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Download Flipboard for Android APK

Flipboard for Android Screenshot

Flipboard is a social magazine equipped with social networking features that has been first released for iPhone and only recently it was confirmed for Android.

Flipboard for Android has been announced last week when the Samsung Galaxy S3 was officially presented and it will ship with the first SGS3 device. However, an xda-developer user managed to get his hands on a Galaxy S3 device and simply found the .apk file for Fileboard and then posted it in the community boards.

It looks great on big Android screens such as the 5.3inch display of Galaxy Note and even on the Galaxy S2’s screen. It comes packed with tons of features and functions. You can connect it with your Facebook and Twitter account right from its options screen and you will then be able to view your friends and liked pages statuses and the Twitter timeline with status updates.

London was the place where we, Android users, found out about the Flipboard app and that it will be released at the same time as SGS3 and that it should become available for all Android devices. It is mainly a news aggregation tool and now you can use the download link at the end of this post and install it on your device.

Flipboard for Android APK can be installed without going to Google Play Store, as you can simply download the APK and then save it on your device’s SDcard and run it. Please note that in order to install Flipboard you will need to have the ‘install applications from untrusted sources’ options installed on your phone and only afterwards you can download and apply it on your Android phone.

Download Flipboard for Android APK from here.

If you save it on your PC you will then need to move it on your Android device.

Enable the ‘Unknown Sources’ option at the Security settings so that your phone launches the installer of Flipboard. Confirm all actions and complete the installation.

Run and configure your Flipboard app for Android. Use the comments section to tell us how is Flipboard performing on your phone / tablet.

Flipboard for Android Screenshot