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Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Update Causes Trouble for Motorola Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR MAXX Owners

Several days ago we told you that Verizon released the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update for the Motorola DROID RAZR and Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX. While when a new version of Android is available for a device is usually a good thing, it seems that this isn’t the case here, at last for some users.

It looks like some of the users of the Motorola DROID RAZR and Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX are not quite pleased with the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update and they are probably wishing they’ve never installed the software in the first place, According to Phone Arena, one of the individuals who own a Droid RAZR smartphone claims that after he installed the Android 4.1.2 update his handset has gone crazy. For example, when he receives a call while he is engaged in another conversation, both of them are dropped.

Also, the screen widgets are not receiving updates no more, and some of its application are not starting at all. The source who got in contact with the online publication has a Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX and says that pretty much all the features are affected by the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update, except for the long battery life provided by the 3300 mAh battery of the phone.

It looks like he is not the only one who has problems, and many complaints have been made to the mobile operator about the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update. Moreover, it appears that Verizon has already got in touch with Motorola regarding the matter. The users of the Motorola DROID RAZR and Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX have nothing else to do, but wait for a new update that will fix all the bugs. Of course, if would be better that the fix would be released as soon as possible.

Verizon rolled out the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update for the Motorola DROID RAZR and Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX almost two weeks ago. Thanks to the update, the devices received new features like Google Now and Project Butter, but it seems that for some of them the firmware upgrade has become a real nightmare.

As soon as there are new details about this problem will let you know. Meanwhile, in case you own a Motorola DROID RAZR or a Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX and you have experienced issues with the Android 4.1.2 update, leave us a comment in the section below the article.

  • Skwerl

    WiFi…gone. JB doesn’t support some older yet popular routers like the Verizon DSL warhorse Westell Versalink 327. This will be problematic when and if a fix becomes available. It will likely be accompanied by many megabytes of bloatware in the vain hope of a few lines of modest code that brings salvation.
    Next some handy widgets have also been lost: weather and sticky notes. Their data lost to the ages never to be seen again. I will once again be forced to leave my windowless annex at my place of employ to see the gently falling snow. The widget was prettier than the pothole pocked lunar landscape where I park my car.
    The Herculean battery life I mocked those smug iPhone users for is but a fond memory.
    I rue the day Jelly Bean 4.1.2 infested my phone with despair.

    • Skwerl

      For convenience sake here is a running list of non-supported routers:

      Westell VersaLink 327W
      Actiontec Gt724-WG
      Netgear DG834GT
      Netgear DG934G (Sky Version)
      Lynksys WRTP54G
      Motorola Netopia 3347-02
      Siemens gigaset SE567
      Actiontec GT701 -WG

    • Amen!!

  • mjw

    After installing the update a number of my apps disappeared, my keyboard is messed up, speed dial no longer available. That’s just the start…. why why .!!!!

    • Same here, I lost speed dial which for me is a major productive tool that is now gone…

      • Steve in AZ

        Yeh, I told Verizon I hope searching for a contact when I’m doing 70mph doesn’t cause a problem…

  • Brandon

    Installed the update 2 day’s ago. Everything seems OK so far EXCEPT… my battery will now only charge to 50%. Left it on the charger for 10 hours last night. Went from 10% to 50%. And it drains at an astonishing rate. Not happy at all!


    phone reboots at random about every 45 minutes to an hour

  • JimBob

    NO problems whatsoever with my MAXX after the JB update. Also have a Droid 4 that just received the update. All is functioning normally with it, as well. Maybe I’m just one of the lucky few… but I simply have no complaints.

    • The microphone icon is missing from my keyboard so I can’t dictate text messages. Do you know if there’s a way to get it back? being on the Google search thing doesn’t help w/ texts. Thx.

  • Mstu

    I lost my speed dial, group texting and my keyboard is whacked. I can hardly type on it. I used to be an iphone hater, but it’s starting to look pretty good now…

  • minor inconveniences noted on my droid razr maxx post 4.1.2 update last night:
    unapproved haptic vibration turned back on, needed to uninstall then reinstall one weather app to fix a nuked widget.

  • Jason

    I haven’t had any issues, except my battery DRAINS now. RAZR MAXX, moderate to heavy, before the update, it would leave me at about 20% by the end of day. Now it runs down to zero by mid-day. Not sure what is draining it, but it’s definitely connected to the update.

  • Paul

    I miss the sleep mode. I am getting an error message when restoring from airplane mode. They have installed several additional apps that I do not want and without making it possible to eliminate them. If you simply hide them you get a warning that doing so could affect other apps without telling you which ones so that you are afraid to do so. IT IS MY TELEPHONE.

  • Frustrated…

    I purchased my Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx with ICS, and several features which helped my decision to buy it in the first place… Two of which, now, are gone thanks to JB.

    (1) The ‘Alarm’ app has been replaced with the ‘Clock’ app, which is fine. However, the feature in the ‘Alarm’ portion to gradually increase the volume of the alarm tone is gone. Why would they remove that feature??? Something so small and simple, yet so VERY useful. And…

    (2) They replaced the ‘My Music’ app with the ‘Play Music’ app. It’s a fine app, I suppose. But where are the streamed lyrics to my songs??? It was VERY impressive to me when I purchased this phone; how the ‘My Music’ app would seek out the lyrics for each of my songs based on Artist, Album, Song, etc., and display it on the bottom of my screen. This feature is now gone as well, thanks to JB.

    I understand my likes, dislikes, and opinions aren’t shared by all. And I can appreciate the need for improvements. But by removing useful and impressive features such as the ones I mentioned, it doesn’t exactly convey the message of progress. Of course, that is only my opinion. I hope Droid/Verizon/Motorola/Google listens to, and wish to work with, their users.

    Please bring back these features!! Thank you.

    • Bonez

      I share your disdain for removing the increasing volume in my alarm. WTF such a simple yet useful feature, couldnt have been that hard to leave the code in for it.

      • Kelley

        Soooo, so with you. Such a simple thing, yet it was the initial driving force in wanting to get rid of the phone. Then I started to notice all the other issues…..

    • Pia West

      I agree with you. It was very simple but vital. Also, the “tone” that I have been waking up to for years has now been replaced with preloaded tones. I can’t access my personal tones that I’ve downloaded. It’s very frustrating.

    • desmolift

      Yup here too. Music player changed, I wasn’t happy about that. And sticky notes, poof! gone, including all the data! I also find it painfully sluggish and find myself tapping the back arrow repeatedly to get it to respond. For the sake of me, I can’t see clear to how this product was released. Someone is not managing the software development over there……

    • The reason these features were “removed” is because, since Motorola Mobility is now owned by Google, they are slowly stepping away from the “Motorola Bloatware” (such as My Music, Alarms, Sticky Notes, etc.) and replacing them with stock Android apps. You can easily download third-party apps from the Play Store to “restore” the functionality of whose absence you seem to be lamenting.

      I also don’t understand why everyone seems to be having problems with these updates (ICS update seemed to have several). I bought my RAZR at launch, and have received a total of 5 updates (1 while on GB, 1 to upgrade to ICS, 1 while on ICS (battery patch), 1 leak to JB (received by mistake), and 1 “step up” patch to JB) and I’ve never had a problem with any of them. Most people who tend to have problems with these updates seem to be ignorant to the fact that a Cache Wipe/Factory Reset is most helpful in clearing out these problems (doubly true in the ICS update, as the Android file system was COMPLETELY overhauled from Gingerbread). Do a Cache Wipe people (boot into Recovery Mode). You’ll thank me later.

      • psychotap

        please tell me what I should plan on losing if I do wipe the cache, and how is that going to make my life easier?

      • Nathaniel H.

        Already did a factory reset. Problems with Jelly Bean OS still there after 3 resets.

      • RAZR maxx

        Worst update ever…if it ain’t broke, we’ll break it.

      • doug

        Sorry John but that’s a bunch of nonsense. I could care less what Android is doing, I could are less about third party apps. I use plenty of them. The bottom line is I paid a lot of money for this phone and I pay a LOT of money on a monthly basis to continue to use this phone. I should not have to cache/wipe,/factory reset anything period. If they can’t update the phone appropriately without requiring me to lose everything on my phone and spend another week configuring it and getting it to work right then they need to compensate me for the inconvenience. the music “app” now included is nothing more than a nagging ad screen that you have to scroll though every time you want to see your music. Unacceptable. period. my phones, every one of them a motorola all worked better before google took over. You know, the same google that reads all your email.

  • Chris Snow

    That sucks. Works great on my Droid 4

  • Eric

    No problem what so ever, running faster! Also before the update I was having problems playing videos over WiFi, the videos would always stop half way through and then the program would foreclose on me. Which drove me crazy because KT made it so I could only watch videos on my Verizon data which is expensive. Needless to say they fixed that problem and I’m a happy camper! I’m so far impressed with 4.1.2.

  • Cunt Destroyer

    How wonderful to have Android.

  • jenweb

    Hate the update on my Droid Razr. Phone keeps freezing or won’t come back on and I have to reboot many times a day. Battery life is very diminished. If there is not a solution soon I will no longer be a Droid user!!!!

