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Download Stock ICS Launcher, Calendar and Messaging Google Apps For Android

Stock Google Android 4.0 Apps

There are numerous devices currently running the new Ice Cream Sandwich version which brings the TouchWiz interface, Calendar, Messaging and all the other stock apps. But, these are usually changed from their original Google interface and the instructions listed here will help your download and install the former pre-ICS applications with their stock looks.

These apps came with the original Android 4.0 look and weren’t edited by Samsung, HTC or by any other phone manufacturer. Now, you can easily download the original stock Google applications thanks to Timmmmmm, who is an XDA modder and he considered that numerous users would love to get a hand on these versions. The stock Google Launcher, Calendar and Messaging apps have been improved and you can easily download them on your Samsung Galaxy S2 or on any other supported Android device that supports ICS.

Rumor tells that there will be several other Google stock apps that will be updated and made available again for re-branded devices. These apps are destined for those users nostalgic of the previous Google apps created for ICS, but never applied as stock because Samsung considered that they could create a better looking app for the Android 4.0 devices. Before installing these applications you need to know that all are working only with ICS smartphones, while Gingerbread and other releases are currently unsupported. ‘

Those that wish to download these apps can be downloaded from Google Play Store or you can use the direct APK hotlinks and then move the files on your Android 4.0 ICS smartphone and install them from your device’s internal SD Card storage. Below you can find all the download links for the stock Google apps for Ice Cream Sandwich:

Click the links below for the direct APK links of stock Google Apps:

  • Direct download link for Android 4 ICS Launcher APK file.
  • Direct download link for Android 4 ICS Calendar APK file.
  • Direct download link for Android 4 ICS Messaging SMS APK file.

That’s it, to download the links simply click them. For the direct download links you need to save them on your computer and then move them into your phone’s internal SD Card or, you can choose to directly download them on your phone using its default web browser. The direct download APK links are listed only for those of your that, for whatever reason, can’t load the Google Play Store website.