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Download Google Keep APK

It’s Google apps fun time right now so let’s gets ready to roll. Do allow me to introduce you to Google Keep, one really cool app that Google has rolled out recently. So if you take my word for it, do check out this article as I will provide you with the links to download the apk version and the link with the latest version of Google Keep app from Google Play store.

Let’s get down to business and see what Google Keep is and what its functions are. To sum up – it is a cool app that enables its users to simply create notes using text, voice, or photos and to sync these notes to Google cloud. Once there, you could therefore be able to access them no matter your location – right  directly from your Android devices or on the web.

Google Keep is of great aid to us if we want to store things we want to remember and it can ultimately also be considered much of  a digital solution for sticky-notes that you can access from quite anywhere. So if you have an unexpected idea or something crosses your mind you can decide to just simply and quickly store it in Google Keep so that you can afterwards get back and develop it furthermore. What is even more cool on top of the fact that you can quickly note what you think of and don’t want to forget, is that you can  also add an image to the event noted. These notes are safely stored in Google’s drive, and then they automatically sync with all your devices, hence the idea that you can access them from anywhere.

And these are not all the features it comes with – do note that you can also just write down your events in Google Keep with your voice; also you can use your voice to manage your note as to archive or delete them.

But let’s keep it more to the point and do a summary of its main features we have presented so far: firstly, you can easy keep track of your thoughts via notes, lists and photos, then also have voice notes transcribed automatically, or even swipe to archive things you no longer need, be able to just use home screen widgets to capture thoughts quickly; moreover,you can use your notes from anywhere due to the cool fact that your notes are stored in the Google cloud and are available here.

Download the latest version of Google Keep from Google Play Store from here.

Download Google Keep APK

Head over and download Google Keep APK from our friends Android Duck.

How to install the Google Keep APK:

  • Firstly – in order to make sure you do go ahead with the installing of the Google Keep Apk in your Android device, you have to use a Android file manager installed on your device. To have this box ticked,  you can download ASTRO File Managerand install the same in your device.
  • Then you also mandatory need to download the APK file in your device, and this file will be downloaded in the ‘downloads’ folder on your device’s SD card, just so you know.
  • Next you have to proceed and simply open the ASTRO File Manager, or actually open any other file manager that you have installed on your device. Then go ahead to find the path where you downloaded the Google-Keep.apk file and the last step you need to take is to simply tap on the install button. This should be all.

I believe that congratulations are now in order for you have managed to successfully download and install the latest Google-Keep.apk file on your Android device.