  • Stephen Kucharski

    DROID 4 I’m assuming may be affected as well since RAZR and RAZR MAXX’s share 99% of components with those two. i have no experienced any problems FYI.
    For those complaining about PDANet not working and foxfi, there are other wifi hotspot programs that will still work (and circumvent VZ). Also; PDANet by June Fabrics is a great program and is updated frequently. I have no doubt they will release an update/workaround shortly. Be paitient. Keep in mind that “feature” is somewhat of a hack to begin with.
    Overall i’m extremely please with 4.1.2 on my DROID4 – other than some annoying changes like having HOLD shift to get a capital letter (very stupid). The phone is at least 150% faster overall, Google now is great. Everything is fast and my battery life seems to have improved. I really think its a full 200% faster…OS functions especially, but browsing and game speed has improved as well.

  • SBurrows

    My JB update removed the ability to sync any of my prior months calendar data. This is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE that I am no longer able to view my prior business appointments, schedule, etc! I called Verizon to report it right away and we attempted several sync tests and determined it is a result of the Jelly Bean update. Tech support from Verizon and Motorola called back and confirmed that it is a JB software update that removed that feature and that Google is responsible. PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE ASAP.

  • SBurrows

    In addition to losing the ability to sync prior calendar months data, I also discovered when viewing a web page, I used to be able to Exit out from the Menu key list of options. That was also removed in the Jelly Bean, Android Version 4.1.2 update on my Droid Razr Maxx. These changes, especially the discontinued access of prior months calendar data from syncing SHOULD HAVE BEEN DISCLOSED IN ADVANCE to alert us users that certain functions would no longer be available!

  • Collette

    Yes definitely having issues. Looks like there are some new cool features, but I am having trouble with my Wifi connection, which makes me very nervous as Verizon is so stingy with the data they provide while charging a small fortune for service, with few options. Also I lost some of my most favorite features with widgets. I loved how my contact photos used to sync with Facebook for my Favorite Contacts widget and how my Gallery widget used to show photos that friends would post on Facebook…..boo hoo to Android for these unpleasant changes. Why have all these nice homescreens available if you are going to reduce the nice features of the widgets?

    • Stephen Kucharski

      Download HaxSync to have contact photos sync with Facebook profile pictures.

  • Tonny S.

    Received the JB update and it dropped alot of my widgets and my ringtone is my notification ringtone now. Any txt message that comes in now.. all I get is vibrate, there is no notification tone. I don’t have a ringtone, it is my notification tone. If a mobile number calls I get nothing.
    Waiting on my new Sansung Galaxy SIII to come in. Finished with DROID

  • al

    This update sucks. Reduced battery life by 50%. Weather widget gone. Increasing Alarm volume gone.

  • stickaforkinmeimdone

    My phone is a mess from this update!! The keyboard is messed up, the sound doesnt work when it is not in silence mode. The phone is very slow! I’m moving to an Iphone! I never thought I would say that but its that BAD!!

  • JEFF

    Has anyone else had the issue with RANDOM REBOOTING? MAXX has rebotted 6 times now todat and it is only 2pm EDT…..never had an issue before update thanks Jeff

  • anonymous

    Droid razr won’t send MMS anymore after update, also keeps saying there is a large number of texts and asking if I want to allow or deny permission for the text messaging app

  • Empty Phone

    The JB update restored all default settings on my phone. All software, widgets, contacts, settings, gone. The only thing that stayed put was the content on my SD card. Had to reload EVERYTHING. Since reloading, so far everything is functioning ok, except the calendar synching complaint that others have mentioned. I have loved my phone. This is my first real complaint. 🙁

  • kfunk

    Phone won’t charge now. Says its charging and then says its disconnected and goes back and forth charging/not charging.

  • laura

    Wifi messed up. Can no longer see if friends received messages. I hate this update!!

  • tonya

    This update totally BRICKED my phone!! Razr Maxx…and now I have a replacement and it’s asking me to update!! GUESS I WILL DECLINE

  • BRL

    Got my update yesterday Razr Maxx. Keyboard is whacked. No voice recognition at all. “Google Now” does not work. Reset everything to default.

  • Cheneine

    my battery used to last all day. Now i dont even use it at all and within in 4 hours it drains the battery life. I really hate this udpate. It ruined the battery life of my droid maxx. Its also very slow, it takes forever to open apps the response is very very slow. I gotta reboot every hour to make it a little faster but its so annoying. Now i gotta carry my charger with me at all times. CRAZy!!!

  • jeepjamie

    I love the new features but with my Razr, my wifi is gone. Cannot connect any more. Also battery life is horrible. Verizon says the Android OS shoudl be using 7-12% of my battery and mine is running 43%-67%!!! Worked with tech to clear the cache and do some other useless stuff and their resolution is to send me a “new” certified refurbished Razr. Not sure that will help at all at this point! Going to try a faactory reset and see if by any chance it helps the battery.

  • Iwanti.c.back

    WiFi stinks! No more widgets!! Apps constantly force close. Internet only works about 50% of time, sometime calls will not come in. Please Android, get this fixed!!!!

  • mikefmoto

    Razr Maxx user here – Extremely poor performance after the upgrade. Touching icons does not open apps, cannot access Pop/Imap Email (Email icon is dead). Very slow to react to any inputs. As if it wasn’t bad enough before the upgrade, seems to be useless now. I think I’ve learned that I’m not a big Motorola fan. Never had these issues with my HTC.

  • Guest

    I have no more Motocast, no Sticky notes and some other features and apps aren’t working. I hope they fix it quickly I want my Motocast back!

    • Stephen Kucharski

      Motocast is its own App now. It confused me at first too but its there – or should be.

  • kz

    Address in sms message no longer highlights and links to google maps. Worked in 4.1.1 but no longer in 4.1.1 Wish I could go back!

  • Trevin C.

    After the Jelly Bean update my phone started experiencing EXTREME over heating (a constant 101°) and battery drain issues ( over 10% per hour without me even using it). This kind of battery drain is UNACCEPTABLE for those who paid extra for the MAXX like I did, won’t be buying from Motorola again.

    • WRH

      Mine is doing the exact same thing.

    • LC

      Mine too!

    • DLH

      My battery started discharging at a very fast rate. Use to have 2 days between charges. I did a factory cache/wipe and I am now get about 1.5 days between charges. As Mr. Deppel stated, a factory cache/wipe works wonders. BTW, I didn’t loose a thing when I did the wipe.

    • William Creamer

      I’m having the same problem just got off the phone with the tech dude

  • ash2trist

    I have a Droid 4 and my phone crashed with the Jellybean update last Wed.. Black screen had to take phone to Verizon store and they had to do a factory reset to get it back up. Now my apps are not working correctly. The Weather Channel app requires me to do location instead of just using my zip code. The WiFi isn’t working. The app that lets you see what is running and change settings is no longer available so now I ca’t see what is running my battery down. Phone drains very fast now. The alarm is gone. Clock alarm didn’t even go off when it was set. When I plug my phone into computer it no longer asks if I want to charge or us as back up. Also when plugged into computer the ringtones saved on SD card do not work. I want my old phone back.

    • Stephen Kucharski

      Wow…Droid 4 here and my update went flawless. Phone is 150-200% faster with much greater battery life, better 4G connectivicity, and no wWiFi issues. It is my understanding that some old WiFi routers are no longer supported. While they should have warned people (this is why I moved away from Apple – they do that kind of crap all the time) I think its understandable not every old router can continue to be supported. No problems with alarm either, which is under the standard vanilla “Clock” app.
      People have been clamoring for less customization and a more vanilla stock Google experience for a while now. Sticky notes, custom alarm clocks, all these have apps compairable that can be downloaded. I’m shocked so many people are having problems. For those that are I recommend a factory data reset. Other than the issues some people are having Motorola gave us exactly what most people were asking for. My friend’s RAZR having no problems and reports speed/battery improvements on par with what I’m getting.

      • R

        you must work for Verizon, Motorola or Google…

        • Stephen Kucharski

          No. But I do like Verizon’s coverage, Motorola’s hardware, and Google’s software. The point was people were having problems with their upgrades, then people were complaining things were missing. I offered a possible solution to one problem, and a work around for the second. Those “missing” apps are what’s known as bloatware in the industry and it’s a constant problem (Verizon is horrible at putting bloatware on their phones). Motorola is moving away from their skin and bloat and moving more towards stock vanilla Android – which again – is exactly what MOST people have been asking for. With Google owning Moto now, they are probably trying to ease people into a stock experience when Google forces them to use that – much the the happiness of power users everywhere. My one MAJOR gripe with Motorola phones is locked bootloaders – which they should do away with.

  • Jim

    None of my contacts are linked anymore. Once I updated my phone, all my contacts became unlinked. For instance, if I had someone link with two email addresses, a phone number, a Facebook account, and a Skype account, there now are five contacts for this person as opposed to the one before I updated. Other than manually re-linking all my contacts, how can I automatically re-link them?

    • Dan

      I think this may help – I think this is also part of their “update”. Open your “contacts”, then click on the menu button on the bottom of your phone. At the top of the menu should be “contacts to display” – click on that, and then, at the top, click the “all contacts”. That at least gets them all for you, but now, what if I want my google contacts, and my linkedin contacts, but not my facebook contacts??

      • Jim

        Thanks you trying to help but I already have my phone set to all contacts. What I am trying to figure out is how to re-link similar contacts automatically and not manually. Before the update, if someone had 2 phone numbers, an email address, a facebook account and a Skype account, they were all under one contact. Now there are 5 contacts; one for one number, one for the other number, one for the email, one for facebook, and one for Skype. How can droid fix my phone the way I had it before the update?

