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Download Latest Google Play Store 4.2.3 APK

Google has just updated the Google Play Store to version 4.2.3, which comes with some changes, improvements and bug fixes. Unfortunately Google Play updates don’t come to everyone at the same time and some users have to wait until they receive the new version.

In this article we will let you know what the changes are and offer you the Google Play 4.2.3 APK to download.

The Home buttons for Apps, Games, Books and Movies have been changed. Wishlist now has a new layout, making it a bit easier to navigate through. There aren’t many changes, but hopefully they changed the annoying bugs users were facing with the older version. But basically it remains the same and it’s the same app you’ve got used to, which was to be expected considering it’s only a minor update.

The new Play Store really looks great and it becomes better and better. Hopefully they won’t change it once again with the release of the new Android version, which is expected very soon. It would be a hassle for users to have different layouts each month or so.

If you are eager to get your hands on the new version, then head over to the end of the article and download it. Otherwise you can just wait for the OTA update, which is going to come pretty soon, though we can’t say when. IT all depends on Google.

Below you can view some screenshots of the new Google Play Store 4.2.3. Do you think it looks better than the older version ?

Google Play Store 4.2.3

Download Google Play Store 4.2.3 APK here.