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Download Odin 3.09

The popular tool used by Samsung users to flash custom ROMs, kernels, official OTA Updates zip files and other similar files has reached a new variant, the Odin3 v3.09. It brings new features, fixes and improvements that will allow you to flash official stock Samsung ROMs for Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S4, S3, etc.

Odin3 v3.09 usually recognizes files with the .tar / .tar.md5 extensions, while the .zip files aren’t supported. However, if you find a custom ROM that is in zip format, then you will need to search for its .tar counterpart and then flash it. Chainfire’s CF-Auto-Root tools is one of the most popular .tar files usually flashed by Samsung users, as it allows them to achieve root for their devices.

For ODIN to work with your Samsung device you will need to download and install the Samsung USB Drivers. Download link here.

Also, Odin requires you to enable the USB Debugging in Developer Options.
In case your device doesn’t have the Developer Options shown in Settings, then open ‘about phone’ section, then scroll down and tap seven times on the ‘build number’ text. After that Developer Options will be listed in Settings.

Use Odin3 v3.09 to flash custom Kernels that are packing Root and Custom Recovery img (CWM/ TWRP) files, that will eventually allow you to install new custom ROMs and other customization files. Also, note that you will be able to use it in order to flash leaked stock Samsung firmware based on all Android OS versions.

After your download the Odin zip file, extract its contents and then launch its executable in order to use it. All the info that you need in order to flash Samsung ROMs and any other files is usually found in the article that sent you this Odin post.

Download Odin3 v3.09 from here.

  • meus est

    kies3 for mac (osx)

    why no odin for osx?

    • annoynomys

      because we hate apple
      android is built on linux kernal

      • Nomadic1967

        so is apple.

        • ganir

          MAC is not linux its UNIX.. 🙂

          • Nomadic1967

            I stand corrected 😉

      • Philip Alexandrov

        and what do you use on “linux kernal”?

  • meus est

    “just use windows”

    I just [sic] don’t have a windows license or access to a (virtual) machine licensed for windows

    OSX or Ubuntu LTS

    • Justin

      There is no excuse not to have a computer in this day and age.

      • Bernhard Eriksson

        A computer with OS X (a Mac) or a Linux distribution is a computer.

      • Windows is an Operating System just like Ubuntu or Mac, you twit.

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  • no need to you

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  • Toni Smith

    Will this work even if I can’t boot the phone into recovery and can’t boot the phone at all? It only goes to the Galaxy Samsung Screen. Recovery boot does not work at all.

  • Nance Confer

    Will this fix Galaxy S2 Model SPH D710 phone that keeps turning off?

  • faizal

    i have a samsung galexy alpha how to updaate 5.0.2 plz

  • Raksmy Mitsu

    How to Fix Sony Z with Odin3

  • aujet


  • Wayne Butscher

    Can flashing custom kernels In ODIN be done even if the bootloader is locked….I have flashed Stock kitkat (NC2, NJ5 and NL1) and Lollipop (OC1) -ATT kernels. But I was told that we could not go near cyanogen mod with a locked bootloader correct? Thanks!

  • –l