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Facebook Home APK Leaked, Now Available For Download

The Facebook Home launcher has been announced by the company, and it’s set for launch on April 12. However, if you want an early taste of Facebook’s latest software product, you should know that a pre-release version of the user interface has been leaked. The files have been gathered from a pre-release HTC First ROM, and even though it’s not the final version of Facebook Home having several bugs, it might give you an idea how the new launcher will look like.

Some of the features will be included in the final build of Facebook Home. The APK includes the features that allows users to hide the notification bar or toggle status updates. Sadly, a major features and one of the main attractions of Facebook Home, Chat Heads, is not functioning.

Anyway, this leaked variant of Facebook Home is reportedly working on several devices including the Nexus 7 and the Nexus 4. In case you want to give the software a spin you should know a few things before installing it on your handset. First of all, the leaked version of Facebook Home doesn’t support devices that have a pixel resolution higher than 1280 x 768. The second condition is that you need to have never installed the Facebook application on your handset. In case you did install it, you have to remove it completely, and this can’t be done by just anyone.

To be more exact, in case you have a device or ROM that has Facebook installed by default, you don’t need to bother the Facebook APK because it won’t work. The leaked version of Facebook Home cannot be installed over existing files. Of course, there is a method do remove the existing installation from your device, but you will have to root it, and if you don’t have experience with this process you better wait for the official version, which will be available in a few days.

However, in case you want to test the Facebook Home APK anyway, you can download the file from Modaco. Also, you can find the necessary instructions on the website.