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Download S Voice apk for any Android Ice Cream Sandwich device

Samsung has developed the S Voice as a rival to Apple’s Siri and it’s present on the Galaxy S3. Fortunately the Galaxy S3 ROM has already been leaked along with S Voice and can be installed on any Ice Cream Sandwich device.

S Voice works very well and can recognize many accents, coming with a plethora of features. I managed to use it without any issues and I’m not even a native English speaker. Unfortunately we don’t know how compatible it is with any device, but we tried it on Galaxy S2, Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Note and it works flawlessly.

Currently the S Voice works great, but it’s possible that Samsung is going to block it on other devices and only allow it to work on the Galaxy S3 because they definitely used it as a way to promote the device.   Though you should give it a try as long as it works and hope they won’t pull it very soon.

At the moment you can only install this leaked apk, but in the future Samsung might release it for all their devices and probably block devices from other makers.

Installing the Galaxy S3 S Voice is very easy. You just have to download the file, extract it and launch it. You will then be prompted to install it. But you will have to allow installation from unknown sources. To do it, go to Settings > Security and check “Unknown sources”.

Download S Voice apk here or here for free.

Here you can see S voice running on a Samsung Galaxy Note: