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Download Kies Mini to Update your Samsung Phone

Each time you want to make or apply an OS update, a tool which is stored and running in the phone’s internal system is searching for the upgrade and then is taking you through the installation procedure. We are talking of course about the official software releases and not about custom ROMs, or unofficial firmware. But, during the following lines I will show you how to download an app which will offer an update possibility apart from the classic OTA (Over The Air).

The tool is designed and developed by Samsung, for its devices, meaning that you can’t use the same on different handsets. It’s an official application, so don’t worry, you will not lose the warranty, or something like that, by using it. I am talking about Kies Mini (I will show you from where you can download it), a program which is coming with many features.

In order to take advantage and to receive the updates coming from Samsung, you should have the latest version of KIES Mini downloaded and installed on your phone. The tool is coming with drivers that will let you install and apply beta firmware, which otherwise can be flashed only by using Odin (another program developed by Samsung).

Remember that in case you already have Kies installed it is a good idea to check if there are updates available. Also, check for this each time you have the opportunity. Now in order to be able to download Kies Mini you should have access to a Windows / Linux / MAC running computer, to your phone and to its USB cord. Also, on the PC you must have available an USB port and don’t forget to temporarily uninstall Firewall, or other security programs from your computer and from the smartphone.

Then, all it is left to do is to get the actual tool. So, download Kies Mini from here and place the file to the computer. Then, you can copy the program on your phone and check for OS updates.

If you have questions regarding to this topic, or about other Android related issues, share them with us and we will search for the best solution. Stay close for further news, or tutorials.

  • shan

    when we install samsung kies at the end of installation there comes automatic installation of device drivers but when i do install there comes no such driver installation . . y?? in samsung kies there is no option of samsung apps . .how it will come??

  • hater

    Lol the most unspecific instructions lmao. All it talked about was its origin, how about actually telling how it can be installed? Download Kies mini, place the file to the computer and then COPY THE PROGRAM on your phone? That doesn’t even make any sense lol

    • jose

      …..then run the program from your phone.

    • JJ


  • Jennifer Rae Pitts


    • jed stremel


  • sid

    i dont have pc how can i root my phone is there any other option

    • Brett R

      maybe look for Odin mobile

      • meus est

        maybe provide specificity in a article claiming such?

  • meus est

    how often are these AG instructions edited? Stale versions is != wise.

  • meus est

    what buttons in mini kies must be mashed to have FTW?

    install + file ….. victory over ignorance fail?

  • Daniel

    Do I wantt Samsung Vibrant or Captivate to root my Galaxy Alpha?

  • shameel

    my s3 is rooted how can i update without losing any apps or media files

  • ahmed hassan


  • andy

    kiss mini says: please connect mobile phone , but nothing else happens, help!

  • Djabour Said

    A chaque fois que je demande une mise a jour logeciel sur ma tab 3 model SM-T211 VERSION 4.1.2 je trouve un refus on me disant que je n’ai pas de maj . Veuillez m’aidez pleas .thank’s

  • Brian

    for goodness sake please will someone give me a link to download an older version of kies that will work with my samsung pocket gt-s5300

  • Day

    not useful!

  • Scott

    Please help! ? My SM-G920P (Samsung S6) is bricked. I instaled a featured theme from the phone (Red Metal) and everything was fine until the following morning. The next morning there were no signs of life. After charging for 4 hours still no signs of life. I have tried all combinations of down volume, home, power buttons for different second time frames and nothing. It will not reboot or anything with the different button options (home, down volume, power or both volume up and down pressed at the same time as power for 35 sedonds or more. Or all buttons pushed for 35 sedonds or more.) no variations do anything. I downloaded Odin and the firmware, but with not being able to get the phone to go into download mode I can’t get Odin to recognize the phone is connected. Please anybody share your ideas. Thank you.

  • Markus

    my samsung galaxy s5 neo gets always fail and my phone is now bricked please help

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  • Rami Makhoul

    can i install lpllipop5.0.2 on sumsung galaxy core prime sm-g360h??
    how can i do it??