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Download and Install Glovebox, an Ubuntu-like launcher app for Android devices

The UBUNTU OS has already been presented and it can easily be installed on Android devices. Those of you who don’t want to flash a new ROM that is based on a totally different OS then you can use a launcher to test the looks of Ubuntu OS. The application that you will have to use is the Glovebox and here you can find a download link and a guide on how to install it.

Glovebox for Android can be downloaded from Google Play Store and you should grab it fast until Google pulls it out, as this thing happened already before with the first version. FBarossoApps are the developers of this Ubuntu OS home launcher for Android.

The app’s descriptions says that you will get the best multi-tasking tool for Android. It is not a proper home launching tool, but a ¬†different tool that allows you to add more customization options for your device. You can get rid of the Dock Bar and add applications, shortcuts and widgets right to the Ubuntu bar, just like you would do on Ubuntu OS using the Unity desktop view. It allows you to re-order applications and personalize the side bar just the way you want it.

Using the Glovebox app is easy as you simply have to swipe on the lateral part of your phone’s screen and the UBUNTU side bar will show up.

Run Glovebox and after that you will have to configure all of its parts. You can choose from opacity settings, the bar size, you will have to use the Bar List option and add the apps you use mostly. Swipe and open the bar and, without lifting the finger off the screen, you will be able to launch Chrome, WhatsApp, Google Reader, Gmail, Facebook etc.

The Glovebox Ubuntu OS style app / home launcher for Android will run simultaneously with your default launcher, which means that you can still enjoy the features of TouchWiz, Sense, Emotion or the non-stock launchers such as Apex or Nova apps. It is one of the most simple apps that you can use and you should give it a try.

More and more users have show n a grown interest for the Ubuntu operating system and it seems like this will get more popular with Android users, too. Glovebox is a great alternative for Android users who don’t want to ditch their Gingerbread, ICS or Jelly Bean ROMs. You can install this application even for Android phones running Android 1.6 or ¬†newer versions.

Download Glovebox application from Google Play Store here. It will install on your device automatically and then you simply have to run it and customize all of its features for it to suit your needs.

Test the new ‘home launcher/ multi-tasking’ app for Android and then tell us in comments if you liked its feature. It might become the default way for you to launch apps on your device. I’ve removed completely the Dock feature and I will be testing Glovebox Ubuntu-style launcher for the next few days to see if I’m getting used to launch apps from the side bar of my phone.