Download Odin 3.07

Odin 3.07

Odin has been updated once again to version 3.07 and it’s always recommended to download the last one. Odin 3.07 comes with bug fixes and some improvements, especially for the new-generation of smartphones, like the Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2 and others.

As you can see, we use Odin is nearly all of our guides, even if it’s a stock update, custom ROM, or just a kernel. You can do basically everything you want on your device with Odin 3.07 and it’s also the safest software to use. It’s also updated constantly , so problems are fixed pretty quick, if there are any.

Odin can help you do a stock update pretty fast, without waiting for the update to come from the carriers. Just download the stock ROM and flash it with Odin 3.07. It won’t even increase the flash counter, so it’s safe. We do have guides for this kind of updates, so search on our website and you will find some very useful guides for your device.

You can also flash some hacks, kernels, custom ROMs, bootloaders and even repartition the device. Odin 3.07 does them all. Just download Odin 3.07 and the necessary files, make sure to tick the tight checkboxes and in a couple of minutes you will be done.

But please note that it’s very important to tick the right checkboxes. Otherwise you might brick your device permanently. Our guides tell you exactly what to do with Odin, so make sure to read and follow them carefully. Everything is tested by us, so if you listen to our advices, you will be safe.

Now that you learned something about Odin, you can download it by using the direct download links below.

Download Odin 3.07 here.

  • ioannis ioannis

    support odin for mac os! ?

    • lauri

      hell no that OS sucks balls!1

      • Claude

        hahahah lamerlauri, a great unix os, btw, ioannis, it is an app so simple that you can use it in a Virtual Machine easily ;)

        • LifeOfCoding

          Odin Does not work in virtual machine in mac, google it, or ask anyone that has tried it. it works for is bootcamp thats it.

          • AGuy

            Jodin a Java based Web Odin is released now. Read more in xda developers or google it.

      • pinkhippo

        not everyone has the choice, not everybody lives alone like you, so don’t be such an arrogant ass

    • mznatnat

      Get linux / windows and stop complaining

      • dpelisek

        where can I get odin for linux please?

      • novin

        right and waste a couple hundred bucks just to root your phone? maybe you can do something called thinking

  • askerakku

    how to repartition s2

  • thh

    I follow your instruction, Samsung upgrade to Android everything OK, but only the phone line can not registered it need a Sim network pin, I key in the sim pin, it is unsuccessful, check with provider, they don;t give answer yet, What shall i do now? or some configuration to the note is not right? HH Tan

  • 9androidnet

    Direct link download Odin:

  • Uzair Khan

    i want android 4.1.2 jelly bean for my galaxy s2 gt i9100 xxplv
    help me how can i downland

  • veronica real

    Hi let me tell you I used the Odin version 3.07 and managed to revive my phone yesterday after trying to put a rom everything went wrong, and I do not turn on my SII, fits all android! Updated download link is here [url] [/ url] , you must have the phone drivers installed on the compu (for it to detect cellphone). The drivers for Samsung SII for anybody who need them is [url] [/ url]

    • Razi

      haye my galaxy GTN7100 has lost its software, i’ve download the RootBOx ROM from that’s really sucks . plz help me how can i restore my official samsung ROM and Android too …….?

      • veronica real

        Did you have any problem installing the Rom? wich rom did you put? does it turn on? does download mode works ?

    • or

      Can you please share here a link for a match rom for those drivers for galaxy s2?

  • ditto

    where is the start button?

  • Christian Fabre

    Does using this void the warranty

  • unplug

    plese help my samsung get error when i update jelly bean 4.1.2 i unplug it can become an error how to fix this ?

  • John Gomes

    I have a Samsung T-839 Sidekick It turns on and off like it’s rebooting only when I’m at home & works fine when I’m not I want to root it & start from scratch Super1click was a bunch of crap a friend said to try Odin any suggestions ?

  • gozie11

    Hello.. i downloaded odin for the samsung root but the odin application dosen’t open any ideas?

  • inferis


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  • JE

    from where?

  • JE

    where do you download it from?

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  • Dejan

    Where the fuck is the dowload link!!!

  • jjjj


  • jjjj

    where is the link

  • S2 update

    cant press on HERE ,, please advice me i need to download it now to update my phone!!!

  • bob

    it displays “connect phones!”

  • Mateus Andrade Ferreira

    No meu deu esse erro depois de alguns minutos


    Odin v.3 engine (ID:9)..

    File analysis..


    Complete(Write) operation failed.

    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

  • shehzar

    I want to upgrade My Samsung Galaxy Grand GT-I9082 to Andriod 4.2.2 pllzzz anyone cn send me any link how to upgrade

  • Yago Pereira Sampaio

    i me drives magnet

  • HUng

    i am using Gionee pioneer 3G. Do this software support my phone?

  • david cohen

    I bought a galaxy tab 3 (model SM-T211) in China, but almost all apps don’t work such as googlemaps, googleplay, netflix, … and even Candy crush. I would like to replace the existing android version by a western android version. I heard that we can use Odin 3. Is there anybody who can give me the way to do it. Thanks !

  • Mj

    I upgrade to the new software for Note 2. Beyond slow and very buggy. How do I reverse this back?

  • Marc

    I upgraded my note 2 to the new version. Not good, in fact terrible, I have no idea how this gets out without testing…

    How do I reverse it?

  • Ahmed Fathy

    Hello guys, i recently updated my phone Galaxy mega 5.8 (update said
    compatibility with galaxy gear) after update i have not been able to make calls
    on skype , viber or line etc calls are connected but i cant hear other party on
    ear piece but when i switch to speaker then calls are fine on both viber and
    skype ,theres nothing wrong with my earpiece as its working fine on normal
    network calls. I already tried factory reset but it wont help and m not rooted.
    any body please help thamks in advance


  • Mohammed Ghonim

    I’ve Android Gingerbread 2.3 E11 Smart Phone & I need to know to know if there’s any update available to improve the phone performance ???

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  • azer

    i want android 4.1.2 jelly bean for my galaxy s2 gt i9100 xxkg1 help me how can i downland

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  • aogobogo

    someone please suggest an app that can open this file

  • aogobogo

    knowing that im using vaio

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