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Download Google Drive APK

Google Drive APK for Android Devices

Google Drive has been launched today and it should become an alternative for the already much more popular online free storage application called Dropbox. In this post you will find all the important info about Google’s new service and a link to download the APK for your Android smartphone or tablet.

The Google Drive android app will integrate the Google Docs and it should become your default storage service as you will be able to upload and save your important files in your Drive account. All the files you consider to be important can be easily uploaded to a single place. The files you will save in your Drive account will be accessible through the Google Drive app. Also, it packs sharing capabilities and you can use it to share the stored files with your contacts, create and customize Google docs using text formatting that will update almost instantly for those you share them with. You will be able to open PDF files, presentations and multiple other files.

All the files that you’ll upload will be converted to Google Docs format and the best thing about the Google Drive app is that you can easily move around it right from your Android device and it packs 5GB free storage space right from the beginning. However, if you wish to benefit from a bigger storage space then you can choose to upgrade your Drive account to a premium one and you will pay only $2.49 for 25GB, $4.99 for 100GB or $49.99 for a 1TB storage space. All this space can be easily filled if you choose to upload all the files that you consider to be important for you. Also, this new Android app is great for those that are rooting their devices and wish to perform full wipe when installing or upgrading to new Android ROMs.

A file that you wish to edit with Google Drive can be accessed from multiple locations simultaneously. This new service is free and it can be used on mobile devices, Windows PC, Mac OS X or whatever operating system you’re currently using to connect to your Android device. You can use the search functions to look for files in your Drive account by filetype, owner name, title, size etc. Because this service has been created and released by Google, it instantly became a hit and if the trend continues it should easily become a strong rival for Dropbox, SkyDrive, Box and for any other online storage services that were launched long before Google thought about working on Drive.

If you wish to use Google Drive on your Android then you can download its APK or install it from Google Play Store.

Clicking this link will begin the download of the Google Drive APK for Android. After the download is complete, simply open it and complete its installation.