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Download Samsung Galaxy S4 Ringtones and the S Voice APK

This post contains the S Voice APK leak and the Galaxy S4 ringtones that will be featured on Samsung’s flagship smartphone.

The S Voice feature of Galaxy S4 has been improved and it now uses a natural language UI that has support for answering questions, give tips and performing various actions that you tell it to do. You’ll be able to install the S Voice APK of Galaxy S4 on any Android device but it seems like it works with other Samsung devices with TouchWiz installed. The AOSP based ROMs aren’t too friendly with the S Voice feature but with some tweaking we might be able to see it work flawlessly.

Samsung Galaxy S4 was announced last week for the first time and it appears like more and more files are being extracted from its OS, files such as wallpapers, icons and now ringtones. Use this tutorial and you will find the download link and instructions on how to set the new SGS4 ringtones on your Android device.

These files will work with any Android 2.1 and later smartphones. As you know, the Galaxy S4 uses the Nature UX and it seems like the Ringtones that were grabbed from the device are also using the Nature theme. All the audio files are awe inspiring and you will find them relaxing. Most ringtones are great for users who want to be awaken softly with great sounds. You will tunes that will make you remember spring, summer, autumn and winter every time you hear them.

All these goodies from Galaxy S4 have been posted at SamMobile.

The S Voice APK from Samsung Galaxy S4 can be downloaded from HERE. Download the file and save it on your device. Make sure that you have enabled the Unknown Sources option enabled, after the APK is on your phone you will have to launch it and confirm its installation. After the install is complete you can start testing the app.

Download the Samsung Galaxy S4 Ringtones from HERE. Place the .ogg files on your device’s internal SD card and after that you will be able to set any of these audio files as your default ringtone. If you have any other questions please post them in our comments field.

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