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Download Galaxy S3 Ringtones

Galaxy S3 Ringtones

The Galaxy S3 will come with several brand new ringtones, which are also supported on other Android devices and you download them on your phone.

Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with several other important functions and features that will bring the Android experience to a new level. Besides the S Voice, Direct Call, Smart Stay, Smart Alert, Social Tag, S Beam, All Share Cast, Buddy Photo Share, AllShare Play, Pop Up Play etc. Also, it will come with several new notification alarms and ringtones.

These ringtones are great for those of you who aren’t so sure to buy the new Galayx S3 device and instead you simply wish to get a taste of the future Galaxy S3 features. Recently, we’ve managed to find a leaked edition of Flipboard APK, an app that should’ve been launched exclusively for Android at the same time with Galaxy S3.

The ringtones that you’ll find in the zip file are in /ogg format and here’s their names: Fog on the water, Rays of the sun, Walk on the seaside, Underwater world, Mountain temple and Blowing Dandelion seeds.

Download the Galaxy S3 ringtones from HERE.

After the download is complete you need to extract them and then copy these files on your Android phone. To set either one as default or contact ringtone you will need to go to audio settings and contact settings, respectively. Make sure to confirm the new ringtone as default.