  • Robert

    I am an extremely busy mechanic and I don’t like spending a lot of time on my phone trying to figure out what in the world happened. Jelly bean wreaked havoc on my life. Lost all my sticky notes from work. some features of my phone are slow (Like voice text). lost many shortcuts like instant GPS on and off. the only reason I have a smartphone is to save me time. I’m losing time now.

    • Stephen Kucharski

      Use the widget “Power Control” to quickly turn on off settings like Bluetooth,WiFi, GPS, Background data syncing, and adjust screen brightness.

  • fasteddie

    lost ability to send text message to a group all at once and also lost the ability to speed dial to a conference call that was previously set up as an event in my calendar

  • Derek

    New update seems to be working ok. Battery life tho is awful. Pretty much dies at noon when used to last all day w droid razr.

  • Todd

    I cannot find numbers, contacts, make a call or even type normally now as the cursor types “backwards” to the left of the letter not on the right. The phone has gone from the best ever to the worst ever by simply updating some software I have no choice over and cannot fix. Basically, I went from smart phone to nearly no phone over this ‘improvement’

  • Mika

    When I am listening to Iheartradio through a bluetooth headphone when the phone rings it disconnects and my speaker starts playing the radio.

  • SugarShell04

    Ugh what a nightmare! Apps and widgets just GONE, contacts screwed up, favorites not working can’t even get profile pics to display. Sometimes it vibrates sometimes it doesn’t. Keyboard is super touchy. Was there anything GOOD coming with this update? Haven’t seen it yet if there is….

    • TheDrivenDemon

      I am having the same problem my favorites widget used to display the FB pics, but no more….

  • Sammmiee280

    I have the Droid4 , I can no longer connect to my wifi, apparently the new jellybean software is not compatible with it.. shouldnt have I been made aware of this before the update?.. I wouldnt have updated my phone to begin with if I knew I would have alot of problems.. not only does my wifi not work but my battery life now sucks and my apps went crazy and dont work!!!

    • battery life SUCKS now.. I think I may look into iPhone

      • jonah hufnagel

        Why not just wait for SG4 to come out? Will be far more advanced than any phone on the market at the moment and it’ll probably cost cheaper than an iPhone too.

  • ashirk

    i do like what changed and do like the new update, but i lost my music app and also my alarm clock app. i can not use any of my songs on my phone, and also can not use songs for my morning alarm or use a song for my ringtone. beside those few things i actually really like the update

    • Augusat

      I can still use my songs on my phone for my alarms and ringtone…? I’m sad that they got rid of Alarm volume gradually increasing though…that was handy.

      • Augusta

        Woops…my name is Augusta not Augusat lol

        • Pia West

          I can’t use my ringtones as my alarm clock either. Could you please inform me?

      • mamma_buddha

        How do you use your songs as your ringtone?? They took away the “set as” option. Am I missing something?

        • Ken Eboigbe

          I’m not a Droid user but a Samsung galaxy s3 mini owner using JB 4.1.2. You can still set your song as your alarm and ringtone by going to your music player and then play the song you want to use, while playing, press the menu key and you will see ‘set as’ option there and then select for whichever option you want to set it as. Or go in your music list, playlist or whatever, press and hold the song you want to use and then you will see several options come up which “set as” is one of them. I hope this helps if you haven’t figured it out already.

  • Robyn

    The signal! And the screen and apps are all buggy. Google Chrome stalls. ETC…..

    • Rich

      Same issues here. Cannot connect to Internet half the time, google search fails a lot and takes more keystrokes and time. I’m loyal to droid but Apple has the lock on their new OSs working on all their existing equip every time. Every time my droid gets a new OS performance always suffers until I find a reason to replace the phone.

  • M. Abraham

    I’m busy man, my phone is a very important tool, is so DISRESPECTFUL who release this UpDate, create Problems and Distrust, my phone is half Inoperative now, confuse my Contacts, repeat them like 3 times, all my “Sticky Notes” desappears, my contacts links are crazy, Bye bye Widgets like Weather, Notes, and others, even if reintalls them, no more MMS alert, “Alarm Volume Increasing” Desapears too, no more turn Pics in Camara, and one of the Best or Beast “Default Setting Reset” for some programs. I don’t want discover any more surprises in this bad experience. I’m lose Time, Datas, Patience . . . . No more Motorola for My and maybe Verizon too.

    • shel

      Yes! Its so frustrating that the sticky notes disappeared. And now the keyboard is very touchy and jumpy. Jelly bean is so terrible.

      • Eli

        TOTALLY AGREE!!! I was so pissed off when I went to look at my notes from the sticky notes, and it was gone. I had to download an app, since the widget was gone. I’m still way annoyed, cuz the app is a crappy replacement. My games are slower and everything now. I hate the new update!!!

  • drewww

    I hate this new jelly bean update. My phone sucks now. Whenever I backspace on a paragraph words multiply and change and all kinds of bullshit. Wish I never updated this shit. Wish I could redownload the old ice cream update

    • JF1948

      I have the same problem when using me two different emails after I go to Browser. Every word gets an automatic capital letter, too. However works in FB, texting and on the gmail that I created for the phone. I called twice and went to the store once. NO HELP except for a factory reset and maybe a new device. Have to get back on this since I can not send emails from my phone…..a HUGE pain and waste. Seriously considering leaving Droid and Verizon.

  • Actual Droid user from start.

    Problems with BT. Hangs when trying to switching quickly between devices. These are hard on the hardware and software.
    Been having my phone force close/ restart several programs even while being “Idle”.

    I take very good care of my phone., I’m a techie so I appreciate my toys. That’s what I don’t understand. I d/l nonsense. don’t open malicious emails or hyper links

    I would like to speak to your manager.

    I’ll sit here and wait with my feet propped up on my desk, sipping my glass of warm cafe caramel cinnom… oh Mr Google and the always lovely Kevin Bacon.

    Lovely to see the two of you again,

    I believe the last time we met was on your birthday.

    Any who. You see I have already mentioned being a techie, and I love my phone and all my toys. But the new product line of phone, phablets and tablets its making a guy wonder.

    I have been a loyal Motorola member since before Nextel..(LONG TIME)

    And if this just gets made fun of what ever, But if you could in any way hook it up with something majorly cool like a not 2/3 or the S5. you know what ever.

    Loyal customer and fan.

  • I have the Razr Maxx, I no longer can select sound in the system settings and have my ringtone and notifications go mute or vibrate. Tried to create a new smart action and the app stops working

    • I had(have) problems with my smart actions, I needed to delete and create new ones. But some of my smart actions were based on WiFI triggers which now that I’m having issues not connecting to my router at home, the actions are useless!!!

    • Dan

      me too! can’t set my phone to vibrate only, for everything, but i also can’t turn vibrate off for my keypad input. Update? What a joke. Oh, and my phone goes straight to voicemail – no ring, no vibrate, no indication whatsoever of an incoming call – I’m a freelancer, and missed calls mean missed work – I just wish Verizon would miss me when I leave…

    • Fix This!

      Same here. I need to have my phone muted most of the time and depend on the vibrate-only notification to know when I’m getting a call. This is ridiculous.

  • NYker

    I haven’t been offered the update for my Razr Maxx yet. Maybe a good thing?

  • Koozytime

    Battery life stinks. No indicator light when I get messages, emails, calendar reminders etc. Several contacts now have multiple entries. Looks like it took a contact with multiple fields (email, mobile, work) and gave each field a separate entry. Will take a lot of time to clean up. They really goofed on this upgrade

  • Adam

    Razr MAXX user here.

    Biggest complaint so far is that the battery life dropped like a rock. With ICS, I had two days of solid use or four days of limited use to a battery. Now I’m lucky to get 12 hours of light use, _after_ tweaking.

    Most of the minor things like widgets and such didn’t bother me (I rarely use them except for the calendar widget), however the lack of responsiveness to the touch screen is starting to get on my nerves some. Icons or swipe gestures are not as quick and responsive as they used to be. Typing on the screen is nearly impossible now that the response time of the touch keys is longer.

    WiFi appears to work fine on all of my routers, however I cannot stand the idea that a supposedly IEEE-standard compliant device (802.11 a/b/g/n) cannot connect to routers that are compliant with the standards. The whole point of standards is that they are _standard_ as time goes on!

    Overall, I am very displeased with the results of the 4.1.2 update. The battery life will kill this deal for me if anything does. I’ll either revert back to ICS manually or start looking at a phone from Samsung.

    • do you know how to revert back to ICS manually?

    • Marissa

      The battery life thing is terrible. I paid extra to have the extended battery life

    • 24dpal

      I had the same problem…turn off google now and your battery life will come back. Google now sucks the life out of the battery. Not worth it.

  • Leo3

    Just updated, and so far I’ve lost no apps, have no issues, no complaints.

  • tj5311

    Was the author of this article a 3rd grader??? I felt like I was reading my daughter’s book report with all the errors. Mix in a spell checker. Run things by your mom before you click “post.”

  • 1DroidXuser

    Very disappointed with JB update. The alarm app,, weather widget and sticky notes are gone, why? Battery gets drain without use. When checking VM, it goes into a forever “sync” mode before being able to listening to messages. All these combined with Verizon’s predatory practices are making me look for another mobile company now that my contract is up. After JB update, Verizon wants to charge me for tethering. When I contacted Verizon, they claimed innocence because they do not “write” the software. I am sure they requested this additional charge in the update. These thieves never get enough, they got suit, they lost and they still found the loophole to charge people like me. Not paying!!!

  • I no longer get the 4G or 3G next to signal strangth at the top of the display.

