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Download and Install Google Nexus 10 Toolkit

Use this guide and learn how to successfully install the Google Nexus 10 toolkit which you can use to install adb drivers, unlock and relock bootloaders, root, un-root, rename restore files, flash custom recovery etc. This post also contains all the instructions on how to use all the applications’ functions and features.

This is an all-in-one application that you can use for a multitude of things. It has been created by ‘mskip’, an XDA Elite Recognized Developer, who also worked on similar tools for Galaxy S3, Galaxy nexus, Nexus 7 and now he decided that numerous users would find such tool to be used on the Nexus 10.

This application can be used for multiple purposes and its main features and functions are listed below:

  • Installs on your PC the correct adb/ fastboot drivers for your Nexus 10.
  • It can be used to Unlock / Re-lock the Nexus 10 Bootloader.
  • Root and Unroot functions are supported.
  • Also, you can flash custom recovery images directly from the apps main menu.
  • It brings One-click tools for Unlocking bootloader, root, rename restore files and flash a custom recovery.
  • It packs a tool that you can use to Nandroid backup your tablet ROM.
  • It can install single or multiple apk for your Nexus 10.
  • Backup and restore functions for a single or multiple applications, user data and for the internal storage.
  • Backs up data from the /data/media directly to your computer and act as a ‘full safe backup of data’ app.
  • It features a ‘mods section’ that automatically performs various tasks on your Nexus 10.
  • It can grab Google Stock Image straight to the ToolKit folder.
  • It can install BusyBox.
  • Create partition dumps and compress them as a .zip file with md5 and then save them on your computer for later use.
  • It can copy /data and /system directories and save them as ‘.tar’ file.
  • You can use it to rename some recovery restore files for stock ROMs.
  • It can use adb sideload in custom recovery mode so that you will be able root and unroot zip file faster.
  • It can force your device to boot CWM Touch Recovery without installation.
  • It is capable of installing and booting .img files directly from your computer.
  • It can reboot your Nexus 10 to fastboot mode and back to normal mode.
  • Also, it can reboot device into fastboot, recovery, download and normal mode right from the ADB mode.
  • There are many other useful functions but you can learn which these are when you’ll use the app.

Also, if you donate for this app then you will be able to benefit from several other functions and features that are only available for donators. Now that you know all of the above, I think that you should move to the tutorial below and learn how to install the application on your PC.

How to download and install Google Nexus 10 Toolkit:

  1. Download the Nexus 10 toolkit file from HERE. Save it on your Windows PC. There is no Linux application but one should be launched soon.
  2. When the download is complete you should double click the file.
  3. Press the NEXT Button until you get to the final installation screen. Note that you shouldn’t edit any default settings / options.
  4. When the install is complete you simply need to launch the Nexus 10 Toolkit using its shortcut desktop icon.
  5. Launch the app and type ‘No’, then press Enter to load the Nexus 10 Toolkit main menu.
  6. Now you can see multiple selections that you can use. If you want to launch a Nexus 10 toolkit then you will simply need to press the corresponding number and then hit the Enter button.
  7. To complete a task you will need to follow the application’s on-screen instructions.
  8. That’s it, these are all the instructions that you had to read in order to successfully install the Nexus 10 Toolkit.

If you have any problems using this app or you cannot complete its installation, visit the XDA thread here or use our comments field to ask for more help.

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