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Download Kongregate Arcade for Android and play over 630 free Flash Games

Kongregate Arcade app

Kongregate Arcade is an Android application that offers users the possibility to play flash games that are usually playable only from arcade game machines. This app is great and if you’re a user that is nostalgic of those games then you should use this app and return to play titles such as Space Invaders, PacMan and six hundred other titles.

Flash games will be playable using the Kongregate Arcade on your Android device for free. Also, you should expect numerous other titles will be added with future updates. This app is great as it allows you to challenge your friends who are also Android users. The application can be installed on any smartphone that is running on Android 2.2 Froyo or higher versions and at least Flash 10.1 or higher has to be installed. It has support for exchanging messages and wall posts with other Kongregate users that you’ve added to your friends’ list.

This app is great and it should become your default choice when it comes to playing free online flash games and with integration of social networking tools, you can use it to compare scores with your friends and other users that are playing flash games using Kongregate Arcade app. Remember that this application needs the Flash Player 11 installed on your tablet or smartphone. Now, if you wish to use this application then you should go to Google Play Store here and install it directly on your device.

After you complete the installation of Kongregate Arcade app you need to launch it and after the main screen appears you can select the games you wish to play. You can sort the flash games by rating, newest added, name etc. Also, you can set favorite games for an easier access. Scores and badges can only be saved if you create an account withing Kongregate application. To start a game you will need to select it and then press the ‘Play Now’ button and start breaking all scoring records.