    • And.. I rebooted just now and it appeared after a 2 day absence.

  • flyboy0216

    I downloaded the update yesterday morning, and now the only thing I can do with my phone is receive calls, nothing else works.

  • savan

    After I got my phone updated with 4.1.2 I no longer see my widgets on the screen and there are no longer list of all languages in the language & input feature. That what I noticed by now

  • Justin

    Just got my update for my razr maxx on Sunday and I’ve been fighting with everything about my phone since! Its very frustrating!! Motorola needs to fix this asap! I am even having issues making and receiving calls and txts!!

  • Nic Ortiz

    Bad battery drain while I’m not using my phone. And the camera now will not let me control the flash modes; it defaults to what it wants and won’t let me turn the flash off. This update sucks (the FUNctionality out of my phone).

  • jared

    horrible now since the update. play store and many other apps don’t work now that i used on a daily basis before!!

  • rmorty6

    The only problem I have faced so far is that my screen won’t rotate on its own. I checked the system settings and it is set to auto-rotate. I tried turning it off, see what happens, then turned it back on… still nothing. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can fix this??

  • Steve

    I have more issues with the double negatives in this article than I do with my Maxx. It’s still a great phone after the update.

  • David Baker

    It is pretty bad I have all notifications turned off and I still get tones when stuff comes in and it is annoying in the night. It was just a bad update!!!!

  • Chief

    My Razor Maxx updated without any app issues or battery drain issues. Motorola is aware of the battery drain issue and will send you a free phone if you call them.

  • Carver Magnet Lions

    I have no issues with the new update. Hotspot crack still works.

    BTW, I teach middle school, and I wonder if one of my kids wrote this? “Also, the screen widgets are not receiving updates no more” really? *SMH

  • ivan

    I had so many notes and things saved on the notepad widget. I updated it and lost the entire widget in itself. Also I no longer have a weather widget. This update has really upset me and it hibestly sucks. The time on my unlock screen looks like a squished sumo wrestlers fat and the camera/media gallery layout is hideous. Total disappointment. I regret accepting the update.

  • K

    First off, my 4g will randomly shut off and switch only to 3g until I restart my phone. My text messages sometimes do not send, and delete themselves from the thread. A lot of the widgets that I loved from ICS have disappeared, like the weather widget I used, and the music player, which I loved because it showed the lyrics, also the alarm app was changed and options that I liked disappeared. When I try to install new widgets sometimes they don’t show up under my widgets. My phone will occasionally spaz out and become very slow and open and close random applications. Also, I really do not like the new gallery media viewer. I’ve only had problems with the new update and would very much like this fixed as soon as possible, since I use my phone so frequently every day.

  • 02sscamaro

    mine randomly reboots like once a day

  • julie

    I have a razr maxx and love it until this morning when I got the update. Now it won’t connect to my home wi-fi, which w/o, I can’t get a signal in my home (log home in the woods, with a metal roof)…can’t delete 19 unsent emails from one of my accounts, that I didn’t know hadn’t been sent. Now it appears that they are STUCK! Pretty much ruined a great phone.

  • This is not good for business. Please fix ASAP.. Or Apple will be the new phone.

    • I agree. Fix this update ASAP or I will go back to my ATT iPhone.

  • dtop

    They took off the music play and force you to use Google music player. Now can’t set a song from music library to ring tone. Also took silent option from tone section in settings. Alarm clock and other icons changed.

    • mamma_buddha

      I’m glad I’m not the only one missing the music to ringtone. I hate the canned ringtones!

    • Michelle

      I have Gtunes Music app on my Droid 4 and use that to set my ringtones and notification songs. However, the update has done other screwy things to my contacts, keyboard and texting that I have noticed so far.

  • Besides the fact that I don’t have my sleep mode and timer (why get rid of things that are useful) I seem to have this annoying problem where the green arrow on text messaging will not go away! It never tells me when or if messages were sent. This is very annoying and one of my friends has the RAZR also and he has the same problem.


    I own a Droid Razr and the update is really depressing. My battery life is totally lost. I cannot access my WiFi and my apps are either lost or they need to be re-installed. Not too thrilled with the new Google browser either but I can get used to that. I am choosing to browse on my iTouch while at home do not to use up all my Data….Blah

  • profharley

    Bean is working OK on my Droid MAXX so far. Unfortunately, I don’t see any advantages and I had to spend some time trying apps to make sure everything works OK.
    One thing is that browsers no longer have a menu option to get to my homepage.

    • mamma_buddha

      I agree about the homepage. And the “exit” option is gone as well.

  • Annoyed

    This Update Is Horrible! As YoU Will Notice, IN My Comment, My Keyboard Is All Jacked Up, It Won’t Automatically SPace My Words And Every Word I Type Is Capitalized This Is Horrible SiNce I Use The Slide OptioN On The Keyboard!!! The Change In ‘My MusIc’ Sucks, No Lyrics Or Favorite Playlist!! There’s A Lag IN Everything I Try And Pull Up! And speed dial Gone??? I HopeThere’s A Quick Fix For THis!!!!!!

  • Mine is pretty much fine apart from occasional freezes as I unlock the phone and a real problem with missing widgets – as in many apps I used to have great widgets for no longer have any. also bring back the social messaging feed app!

  • Droid RAZR battery drains fast, screen gets hot, WiFi is toast, keyboard entry is wonky now…..my phone went from rad to sad in one update.

    • Commish Flock

      that sucks considering its supposed to have the best battery life, I have the Razr HD and it works very well

  • It seems that my battery life has taken a big hit. I can’t get very far away from my charger. Many apps seem to be operating in slow motion, especially those requiring network access.

  • Mr. V.

    Since 4.1.2 I don’t have the use of my notification bar and the permissions on my apps keep changing by themselves and it says in my data usage my biggest consumer of data is deleted apps W.T.F. ?

  • Mr. V.

    AT&T AND I phone looking better and better everyday

  • Meninalua

    After the JB update my setting of huge fonts is ignored. Also my system tray is a fine font that is hard to see. And I don’t care for the new lack of EXIT option on the browser where during a new browsing session you go back w/ back button to pages from last session. Is browser still running? I lost an app that had a bunch of notes and important info. And I can’t remove the vibrate even though I selected no vibrate with ring. This will drain battery faster. And I can’t disable vibrate with touch keys. Ugh!

    • AnnoyedDroid-user

      I was able to turn off the vibrating keys in SYSTEM SETTINGS | SOUND and uncheck Vibrate on touch if that is selected, also Dial pad touch sounds and touch sounds.

  • Anthony Crispino Sr.

    Since update my contacts my not appear, when they do appear it freezes making a call.

  • sarget

    After Jelly bean monday that rolled out on most of the phones here at work everyone is having issues syncing to the ActiveSync email server for our office. Its a real pain in the ***. Verizons only resolution is to wait. The expensive paper weight is really pissing me off.

  • Dean

    Several problems here. When I get an email/text/etc., the little indicator light flashes red (like when the battery is low) instead of green. 4G connection is very spotty whereas it used to be very strong at my work and at home. Wi-Fi will turn back on when I just turned it off. The battery is draining extremely fast, about 50% faster. K-9 email doesn’t send my emails most of the time, some kind of java error pops up. I can adjust the volume, but the on-screen volume indicator/slide is either at 0% or 100%.

  • Naomi R. Lane

    Not sure if my update even completed, my phone’s behavior was different during this update than ever before. At one point it asked for me to enter my password for decryption, but once I do I get a screen with my old wallpaper and keypad for entering my password again. I have no signal and though wifi was on, it was white (showing signal, but not working) the only two things I’ve been able to do with it is pull down the system settings menu from top. Here I can see everything, but can’t do much. Like my apps, the widgets are all green men. I received a phone call without the contact storage info of pic and name. Otherwise every time I power off the phone it asks for my password foe decryption, though I turned it off in settings after the update in hopes to help. The phone stays black otherwise or with the power up screen and won’t go away unless a call comes in, then it goes back to black showing a status bar with battery, signal and wifi. I think this is junk! If I have lost all my precious info, media, settings, etc. I will be really pissed off. Droid Razor Max, Verizon.

  • zyla_go

    I HATE the update!!! I have a Razr Maxx and just a few of the complaints I have is that my timer is gone in my alarm, my playlists have disappeared and in my favorite playlist, the songs are completely wiped out, the worst thing for me is I can’t send texts to a preselected and named group anymore! and I loved that feature and I use it all the time. Now I have to individually select each contact every time I want to send a group message. And I lost my free mobile hotspot. The list goes on and on … I just wish I could go back to my previous OS version.

    • mamma_buddha

      You can still set up your groups. I had to re-enter mine, but you can still do it. Select People, then Groups, then add whatever ones you want and name the group.

  • Janet

    Agree with whats been stated. Overall update sucks. Phone was HOT HOT HOT during update. Hope it didn’t ruin any components. Panicked when I could no longer find alarm to set. Found it now but new way to access sucks. Why don’t they give you the option to update or not? Just when I get used to where things are & how it all works it changes. Plus phone went dead yesterday after overnight charge, even though it was off most of day & only one call was placed. So obviously battery life is the pits.

  • Droid Razr Maxx HD user on Verizon – and also seeing major issues with this update. Don’t they test these on all Android phones before release them? This release was a disaster and heads need to roll! Amongst many things – I had to delete my exchange email account and reload it to get it working. Delivery report (the check mark confirmation of SMS delivery on Verizon messages) is not working – a critical feature I use to see if texts I send get to the recipient (like my kids!!!). Wake up Verizon and Motorola and give us an emergency roll back or fixes soon!

    • limoco

      Totally know how you feel. I’m so paranoid to not know if someone gets a message I send or not. Definitely needs to be fixed.

      • limoco

        Found this on a Verizon forum, and it worked for me, I have the razor HD.
        I found a solution. Okay so with the most recent update Verizon made the switch from sending text messages over their 1x network and moved them to their LTE (and possibly 3g) network, hence the reason they are sending so much faster. Today I was in a classroom that is underground and has terrible reception and noticed that I was getting delivery reports again but that my texts were sending slower, like they used to. I dug around in the phones programing menu and found a new option call “MO SMS over IMS” and it was enabled. Disabling it switches your texts back onto the old 1x network. So if you choose to make the switch, your delivery reports will come back but sending will go back to being a little slower. To get to this menu open up your dialer and type in ##7764726. Next hit send and when prompted with a password type in 000000 and hit verify. Scroll down to SMS/MMS settings and select it. Next scroll to the bottom, select “MO SMS over IMS”, and disable it. Now your good delivery reports back!

    • kuiann

      Imgetting the sms message and motorola cant fix it.. veruzon cant fix it.. they saysending a new razr will fiz it.. i dont think so

  • Tyler Peterson

    4.1.2 has blocked my use of foxfi wifi hotspot. this needs to be fixed. I will not be buying another moto phone. anybody have any work arounds?

  • jimthebeam

    My number one complaint is that hands free dialing is broken. Prior to JB Voice Commands were ~90% accurate at picking contacts and calling them, usually with confirmation before making the call. With JB Voice Commands are replaced by Google search. Voice recognition is still good based on the text displayed yet it picks entirely wrong contacts.

    But!! I think I just found the fix to put it back to how it was

    Open phone app.
    Tap the mic icon for voice dialing. it should ask to use google search or Voice Command
    Tap Voice Command and the Always button.

    I checked that when I was using my bluetooth headphones that when I tried to make a call using the headphones that indeed Voice Command was used to make the call…My number one issue resolved.

    Other minor irritating changes I’ve noticed
    The clock display when screen is locked does not show am/pm and the font is changed
    the camera file names are changed
    Pressing the power button no longer gives a Sleep option. Only power off and Airplane mode
    Calendar reminder no longer has dismiss button

    Also noted the phone seemed to randomly run hot. Seemed to drain faster than normal but did not watch closely and I have been messing with the phone a lot more given the various issues.

  • thissucks

    I hate what it did to my camera! I can’t go to video message now and I used that feature everyday.

  • Darren Reese

    I bought the Razr Maxx to replace a Droid X. I used both successfully with my J&M Audio bluetooth helmet (HS-BLU277EDRI-N103), the X for about 18 months, and the Razr from September until it updated itself last month. Since then, audio streaming will only work if I clear both devices, and then only one time (until I close “My Music”, or Slacker etc). Once closed, the phone will only play audio through the phone speaker. On the “Paired Devices” screen, the helmet is shown with “Connected, no media”. If I go into the settings for the helmet, both phone and media audio boxes are checked. The phone function itself seems to work fine. The following are the troubleshooting steps so far:

    1) Soft reset

    2) Factory reset

    3) Replacement phone

    4) Attempt at replacement with Maxx HD (same exact results)

    5) Helmet firmware update (2 weeks and $60 in shipping)

    6) Hours on the phone with Verizon and Motorola (who blamed it on each other)

    7) System Version: 6.16.211.XT912.Verizon.en.us Android Version: 4.0.4

    8) Updated again since then to 4.1.2 and Verizon 98.72.16.XT912
    with no changes in behavior other than now it will not even work the one time.

    The helmet has and still will successfully pair and retain full functionality with iPhones, and my old Droid X running 2.3(?). The only factor that has changed is the upgrade to BT 4.0. I am told that it is backwards compatible but it is definitely not. Doesnt even work with the brand new Moto headset I bought last week that is supposed to be capable of receiving streaming audio.

  • Rafael Carbajal

    I really cant wait to Leave verizon, & never buying a motorola Again!!! T-mobile S-3 here i come…..

  • Torsteinn from Denmark

    This is the update from hell! My RAZR worked perfectly and I loved it, untill yesterday, when I let death into it. Some apps gone. Can’t view photos, at all. The screen keeps flipping around. Keyboard over sensitive and vibrating like a scared chipmunk. Can’t play any music, neather on the new app nor my good old Winamp. No mms. And the list goes on..
    I sure hope the team who conjured up this abomination are working they’re behinds off to fix it. No happy easter for them untill my phone has been exorcised.

  • Theresa

    I have a Droid RAZR maxx and updated to jelly bean yesterday. Now, group texting no longer works, and this is a feature I use everyday! I called Verizon, and apparently my only option is to do a factory reset…so annoying and frustrating!!

    • mamma_buddha

      You can still set up your groups if you have certain groups of people you consistently text to. If the people change each time, tap your ‘text’ icon, tap the + button in the upper right corner, then tap the person+ icon and you can select multiple recipients to text.

  • Dan Gerson

    Battery drain, email push not working, spontaneous calling the last number dialed, heat, wifi flaky, phone does not ring when called sometimes, screen flickering, keyboard is now responding improperly, but the email issue really hurt me as per I had been emailed by an employer that wanted me in that day for a second interview and when i didn’t reply as emails were not coming through unless I manually update the inbox (which I didn’t know at the time after the update) they gave the job to somebody else.
    All in all not too effin happy.

  • Kelley

    I am looking for options to now rid myself of my [previously loved] Droid Razr. Ever since this upgrade my phone has been going beserk. Widgets are gone, photos are completely moved around. Waaaay too much was changed at once and who decided it was for the better? The stupid google whatever it is [to compete with Siri???] pops on at weird moments. The touch screen acts out like a child having a tantrum. My battery is draining at a much faster rate. I hate my phone now and all I want to do is be rid of it. If motorola wanted to drive people to apple and samsung, then they have succeeded.

    • Kelley

      oh and one more thing!!!! I want my alarm back [with increasing volume] you jerks!!! [Motorola and jellybean jerks] ARRRRRRRGH!!!!

  • AnnoyedDroid-user

    after the 4.1.2 update, my phone lost my in case of emergency contacts, calls disappear and then reappear and I’m still connected after I thought it dropped,

  • AnnoyedDroid-user

    Continued: icons disappeared and auto correct turned itself back on. Widgets are gone also. Keyboard seems more sensitive now but easier to type for me at least. Is there a setting to have ONLY those contacts with an actual phone number displayed instead of all FB, LinkedIn, etc. users in there?

  • steven stroud

    yes i have the Droid RAZR and the update has caused a few issues if you remove a app it keps the icon on the screen even when you have uninstalled the app the usb debug mode so that you can use the phone as mass storage is now not working right. I do see that alot of updates have been pushed out for the apps i have on the phone and alot of the fails are getting less and less so they most be correcting the issues.

  • un-happy

    for starters, i didn’t want the update, woke up in the morning and phone was frozen in middle of update and it has all been down hill from there. android os, killing my battery, heating up, poor service longer page load times, speed dial gone. had ask to update box checked for a reason. loved ics, hate jb. ics over 2 days on a charge, jb charging every night. the best is i called and went to verizon and they say they never heard of such issues. glad you’s say they f-ed up and gonna fix it. im ready to root just so my phone works again. i used to brag about my phone to all those “i” people, now im imbarassed of it

    • So much fun!

      They told me that too. No known issues. I told them they should try hoogling it then, because obviously there are several.

    • Bryan

      hmmm… I work at a verizon store and also repair cell phones (including the “i” brands) on the side and I have never seen a phone that does an update without someone confirming it first .. did you do something different to your phone

      • un-happy

        if by different you mean put it on charge before i went to bed, like i’ve been doing since i got the phone, then woke up in the morning to find the phone frozen in the middle of the update? then i guess i did something different. have since wiped cache, done the dreaded factory reset and android os still the #1 battery killer, phone still slugish, battery life some what better still not what it used to be though. still waiting for the jb fix to come out!

        • T

          Same thing, I put off the update for about 2 months then it force updated while I was at work one day. No option to not install or install later, just said updating and kicked into it.

  • John Jenkins

    After the “Update” my phone icon no longer takes me straight to favorites. I have to select it each time I want to call them now. It was my last update.

  • Brenda B

    Even though I have experienced many problems already documented, my chief complaint is the calendar and conference calls. Before when I selected the number to call and there was a passcode associated with it, the passcode would show up automatically with an “ok” when the call connected. Now I can still call the conference number, but I have to manually enter the passcode. I am on multiple conference calls a day – all from my cell phone – and it is extremely frustrating because I had depended on this previous feature.

  • Albert Einstein

    I have a Moto Droid 4 and Moto/Verizon pushed an update to my Droid 4 today and now I’ve completely lost speed dial, and no way to recover it. I called Verizon, was on hold for 20 minutes while they investigated, and came back on the line and offered to send me a new phone. Obviously, Moto/Verizon/Google pushed a software update that had huge defects and bugs in it.

    • Liz

      Thank goodness I saw this, I thought I was going mad when all of the sudden my speed dial settings DISAPPEARED (and the widget you’re supposed to use instead is ridiculous – who has room on their phone to create an icon for each speed dial??!?! I don’t want to dial, voice recognition worthless, gimme speed dial)!! For the record, I can’t stand the JB update either…some of those widgets rocked, the gray text on a black background is HORRIBLE, I can’t see squat, and I’m seriously considering AT&T and an iPhone now b/c Verizon forced this update on my Droid 4.

