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Download and Install Complete Samsung Galaxy S3 ToolKit

Samsung Galaxy S3 ToolKit

Samsung Galaxy S3 Toolkit is a package of tools that you can use to install drivers, ClockworkMod Recovery, Busybox and create Root, backups or even use it to install apk files. This toolkit should come in handy and it has been created by mskip, an XDA Recognized Developer.

The Toolkit contains several utilities that you can use to control your Galaxy S3 device from a single user interface. You should read this post and learn how to download, install and what every S3 tool is capable of doing and how it can help you improve your Android experience. There are multiple other hacking functions in this S3 all-in-one toolkit and for the moment there aren’t any major bugs reported. However, you might find errors and that’s only because this is its first edition.

Samsung GS3 all-in-one toolkit by mskip is great and it comes several weeks after the release of the 3 working root guides for Galaxy S3 smartphone. Here’s what you can find in the SGS3 Toolkit software:

  • is capable of automatically install drivers.
  • it can be used to create a complete Nandroid backup of your phone Android OS using adb. The backup is saved as custom recovery image format on your computer.
  • it can create backups and restore single files, applications, user data and internal storage.
  • you can use it to backup the folder /data/media and save it on your computer to create a complete and safe backup.
  • it can flash and install Stock Recovery or Clockworkmod (CWM) Recovery, which allows you to install custom ROMs.
  • it can install single and / or multiple apk files.
  • you can use it to transfer files from your computer to your Galaxy S3 phone.
  • it roots any public build.
  • you can create /data and /system directories, save as a ‘.tar’ on your computer.
  • Installs BusyBox.

There are multiple other small functions that you’ll discover after the download. Please note that the Samsung GS3 Toolkit is available only for advanced Android users that know their way around its functions. We cannot be held responsible if you damage your device by using this SGS3 All-in-One Toolkit software, so make sure that you know what you’re doing before starting to test it. Here’s how to download and install it on your computer:

  1. Download the Samsung Galaxy S3 toolkit from here. Save it on your PC.
  2. Now, double click it and you should see the installation wizard.
  3. Click NEXT until you begin to install the program. Leave all wizard options as default and wait for the SGS3 Toolkit to install completely.
  4. When that happens you will have to click ‘Close’. Now you can find the Galaxy S3 complete Toolkit icon on your computer’s desktop.
  5. To use the program, simply double click the SGS3 Toolkit desktop icon. Its main screen interface appears and to select a function to start you will have to enter its corresponding number and after that, simply follow the on-screen instructions.
  6. That’s it, simply select the tasks you wish to run and make sure to apply only the steps listed by the Galaxy S3 All-in-One toolkit.

Please note that the applications’ exe file might be detected as harmful by your installed antivirus programs, and this means that you have to set an exception for it. In case the antivirus deletes the exe, then you will have to restore it and only after that you can create an exception for SGS3 Toolkit executable for future virus scans. It might be detected as virus only because it wasn’t Digitally Signed using Microsoft Certificate.

In case you have any other questions then please feel free to post them in our comments section and we will try to help you complete the installation of Samsung Galaxy S3 ToolKit.

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