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Download Play Store 4.6.16 apk

Google has just pushed a major update to the Play Store and there are a lot of improvements in the version 4.6.16. Unfortunately it’s not yet available for everyone, so we have the Play Store 4.6.16 apk for you to download.

The update comes with a lot of new features and improvements and it’s probably the biggest update in the last years. You can now batch install apps from the My Apps screen by selecting them and then clicking install.

The Play Store now lets you set it to require the password for every purchase, while until now you could only ask it to require the password every 30 minutes. This update came as a response to the complaints from parents about their kids making in-app purchases without their consent.

The menus have also been improved and now the Settings and Help options are on the same menu as My Apps.

Another great feature in version 4.6.16 is the option to force the Play Store to update itself. In order to do that you have to tap on the Build version.

In-app purchases are now included in the permissions, so it’s now more clear which apps come with IAP.

The apps style has also been slightly improved and it makes the user experience better. It now also comes with extra security features, that check apps for malware and notifies the user about it.

If you still haven’t received your update to Play Store 4.6.16, then you can download the apk from the end of the article. You should also download the apk if you have a smartphone that doesn’t come with the Play Store pre-installed.

The apk is safe and it’s signed by Google, so you shouldn’t worry about it.

Download Play Store 4.6.16 apk here.