      • The speed dials I set for all my con calls are gone can reset them. The calendial app is what I use now. The typing is useless .. lost all my pics. 2 weeks after the update the phone automatically when into startup mode like a new phone lost everything again. Battery life sucks. Most all the items here seems to indicate the the people who had not problems are in the minority and that the reasons I switched fro. Att and I phones are all gone.
        Very USAF disappoi y betrayed and not sure where to go now samsu g

  • ragnaroktomorrow

    So far: I can’t bring a phone into where I work so I use sleep mode, but it was suddenly gone. First time I tried enabling GPS from the toolbar it didn’t work and i had to enable some extra prompts to get it to work so i could use navigation in google maps. Finally, as others have noted the alarm clock timer is gone. I used this a lot when cooking.

    Updating was actually an accident. I was at the gym and trying to change to a different song and accidently hit update instead of ask later…

    As a developer myself, I don’t understand why they would REMOVE features that already exist. Makes no sense.

  • doug

    Updated to 4.1.2 two days ago. Noticed some functional changes but assumed there was a learning curve I hadn’t bother to climb. Tonight’s problem was notice of no sim card, no network. Talked to technical support and did a “power, volume down” reboot. Seemed to fix problem.

    Of course, verizon technical support person suggested the phone probably got “bumped” or something and temporarily interrupted the sim card connection. I said that considering I had the phone almost a year and never saw that problem before and the operating system was updated two days ago I thought it more likely a problem with the update. It would be nice it there was some standard code the technical support people could say to indicate when the company line.is know to be manure.

  • Bruce from NC

    I read somewhere that other use had issue with volume on phones being lower — my main issue is battery drain which after nearly a week — I have not figured out what the cause is and it can disappear — hard reseting and reseting cache did not help — the battery drain is less severe if I unmount SD card. I have also experienced problems uninstalling apps. The battery drain seems to come from Media ( Package Handler?) which end up using more than the screen under normal use — sometimes unmounting SD card and then rebooting seem to temporily clear the problem — and the battery does get hotter. I am trying to figure out if connecting to a windows computer (via usb cable) is part to blame.

    I will post more info if I figure out more —

    • Bruce from NC

      I have found a remedy — well I am not sure if I would call it that — I read somewhere about d/l GSAM Battery app — so I tried this app instead of the one I was using…I noticed under the detail of APP usage that two were the major source of drain MEDIA & PackageAccessHelper….if you go under manger and force STOP/Disable — that seems to make battery usage normal but I dont believe you will be able to install anything.– if you reboot to restart eveything then battery usage spikes again. I am wondering if it has to do with Google now, or Google play? If users who have Google Now turned off still have large battery drain then maybe its either Google Play. Maybe something from that did not properly install/uninstall or update….but I would think clearing cache would resolve those type of issues. There are some things I like better but I understand some of the other dislikes (like the alarm volume — WTH? Why take that out) Maybe there was something in common with the 3 co-workers that all had RAZR MAXX? since they would likely share apps and disable features in common,

    • Bruce from NC

      Oh I forgot to mention that the Media app appears to be using CPU and Keep awake constantly. At one time I thought it might be related to connecting to the USB of a computer but it does not appear to be specific to that as installing/(and maybe Uninstalling ) APP seems to cause same problem

  • anger update

    Jelly Bean has ruined my droid Maxx. I wish I could uninstall. I had NO problems with ice cream sandwich. My apps are acting crazy, my phone is freezing up etc.

  • alexis

    I try to save pictures, from twitter, and says they are “saving” and “saved” but they’re no where to be found. While I appreciate being able to screen shot, I want to know where these photos are allegedly saving to. Anyone else experiencing this?

    • alexis

      I have a DROID 4 btw

    • Yes, I am experiencing the same problem. It says “saving” or “saved” and then it doesn’t exist anymore. I have also posted a photo and comment to send to a facebook contact privately and it says “posted” but doesn’t show up anywhere and the receiving person never gets it… I do NOT like this new update and want my old MY GALLERY back or this one fixed.

  • Karen

    I’ve noticed that my ringtone and alarms keeping resetting to default for some reason. I keep changing it to my own ringtone and after a few hours, it changes back to the default one. That’s about all i’ve noticed so far.

  • JoKeR

    I have a droid 4. Autocorrect is turned off but it constantly corrects words I type incorrectly. Swype is turned on and will not allow me ot shut it off (I don’t use it anyways). My wallpapers don’t span the entire length of the screen. My brother’s apps disappeared and were disabled after update. I just got the update popup this morning and all this has been happening.

  • john lemonjello

    I lost the alarm and timer widget. The alarms I had set still function but I have no way to control or edit them. I tried create a sticky note and realized that all widgets are gone and are not even an option. what the heck is going on?

  • JoeMama

    The latest Chrome update caused my phone to act unusual, so after I uninstalled the update my phone is fine and better than ever. Battery life has improved, and my phone is more responsive. More than half of these comments are either from noobs or whiners or both!…and many of them make little sense and others are from iFags. For those who are whining like lil girls about not having a timer etc. any more, ever heard of Google Play?…sheeeesh!

  • Duke Paddington

    Does anyone ever proof read their own article for misspelled words or grammar errors?

    • RazrOwner


  • Problems? What problems do you speak of? I didn’t know you were supposed to be able to send and receive text messages on a mobile phone… Sarcasm aside im really pissed im not receiving texts for hours and having 4G let alone any cellular reception. My twitter, instagram, facebook, and snap chat notifications are coming hours if not days late. Please just fix it or send out the old operating system as a air update until this is sorted out.

  • Only good thing is that my battery seems to last longer but it seems to have a ghost meter for the battery. It will be in the red while charging then out of no where be at 90%

  • Bob

    Can no longer dial phone with Bluetooth. It does recognize my voice as voice to text yields great results. Every time I try to make a Bluetooth call it always dials someone else with a very dissimilar name to the one I spoke. Worked great for me until the update. Everything else seems to work ok. Its a major issue for me as I voice dial at least 20 calls a day while on the go.

  • Weird13

    Jelly Bean has turned the phone I once loved into an over heated hunk of shit! How could they release such a crappy OS?! Should have taken more time testing it on these phones. My biz is suffering because of these assholes.

  • Mooch

    I had the same problems on my RAZR right after the Jelly Bean updated on my phone. It ran hot, 9 hours max battery life and could not connect to my home wifi. I did a chat session yesterday with Motorola, after 30 minutes of chatting back and forth the Tech had me do the following. (see below) Let me say if you aren’t sure of what you are doing, don’t attempt this. If something happens to your phone it’s on you. I did this and it fixed all the issues that concerned me and so far has appears to have improved my battery life and has sped up my searching capability. It’s called a “Clear Partition” Good luck

    Turn the phone off and perform Clear Partition. Clearing the partition will remove any temporary files that may be causing the problem, but will not delete your files or settings.

    1) – Power the phone down.
    2) – Hold the volume up and down and power key down all at the same time until
    you see the Boot Mode Selection Menu. This should happen within a couple of seconds.
    3) – Press the volume down key until “Recovery” is highlighted. Press the volume key up to select.
    4) – Wait until you see a triangle with an exclamation point in it.
    5) – Press and hold the volume down key. While doing that, press and hold the volume up
    key then release them. This should put you into the Android system recovery.
    6) – Press the volume down key until wipe cache partition is highlighted.
    7) – Press the power button to select. You will be brought back to the Android system recovery
    utility when it is complete.
    8) – Press the power button to select “reboot system now”. Wait for the phone to boot.

    • Mark Ostroff

      Tried this and Swype seems a bit better, but Google Search still crashes whenever I try to use it.

    • desmolift

      Just tried this…. no ill effects, but my Razr Maxx is still sluggish. Didn’t appear to help.

    • GKB

      Just did it and WHAMMO! I’m back in business! Spent over. 4 hours on the phone all night and none of the supposed tech support gurus at VZW suggested this!

      Thanks for saving the day Mooch!

    • OhGodWhy O_______O

      Good clear instructions, thanks so much Mooch!

    • sr sheffield

      I did this and got my GPS icon back. GPS was whacked before. will test again..

      • sr sheffield

        Maps, latitude, navigation working fine now…
        Thanks Mooch!

    • Randy Wheeler

      After Jelly Bean installation I was having minor problems — nothing like other complaints here. Did the above Clear Partition procedure. Battery life and responsiveness improved significantly. <>. I lost nothing more than the application and widget functionality changes noted in other posts.

      Thanks Mooch

    • still frustrated

      My son and I both have this phone, and we did this but with different results. Neither phone is back to what it was, but the problems are slightly less. Note that this person showed that the improvement was only about a 50% problem fix. You will be happier, but not for long. The phone still runs poorly.

    • Rock Cousteau

      Thank you for the helpful advice! Just went through the entire process, step-by-step. Hope it works! rockcousteau.com

    • jabarron78

      I’m having the same issues. I already cleared the partition but am still having problems. I like my Razr but fear that I’m going to have to get a new phone. I just hate all of the work of setting up a new phone. Is there something that I can do to help the battery life? The contacts turn off at least twice per day. The phone seems to be in slow motion. And…I’m not a slow motion kind of user. Any suggestions?

