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Floating Touch Brings Your Favorite Apps Closer to Your Thumb, a Must-have for Any Android User

There I was, browsing the Google Play in search for some new decent apps to install on my Android smartphone, when the Boat Browser Design’s Floating Touch popped out of nowhere. I’ve Clicked it, I’ve read the description, and I’ve looked through the screenshots then it hit me: this app looks like Facebook’s Chat Heads. No it’s like Paranoid Android’s HALO. In fact, after you install it you will discover that it’s better than both.

Chat Heads only works with Facebook, while HALO, which definitely got its inspiration from Facebook Chat Heads, is there to handle your notifications. I didn’t wanted that, I’ve got the Notifications Area which is enough for me, but Floating Touch brings things to a whole new level. You know what’s great about it? Floating Touch is not about notifications, it’s about bringing app shortcuts right to your thumb. This is what I wanted from the first time I saw Chat Heads and HALO and the guys at Boat Browser Design were able to deliver it.

How does Floating Touch work? I’m glad you’ve asked. Once you install it you will have a button floating on your screen over other apps (you can also move it around), which will allow you to launch your favorite apps without leaving the current app. Remember that routine when you had to leave the app, open app drawer, search for an app then launch it? Forget about it because Floating Touch is now up for download in Google Play store and it’s here to help.

If let’s say you want to watch a video or play Angry Birds and the Floating Touch point gets in your way longs press it and it’s gone. You will find it in your Notifications area, then with a simple click you will have it back on screen.

Floating Touch it’s like Paranoid Android’s HALO and Pie Controls had a baby. Press the floating button and it will open a pizza-looking menu on top of your running application. There are eight slices where you can add shortcuts to your favorite apps. By default, the one in the right is a folder that contains WiFi, GPS, Ring Mode, Airplane Mode, Brightness, Screen Rotation, Bluetooth, and Data toggles. The guys at Boat Browser Design were kind enough to include that folder given that creating folders feature is only included in the Pro Version.

Besides being able to place app shortcuts in the Floating Touch panel, you will also be able to choose from various actions like Lock Screen, Home, Clear Memory, Recent Apps, Menu, or Back, but you will require root access in order to be able to use the latter two of them.

You can choose from five colors for the Floating Touch panel and the Floating Touch button is customizable as well. You can choose its size, transparency, and even its icon. You can even set a custom picture as an icon for the Floating Touch button (or Point), but for that you will have to upgrade to Pro.

Summing up, Floating Touch is one of the greatest apps I’ve seen in Google Play in a while, being very useful and bringing great design and implementation in the same time.

Floating Touch is available for free in Google Play Store and you can download it yourself by following this link. Anyway, don’t forget to upgrade to Pro, as you will both support the developers and get your hands on some cool features.