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Download Samsung USB Drivers for Android

UPDATE: Now the Samsung USB Drivers are supported by all Samsung devices that have been launched until now.

Numerous users of Samsung devices have complained about not being able to root their device or even transfer files to their computers. You should know that in order to complete such tasks, you will have to install the Samsung USB drivers on your computer.

Using this guide is great as you will not have to use the KIES software anymore after learning how to manually flash all the required drivers for your Samsung devices.

This post will teach you how to successfully download and install the required drivers for all Samsung devices. This shouls work with the Galaxy Series phones such as Samsung Galaxy S I9000, Galaxy S2 I9100 and I9100G, Galaxy S3 I9300 and I9305, Galaxy Note N7000 and Galaxy Note 2 N7100 and others. Basically, all the Samsung devices launched since the Samsung Galaxy S days up until now.

The zip containing all the USB drivers is destined for developers, but it can still be a great alternative for users who are experiencing problems with Samsung’s automatic installation of drivers whenever you connect your smartphone to your PC. The file is only available with Windows computer. Also, a great thing about this download is the fact that you can simply get the drivers without the need of installing any Samsung KIES software.

The current version of Samsung USB drivers for Mobile smartphones are ready to be installed on Windows X86 and X64 computers. Use the instructions below and learn how to download and install them on your PC:

  1. Download Samsung USB Drivers from here.
    > The first link is from Samsung’s own website, while the second one is hosted by uploaded.net
  2. Uninstall any previously installed USB Drivers for Samsung phones.
  3. Restart your computer.
  4. Go to the location of the download file. Extract / launch the file installation.
  5. When the new Samsung USB drivers have been installed successfully, you can reboot the computer once again.
  6. After the computer boots into normal mode, you will need to connect the device to your PC via USB cable.
  7. All drivers should now be installed and you can start moving files between your PC and Samsung phone.

These were all the instructions that you had to go over in order to flash all the required files. If you have any other questions, please post them in our comments section and we will gladly answer all of them.

  • Zron

    where is the second link for the xda thread?

  • RBX Ali Denmar

    It’s not a con, you stupid noobs. Get a hold of yourself and realize the link is from the official developers website. It even has the Samsung copyright on it. If it was a con, the conners would be caught and the website shut down or given to the official Samsung.

  • lor

    what is it that I am meant to install onto the phone after I’ve installed it onto the computer? How do I inststall it to my phone???????????????????????????

  • MS

    My copmuter does not recognize it as a phone and recgonizes it as a protable media device and does not let me explore the files. Does anyone know how to fix this?

    • Jerry Chance


  • Joni Gabriel Huima

    Darn, my Win7 64 doesn’t install it even with admin rights. Hmm, i had debug mode on and tried with n without it switched to PC. Gotta keep using cloud services to get 1 picture to facebook.. 2014 …

  • jetta

    I tried several time to install and uninstall and every time the MTP was failed .

  • Guest

    yo no se si esto sirva de algo, pero yo al conectar mi Samsung galaxy note 3 SM-N900V me aparece la (imagen 1) donde me da la opción de abrir archivos en mi Samsung y al dar click en abrir archivos me aparece otra ventana (imagen 2) en la cual esta la aplicacion original de los drivers la cual dice Samsung_Movile_USB_Driver y otros archivos mas

  • des

    it can’t download!!

  • gremlin

    Please. Help. I need unlock samsung galaxy s4mini Lte IMEI 351533062786335. Code please? Im from Europe, Croatia.

  • Anon

    Just get Titanium Backup and freeze the ones you don’t need. There are guides/templates/lists to go by, and you can always look up a certain app if you don’t know what it is or if it’s safe to remove. It may take longer than an all-in-one bat like in this article, but you will likely learn something along the way.

  • meus est

    How can OSX users avoid windows masochism? (not use windows but have samsung joy)

  • Joar Noenoe

    I tried it out on my g900f and it worked like a sharm! Just took a long time to boot, but be patience. If you think you are stuck in a boot loop when it stands Remove in the progress bar just wait some minutes and it will soon change to pass. When it has changed to pass it will take approximately 1min and your phone will start the android update.

  • DaDarkKnight

    I don’t have internet service on my laptop. My laptop’s wireless is inop..I have a Samsung Galaxy Blaze that I wish to connect via USB Tethering to receive internet service onto laptop, however, it’s asking for a Driver Software for Samsung Android. My question is, how do I get the proper driver for it as well as be able to download the driver onto my cellphone & transfer the driver to my laptop?

  • Lowndes

    I downloaded this driver (v5.25) and went to install, found the driver I had installed on 2-16-15 is v5.45. ??

  • Will Digg

    It still doesn’t work. I have come to the conclusion that if you want a PC to phone connection then don’t buy a Samsung. If you want a phone that works don’t buy a Samsung.

  • recep

    S5 mini neden fla?ta ki resimleri göremiyor

  • meilindaikaz

    ‘charging_10.jpg’ draw failed. please help me how to fix that.

    • Mohsan Ali


  • Sameull Sam

    when i connect my sumsung galaxy s3 the give me error usb not regonized plz tell me its sloution

  • Khrystyna Sulyma

    “windows was unable to install your cdc serial”…should I have one?

  • Stefan Dimitrijevic

    Please. Help. I need unlock samsung galaxy Note 4, IMEI 351616064796855. Code please? I’m from Europe, Czech Republic.

  • Lara_MZ

    It didn’t work

  • DonGateley

    “Uninstall any previously installed USB Drivers for Samsung phones.”



  • Jen Dowie

    This site contains harmful programs…really? You’re trying to put crap on my pc just for jollies? Shame on you!

  • Delwar Hossain

    after download jelly bean version but don’t complete install from sd card. see master reset screen message. please help me

  • ?Nase Hiroomi?


  • ?Nase Hiroomi?


  • ?Nase Hiroomi?


  • ?Nase Hiroomi?


  • ?Nase Hiroomi?


  • ?Nase Hiroomi?


  • ?Nase Hiroomi?


  • ?Nase Hiroomi?

    U mo8 m8

  • ?Nase Hiroomi?


  • ?Nase Hiroomi?


  • ?Nase Hiroomi?


  • jefersonxsilva


  • It doesn’t work with Windows 7 Vista. Straight Talk may or may not have anything to do with it. The Samsung Galaxy Core is a great smart phone for the price. But what good does it do to have a great video recorder if you cannot even share them because of the software, or lack there of.

  • tyuhrtyh


  • arafat baunto

    Hello. My computer doesnt recognize my Samsung S3 when connected to USB nothing is shown on my computer window even i donwload this Samsung usb device software nothing appearing. Its all started after successfully build APK file from android studio and copy and paste it on my Samsung S3 then delete again the APK and installe again but cannot do so because nothing appearing on My Computer. Please help me.

  • arafat baunto

    MTP USB Device Failed?? Any solutions? I can’t connect my Samsung Device USB to My computer after copy and paste the APK file from android studio to my device My folder then uninstall then after that not shown on computer or MTP failed

  • Novelyn Pagatpat

    I tried every instruction there is to flash twrp in my samsung sm-a9000 , i used odin v3.12.. by the way. it says pass with green background but the phone just resets itself in the end. It trird going back to recovery but at the end it shows android with “no task” word on it.. do i have to do it over? I dnt want the phone to get bricked i just want to recover some files that i accidentally deleted and i cannot retrieve it without rooting..

  • karun

    sir plz give link of odin3 and lollipop os 5.0.2 link

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