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Download Heimdall Suite 1.3.2

Heimdall Suite is an open-source application used to flash custom ROMs or kernels on Android devices. Unlike Odin, Heimdall is cross-platform, being available on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

There are many apps that can flash files to your device, but Heimdall and Odin are the most recommended ones, being safer. Flashing ROMs or kernels on your device is quite dangerous and you should always use a trusted software.

Heimdall Suite is updated really often and it always comes with support for more devices, bug fixes and improvements. You should always use the latest version because it’s also the most stable.

While Odin is the most popular Windows software for flashing ROMs, Heimdall is definitely the preferred one for Linux or Mac OS X computers. You can use it without any doubts, because it works flawlessly and it won’t damage your device if you do everything right.

In order to flash a custom ROM or kernel on your device, we have a lot of guides that help you do it without risks. Just head over to our Update or Root page and choose what you want to do. Also you can use the search function to find your desired ROM.

If you encounter any problem with Heimdall Suite, please let us know and we will do our best to help you solve it.

Download Heimdall Suite for Windows here.

Download Heimdall Suite for Mac OS X here.

Download Heimdall Suite for Linux here.

  • Mark Bobak

    Anyone else having problems with GLIBC version? I downloaded heimdall 1.3.2 on Oracle Linux 6.3, and I have a GLIBC conflict. Heimdall wants 2.14 of glibc, but Oracle Linux 6.3 comes with 2.12.

  • Anhdoiem

    anyone encounter with msvcp100.dll missing for window?

  • jaguarxt

    Heimdall doesn’t work for SGH-T889 lastest roms. Heimdall asks for firmware.xml when there is none and says that the .pit file is invalid.

  • hussb

    @a6b41df77e58c2716d786a25a8734152:disqus download microsoft c++ redistributable package 2012

  • fuckyou

    where? where do i download it? why the fuck is this shit so fucking confusing