    • Jeremy

      My RAZR won’t do this…well not entirely. The volume down button works fine until I boot into the recovery menu. Then the volume down button, which is the way to select the recovery menu, doesn’t work. So, my phone reboots and then the volume down button works fine. Frustrating as I typically would clear the partition at least once a month. Any suggestions? This is the 4th warranty replacement I’ve had from Verizon since April of 2013 when the 4.1.2 Jelly Bean OS hit my phone via OTA push.

    • americanmale1

      This did not repair wifi on razr M. I did it twice. No help. I NEED my wifi!

  • scott c.

    Wi fi gone. If you think this was untested think again. Now they can hammer millions of people with data charges.Motorola and Verizon blow!!!

  • Stormin’

    I’m very upset with Verizon and Android, just because I was grandfathered in with the unlimited data and texting doesn’t mean you have the right to mess up a good portion of my apps and widgets that were already on my Droid Razr. I always relied on my alarm to wake me up for work and I used the timer portion of that alarm app to let me know when I have to clock in from lunch. I didn’t have it last night. I also liked being able to use my Samsung Notebook 10.1 by connecting it through my phone. I can’t do that any longer since you blocked wifi hotspot. What would you do if the millions that were grandfathered in all of a sudden went to another distributer. You would lose out on a lot of money at least 100s of millions of dollars. that wouldn’t look so good on your bottom line would it.

  • Now the timer function, which used to be part of alarms, is gone!

  • Edith Chu

    Bought my Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx less than a year ago. Ran the update …and now….my smart phone isn’t.

    My $400 lifeline only works if there is wi-fi. All ability to run mobile data gone. sticky note widget gone along with all my notes.

    I might as well go looking for a public telephone and keep a pad of sticky notes in my pocket. And look over someone’s shoulder when I need internet access.

    Stood at the Verizon store last night for 1.5 hours – working with Verizon tech support – the problem was escalated to tech support level 2 – and they couldn’t figure it out either. The final resolution? Verizon will send me a “refurbished ” phone…(I paid $400 for a new phone – you broke it and now you’re going to give me a phone someone else used before and probably had problems with too!!!)

    Oh, and they’re sorry for the inconvenience. Gee Thanks Verizon and Motorola….I can tell you really appreciate and value your customers.

    • Andy Boruta

      I had same experience (took the refurbished) . Spent hours working through support tiers). Dropped all home Verizon, and will drop all wireless when convenient. Made sure Verizon knew why.

    • Adam Pierson

      All of my pictures are gone. My battery dies very quickly and I have the extended battery and my apps are not functioning correctly. I am very pissed off and I am about to change carriers. I used to love the android and Verizon but this one mistake will cost them 3 phone lines, and an Ipad data package. I am so mad that they did this without even testing it.

  • sabrina Diaz

    I am extremely frustrated with this update!! I was very happy with my phone until the update. Now I’m thinking…..yes……iPHONE!!!

  • Ms. Tee

    I am upset with the speed dial function lost all mine during update and cannot get them back, also do not like camera function now. What happened to “my gallery or my library” ugh!!!!!!

  • adreitcer

    Jelly Bean has caused this problem with my Droid 4: People can hear me when speak into the headset, but I can’t hear them; the sound comes through the device speakers as if the headset were not plugged in. BAD for all those conference calls I do for my work. Any fixes on this?

  • Ticked Off

    Droid Razr
    The Notepad widget was killed, which pleased the absolute fig newtons out of me as I had 3 note pads with critical info on them, all deleted.
    My contacts were all reloaded… as was everyone I have emailed since 2005, even if it was a “Reply All”! An hour to purge that crap pile…
    My calander hiccups and goes blank.
    The Photo Gallery format is horrible and cumbersome and no longer uses thumbnails so much as entire left arm nails for the size of them. And stop TELLING me how they will be organized. Stop TELLING me where you will send them and make me have to take convoluted steps to change the filing. LET me freely organize and reorder them! WITHOUT buying an ap to do that!
    Texting keeps seizing
    ANOTHER eff’d up change of the alarm clock instead of leaving it the hell alone 3 versions ago when it was great and functional. No more escalating volume function. THAT was a surprising find the first full blast time!
    The My Music was guerrila attacked and gorilla raped to a cumbersome, annoying piece of Google tracking, we-know-best crap. See notes on Photo Gallery…
    Battery life has PLUMETTED. It drains overnight.

  • Guest

    Wow. Someone is WAY out of touch with their users. Who ever heard of doing away with speed dial?
    And there’s a simple rule…if you want to make something more secure, the more secure it is, the more you give up. Apparently it’s SO secure, no one can use it. Nice…
    And as I have said many times in the past – does NO one test this stuff with consumers before releasing it?????
    I see a fix in the near future…this ranks down there with Apple’s move to their own faulty maps.

  • Tons of problems all the ones listed below: paid app foxfi / pda (gone), note pad with important info gone, alarm increasing volume gone, contacts pictures not showing on favorite widget, contacts not joined (that’s a huge inconvenience). Now, I’m having an issue with commands (software commands) showing on the right side of my screen. I can’t get them to disappear. I’ve powered off and rebooted (off and volume) still nothing. I bought the razor maxx for the fox I rooted feature. I have unlimited data and didn’t want to pay for internet at home so I use my phone (foxfi) as a hotspot for my laptop and Wii. It’s sad having to tell my kids they can’t watch Netflix because of fbe new update on my phone. We live in the country so this update is forcing me info having to pay Verzion $30 A month for hotspot. The only internet provider out here is dialup. I’m so upset. I’m gonna try and find a work around tonight. Someone has to be able to uninstall JB. Yep, I’m gonna go rouge and bust out JB. Google and verzion you should be ashamed of yourself. Forcing people into buying only your products is a monopoly. Forcing software updates should be illegal. If I buy a computer I have the right to refuse or not purchase the softwar…it should be the same for our phones.

  • pissed

    after I receive the update that I don’t like nothing works the same phone won’t sleep you phone key pads all messed up small icons for speakerfeature a big red bar cross the phone for hang up it up looks stupid.speed dial no longer works I hate the update I hope they change it soon

  • jon

    How do you edit videos now?

  • sarosen

    Had no notifications LED. Had to call Motorola and reset the phone cache. Everything seemed to be working but now I have to basically reset ALL my notification sounds on an almost daily basis. They simply reset to “unknown ringtone.” Also, can’t use my music for ringtones.

  • chharith oeun

    my alarm app is gone, but the alarm keeps going off. I no longer get service, if I do it is very limited.
    I am overseas in italy with an Italian SIM, I cant even get into Google play.
    Please help.

  • I do NOT like this update… I agree with everyone’s comments about all the problems, but most of these will eventually get “fixed.” My major concerns and complaints are about the MY GALLERY. I did not choose these “folders” and can not find my photos. I purchased the Droid and gave up my iPhone specifically for the better camera and ease of taking, sizing, and emailing photos. It was very simple to re-size a photo to drop the megabytes to a lower number of bytes for an email attachment. Now — every photo I send is a minimum of 2 MB. It is a nightmare for my email accounts and the time it takes for me to use my laptop or desk computer to manipulate the photos at a later time. I do NOT like this update. Hopefully Verizon can get this fixed really soon or I will be returning back to my trusty iPhone and ATT.

  • JPai314

    Droid RAZR!!! I lost alot of my settings, I can’t text without a flipping. Box popping up asking if I want to allow my app to send more messages. It’s just ridiculous!!! Nothing but problems! Try making updates that actually work or leave well enough alone!!!!

  • Chris Maxwell

    I’m having similar issues with my Droid 4. While I seem to still have calling capabilities I have no data what-so-ever. All the settings are correct and the data is on. I’ve done the sim card pull and everything. I sure hope Motorola gets their shit together.

  • dezibella05

    Had one phone- UPDATED. Stayed in the phone with Verizon and Motorolla tech support for 2 hours. Sent over replacement phone.

    Update came thru again….. dumb dumb me decided to update again to Jellybean.

    Annnnd now…. waiting on ANOTHER REPLACMENT PHONE!!!


  • I had a tough time finding out how to turn off swype. I used to like it, but Now It Capitalizes Every Word.

    And just yesterday I noticed icon apps are gone from my ‘home screens’.

  • I have older droid razr and this recent update has made my phone shut it’s data off all the time especially when I lock the phone. Im concerned i will not get texts or calls. I noticed the issue when i was at work listening to pandora, I locked the screen and after the song finished there was silence!!! I turned the light back on but didn’t unlock the phone, when I looked at the bar there was no 4g no 3g nothing, when I unlocked it came right back on and everything continued !!! I keep thinking I must have to change an option but I have yet to see one anywhere!! Today I gave up and went to google to figure it out and came across this website!!!! I really hate updates never any luck with them!! If anyone has an idea on how to fix please help !!!

  • aww man…

    got my jellybean upgrade and now i cant connect to my home wifi , called verizon and found out my modem is part of a list that isnt supported with jelly bean.

  • I Can No Longer Send GrouP Text Messages. I Had To Download “HandCenT” In Order To Group Text Again. Many Apps Are Messed Up Now…

  • My Phone Also HaS “No Internet ConnectIon” A LoT Lately….

