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Download and Install HTC Desire C AlO Toolkit

This is an All-In-One Toolkit that can be used to root and unlock your HTC Desire toolkit. In this post you’ll find all the info on this post and you’ll learn also how to use all of its other functions.

The Desire C by HTC has been launched in June 2012 and it is an entry-level device that is powered by a 600MHz CPU, 512 MB RAM and it borrows features and functions from the One X device, such as the Android 4.0, Sense 4.0, Beats audio and it comes with support for NFS, also.

Hasoon2000, an XDA recognized developer, is the one who created this all-in-one toolkit for the Desire C and you can use it to root the phone, unlock its bootloader, install applications, backup data, flash custom recovery images, reboot the phone to recovery or bootloader, flash new custom kernels and many many other actions are included within the application. It is the Desire C starter’s hacking tool and if you’re a tinkerer when it comes to your phone, then this tool should become your favorite.

Until now, you were used to flash custom ROMs, kernels or root firmware and unlock bootloader from fastboot mode or using a custom recovery mode, but now, with Hasoon2000 All-in-One toolkit you can perform all that using a single click of your mouse.

Before using this application you will need to know the following things:

  • your HTC Desire phone will have the warranty voided and you can restore it only by using a stock firmware ROM.
  • Your computer needs to have the HTC Drivers¬†installed as otherwise your device will not be recognized when you’ll try to unlock its bootloader or root it.
  • It works only with Windows computers. The developer of this tool says that there won’t be any versions for Mac or Linux computers, so you shouldn’t expect such things.
  • Enable USB debugging option from the Development menu.
  • Note that this is a tool that you’re using at your own and neither we nor the developer will be held responsible in case something goes wrong and you cannot use your phone after using it.

All the instructions on how to use this toolkit can be found in the application’s main window. Download Hasoon2000 all-in-one toolkit from HERE. After the file has been downloaded you should extract its files to a single folder. Place the folder to a secure location. Run the application using its exe.

To apply root, unlock and all the other features, follow all the on-screen instructions. Remember that this is a tool that should help you apply multiple other actions and most of them can be completed only by advanced actions.

If you have any other questions on how to use this app, then you should post them in comments or you can choose to use ask its developer’s directly by going to this XDA thread.