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Download Galaxy S3 Icon Set

Samsung Galaxy S3 Icon Set

Samsung will release their new Galaxy device at the end of May and it will be known as the Samsung Galaxy S3. Here you will find information and a download link for its new icon set that you can afterwards install on your Android smartphone.

The Icon Set for Galaxy S3 works with any other Android device and you can easily install them using the files you’ll find at the end of this post. These new icons are TouchWiz UI based and look great on newer Android phones, but it still can be installed on any smartphones. This Icon Set has been created by ‘sunnylovesalman’, an XDA forum member, with Photoshop and decided to release them for all Android users.

Please note that if you wish to use them on your phone, then you will need to run a custom launcher like Apex Launcher, Nova Launcher, Go Launcher, ADWLauncher EX, LauncherPro or others similar to these.

Download the Galaxy S3 Icon Set from here.

After the download is complete you need to move the files on your phone and after that use the custom launcher’s menu to changer the icons of all Android applications.

The SGS3 icons look great over the water wallpaper as they appear to be floating over your screen. If you have any other tips & tricks or another icon set for Android devices, then please post in our comments section.