mode by pressing and holding Volume Down, Home and Power. Release the buttons when an ‘alert’ screen appears. Press Volume Up to confirm Download Mode.
  6. Launch Odin 1.85 exe on your PC.
  7. Connect your device to your PC using the USB cable. ODIN should now detect the Galaxy S Advance and it should display a confirmation message saying ‘added!!’.
  8. In ODIN, click PDA and then load the following file CODE_GT-I9070_I9070DXLD1_CL1068093_REV00_user_SEC_KEY_LD1_8G.tar.md5
  9. Next, click CSC and load this file: CSC_GT-I9070-MULTI-CSC-OLBLD1_SEC_KEY_8G.tar.md5.
  10. After that click PIT and load the .pit file corresponding to your device’s storage 8GB/ 16GB.
  11. Make sure that the Auto Reboot, F Reset Time and Re-Partition options are enabled in ODIN. When you’re ready you can hit the START buttons.
  12. The downgrade process shouldn’t take long to complete.
  13. When you see the ‘PASS’ message, then you will know that the downgrade is complete and the Galaxy S Advance is rebooting into normal mode.

Unplug the phone from PC and that should be all, wait for the main menu of Android 2.3 GB to load and then take control over your device once again. These were all the steps you had to take. In case you have any other questions, then you should ask for more help in comments.

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  • I tried the above procedure step by step, however it did not go through, first it showed fail, then i had closed ODin and restarted it. It used to get stuck at Setup Connecting.. Thereafter, I switched off my galaxy s advance and now it shows the following error.

    Firmware upgrade encountered an issue. PLease select recovery mode in Kies and try again.

    Please help, how to resolve this issue.



    • Khaja

      Same here.

    • midhun mex

      i also faced the prblm.this tutorial is not correct u will face issue for 16gb model.
      connect to odin and flash with jellybean…
      i done this n my phone is working well

    • Daks Ankit Singh Sabharwal

      boot it back to stock rom throgh odin . n then maybe shift to another rom

  • Superman

    thanx…worked sucessfully,,just follow the steps,,don’t miss even one

    • Avik

      Hi Dear….is your phone working as before….can u suggest me should i go for the above downgrade option……..I have 16Gb Variant of S advance.

  • Abhijeeth

    Not working for 16 GB model. It failed. again flashed the jelly bean and it working fine.. But jelly bean has slowed down the phone a lot. Cant even play temple run properly…:P

  • wolf man

    it doesn’t support Arabic langauge >>>> can any one help me ?

  • devanisme

    Totally worked for me hapy to be back to GB .. thanks alot and keep it up .. Guys just follow the rules ull be pleased

  • tony

    Very useful and informative. Thank you.

  • xoxo

    vil not work for 16 gb version….go ahead with 8gb pit file

  • Abonmai

    Perfect…..! thank you so much

  • Ron

    Worked fine for me.. thnx a lot!

  • Krishna

    this did not restored my 16GB space , after using this i can see only 8GB space on my phone . can you pls suggest how to use the same for 16GB phone

  • Annubis

    What about Greek language, works on the downgraded 2.3.6 GB?

  • sumit

    HI frndzzz I have Samsung I9070 16GB version, Plz suggest me is this solution works with the 16GB device i am asking this bcoz of i read many reviews regarding this solution not work with the 16GB device after complete the setup this showing only 8GB space.
    Plz help me and suggest me can i go with this.

  • mohdwaseem0786

    Fantastic it works great…

  • Konok Telecom

    It Works on I9070 8GB 100%, Thanks….

  • IAN

    thank u very much!!!!!!!!! my smartphone get bricked and i almoust give up searching and searching, the downgrade works!!! i got the efs error yet in the recovery but all works fine!!! thx man!!! i dont know if ur gonna read this, but I FUKIN LOVE U!!! THX FOR UR POST!!!