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Download Boot Manager App to have Dual Boot ROMs on Motorola Droid RAZR

The apps available on the Android Google Play market are so numerous than is hard to keep in touch with the ones that are actually useful for your handset and of course for you. I’m referring to the tools that are bringing new features and capabilities into the smartphone’s (/ tablet’s) internal system. One of these programs is the Boot Manager, which offers you the possibility of having a device that runs more firmware on the same time.

Now that we know that the app exists, you might wonder if it can be installed on any Android device; well, actually no it can’t (because of the locked bootloader). But thanks to those of xda-developers you can download the Boot Manager Android app on your Motorola Droid RAZR handset. So, if you own a RAZR and want to experience different ROMs on your device now you can as it will have dual boot capabilities. The ROMs will be stored on the phone’s SD card, meaning that you can install as many operating systems as the storage capacity lets you.

You can shift between ROMs by simply rebooting the Droid RAZR, the app being easy to handle. You will be able to enjoy the Android, Windows Phone 7, Meego and any other platforms all due to the RAZR dual boot capabilities. Recently we have described a method in which you can install the Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS on a Nokia N9 smartphone and now you will be able to do a similar operation on your Motorola phone.

You can flash any ROMs only if it has the same radio and kernel version; furthermore all ROMs were tested and worked perfectly excepting the RAZR v1.2. The Boot Manager app is available in two versions, the Lite (free) and the Pro (paid) one. While on the Pro version you can install as many ROMs as you want, the Lite variant will let you boot only one ROM from your handset’s SD card.
You have both download links below; choose the one that is more suitable with your needs. Let us know if the Boot Manager is working properly on your Motorola Droid RAZR and if you manage to use the dual boot feature.

  • Download Pro Boot Manager from here.
  • Download Lite Boot Manager from here.