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Download Google Play Store APK 4.4.22

Google has released an update to the Play Store, getting it to version 4.4.22. As you may know, we’re offering you the Google Play Store APK if your devices comes without one or if you’re flashing an unofficial custom ROM.

The Play Store 4.4.22 don’t come with any new features, but it does fix some bugs, as it is expected from a minor update like this one. We’ve seen improvements on translations, app updates and a few other really minor fixes or changes. We don’t think Google is going to release any major updates to the Play Store very soon, as those will probably come once with their next Android OS, being it 4.5 or 5.0. In the meantime you will have to stick with the minor updates, which are really recommended to be installed, as the Play Store still has plenty of bugs.

This APK is also good for those who don’t want to wait until Google pushes updates, as you can get the update faster this way, by downloading the Play Store and installing it on your Android device.

After you download the Play Store APK make sure to allows your device to install apps from third party sources, because by default it restricts the installation of apps that don’t come from the Play Store itself. You can find the option at Settings > Developers.

This Google Play Store APK 4.4.22 is signed by Google, which makes it safe to download and install. You should never install unsigned apps, because they might not be what they claim to or they might be modified by third parties.

You can download the Play Store 4.4.22 APK from the following locations: 1, 2.