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Download WhatsApp 2.11.151 APK

WhatsApp is the most popular internet messaging app in the world, with hundreds of millions of users worldwide. WhatsApp is also one of the lightest apps, so it doesn’t require a powerful smartphone or a good internet connection, being great for every phone.

Unfortunately there are some who can’t download WhatsApp for Android from the Play Store, so we are offering you the APK here. The WhatsApp 2.11.151 download link redirects you directly to the official website, so you can be sure that you will download the latest version. You should always use the latest WhatsApp version because it comes with new features and bug fixes.

You should know that WhatsApp requires an internet connection, but text messages don’t require much bandwidth. If your data plan is limited, then make sure not to send many images or sound recordings, because those will eat your data much faster.

WhatsApp 2.11.151 works on any Android smartphone with version 2.1 or newer. Unfortunately WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to install it on tablets, but we do have a guide for that, so head over here to learn how to install and setup WhatsApp on your Android tablet.

The app is free for the first year and you will have to pay 99 cents a year after that, which is a really low price considering that it’s a great app and it doesn’t have any ads.

You can download the WhatsApp 2.11.151 APK here. Then you must enable your Android device to install apps from unknown sources. To do this, head over to Settings > Security and check Unknown Sources. Then you can install the WhatsApp APK. After you install it, we recommend you to disable Unknown Sources to make sure no malware app can be installed on your smartphone.

If you encounter any issues with the APK, please let us know and we will do our best to help you. But this is the official WhatsApp APK and it should work great.