  • Bskey

    After reading all the comments I to have encountered several of the issues stated. I have a Droid Razr Maxx, for nearly a year, I loved the ICS os……….but I detest this JB……….one thing that has changed for me is: the option of voice commands, in ICS you could hold down the search key for a few seconds and then be able to tell your phone to do just about anything…….for instance:text Sam- I will be home soon. (send)…….boom, text sent with the push of one button……….same thing with making calls: Call Sue- phone would start the call for me….now, you have to go to the Google search bar, hit the mic, tell it what you want and half the time it doesn’t do what asked……..or if it does, it brings up the contact several times……then more hitting of buttons to get the job done………I relied on the simple voice commands for the quick ease of it all and while driving for “hands free” use. I didn’t buy an Iphone because I thought the Siri thing was a toy/joke……..now I have nearly the same thing on my Droid. WHY??? If I had wanted an Apple I would have bought one! Sure hope they can fix these issues quick, I don’t even want to use my phone anymore 🙁

  • Darrell

    It’s no secrete that from the beginning the Droid Razr has a poor track record for battery life, hence all the advice to try and extend it and the newer models touting better battery life. But since the Jellybean up date the droid razr battery life is far worse than it was originally. I will not be a buyer of another droid no matter what the manufacturer claims.

  • mjt

    My phone keeps freezing and I have to force reboot. Keep getting a “home screen is not responding” message. Only had to force reset once before the update, now it’s about once or multiple times a day. And the keyboard seems a bit off.

  • dawn stichel

    I don’t like real jellybeans and I really hate this jellybean. Phone randomly dials a contact since update. Who’s bright idea was it to get rid of speed dial? I want my weather widget, my music and my gallery back . I don’t like the way my pics are displayed in files. Old way was more user friendly. Scrolling through pictures is backwards, now you scroll through in opposite direction. When I hit phone icon, it always defaults to dialer, instead of favorites where I always had it before update. Messed up my ringtone maker too.

  • Cheverro Savage

    That is crazy that many of you have issues with your phones. I had the DROID 4 and it ran better after the update. Smooth as butter. I have recently upgraded to the Nexus 4. For all of you crying about going to At&t and getting an iPhone, I suggest you all go to T-Mobile and grab a Nexus 4. At&t / T-Mobile run on the same spectrum anyway so you can get the Nexus on Google play and run to At&t if you prefer.

  • Shelly

    My husband and my RAZR lock up all the time now. Never had this issue prior to the update.

  • kbeem

    Horrible!! My phone no longer rings… it talks to me. How embarrassing!! All my contacts are no longer linked to FB. Increasing volume.. gone. This is my first smart phone and I was just getting used to it.. now its all different and not working well. Even the way you answer the phone has changed. PLEASE send us a fix soon!

  • Not a Google Fan

    We use 2 RAZR MAXXs in our house, both almost BRICKED!!! Used to love our phones, now almost useless, dorpped calls, apps not working – missing- , contacts totally taken over by Google, Thanks so much….. If you want Google to have access to EVERYTHING, maybe things would smooth out. Not happening here.

  • MWS032653

    Before the 4.1.2 upgrade I would receive sms notification through BT in my car. Now the SMS world in my radio is no where to be found. Talked with Kenwood,Verizon and Motorola. Kenwood said call Verizon. Verizon said call Motorola. Motorola denied any responsibility but finally agreed to have level 3 tech call me. Has been -3- days and all I have heard is that they didn’t have a call back number for me even though I gave the level 2 rep both my home and my cell. Hope they at least try to help or I’m off to Samsung or Iphone…


    I have a Droid 4 and it’s been awful since the upgrade. several of the keyboard functions don’t work or work intermittently, the camera app has the flash engaged all the time, the phone goes to sleep when I am in the middle of composing texts (not writing a book, I’m talking short texts) the SYM key doesn’t work AT ALL, calls drop… the list goes on. I absolutely hate it. i have been searching for ways to undo it (most of which involve forum posts like ‘MAYEBE YOUR PHONE SUX” or “IT’S JUST THE APPS JELLY BEAN IS THE BEST LOL” and other helpfulness) and all I have found is that I am far, far from alone.

  • Nick Fletcher

    No more GROUP TEXTING!!! I bought this phone for group texting and internet capabilitie. Somebody’s ass needs to be fired. Freakin Stupid.

  • jjdoll

    After the update my corporate email won’t connect to server. Help! It was working fine and now nothing!bi have tried everything. What do I do? It was working great before.

  • Pia West

    I have the Motorola Droid RAZR. I updated my phone about 2 weeks ago, after being advised by Verizon Tech Support. I thought everything was going well until I tried to send a group message, and the phone didn’t even recognize the group. I went to messages and composed a new message and tried to type the name of the group and it never displayed. So now I am forced to send individual messages to a mass amount of ppl. Also, alot of my widgets are gone and my alarm is playing this horrific beeping sound instead of the ringtone I’ve had for years, not to mention I no longer have the gradual volume increase. I miss ICS. My service has been less than desirable, my wi-fi does not pick up. I could be standing right beside my modem and my phone won’t pick up the signal. If I’m missing something, could someone please help. Otherwise another company will be getting my business.

  • Paul

    When in the course of modern events, it becomes necessary to customers to dissolve the commercial bands which have connected them to a supplier, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

    Motorola, supported by Verizon have:

    Shown a complete lack of respect for their customers:

    They have neglected the fact that the phones are OUR telephones and should be subject to some control by US;

    They have eliminated sleep mode and allowed only airplane mode which is less satisfactory;

    They have added numerous apps which are not appropriate on a phone which is used for business purposes;

    They have made it impossible to eliminate the unwanted apps by indicating, when you attempt to do so, that the removal will affect other apps without telling us which ones are affected;

    They have made it more difficult to connect to wi-fi networks that previously connected automatically, and;

    They have caused innumerable other difficulties specified in messages from others and have made it impossible to revert back to the last operating system.

    I, therefore, a very long term customer, pledge, that at the first opportunity, I will sever my relations with Motorola.

  • Andrew Roberts

    I have a Droid 4. Jelly Bean update has several glitches.

  • Mypalabbie

    My battery life has dropped immensely since the update? Any ideas???

  • John

    4.1.2 Jelly Bean works great on my Motorola Droid Razr but the phone powers off when docked at night

  • KC

    JB sucks. I use my RAZR Max for so much more than a phone. First thing I noticed was the screwed up keyboard, which I was able to change back. Many of my contacts are no longer joined nor does their picture appear in favorites. ALL ringtones that were assigned for callers, alarms, notifications and so on are no longer assigned. Today topped the cake when I discovered over 1000 pictures that once were in folders are now scattered to who knows where. We are talking hours if not days to straighten out. The folders no longer exists. As for Google plus, what is it supposed to do?? It disappears more than it stays on screen. My GPS can no longer find my house, when at my home the Google plus says I am 20 minutes away?? No override. I work construction at multiple job sites and once had current weather for each location, not any more! This software sucks!!! Find a way to take it off…

  • Crit1378

    Loved the RAZR until this update. Just recieved a replacement from Verizon without the jb update and its back to normal great phone and service. The update caused my screen to go black when I called anyone. Only way to disconnect the line was to take the sim card out. Also my wifi hotspot stopped working. Is there a way to not accept this update or switch back to the old Ics?

  • FLR

    Has anyone figured out how to get the widgets back on the phone? Like the weather one and the music player one?

  • Avei

    Agree with most of the comments. The Bluetooth tethering issue is a real problem although I use it only once in a while. Verizon now issues a message to call them when attempting to tether to bill $20/month. This is a direct violation of a consent agreement between Verizon and the FCC which cost VZ $1.25M and the agreed not to block/interfere with apps permitting tethering. FoxFi is also affected. I have asked VZ general counsel to require a rollback option for those unhappy with jb. I expect it will go nowhere, but if it doesn’t, the next step will be to file a formal complaint with the FCC which, if enough complaints are received, will get traction.

  • Ticked off

    Forced into the update. While I have not been very pleased with the phone overall since purchasing in Jan 2012, I’m surely not anymore. Jan 2012 my wife and I each chose the phone. Within a month she had been though 4 referbs on top of the $300 new and was given a full refund to replace it with another phone. Back to the update. Since the update my phone will not send text messages if wifi is on. Any attempt to use the internet and type into it results in no spaces between words and a mix of each word starting in caps. Generally if I use the Google search its all lower case and no spaces. Websites from the browser its each word starting in caps and no spaces. It will let you fix the problem but after you finish fixing it it will revert back to the problem input. Swype input works but generally is incorrect on the displayed word and requires a fix. Much much worse than before. While trying to backspace to delete a mistyped letter or such, I cannot just keep hitting back or hold it down. I have to tap the input block for each space I wish to go back. Otherwise, nothing happens at all. Going into the browser and to my bookmarks, the screen starts flashing and you can nearly not select your bookmark. The battery does seem to heat up faster than before and drain faster as well. Both a soft and hard restart were performed with no luck in fixing. I was sent a referb and started using it last night. Everything that was a problem before is still a problem. On top of that, if I do not turn the screen off after use, it will just stay on. It seems that I will just upgrade out of the Motorola with my extra line since I havent been pleased really since the get go. Rather irritated though that the update made my smartphone into a brick.

  • AdamDroid

    This upgrade completely broke my phone. Verizon has not helped at all. They denied any problems. The real issue is Verizon. I may look into the legal aspects of this….does it void my contract? Verizon must take responsibility. I have a phone warranty to boot and they still can’t offer me a working device.

  • OMG. It’s time we ALL call Verizon and speak to supervisors and file formal complaints. Did I miss the April 3rd update that folks mentioned. LOL. Ask for a refund for EVERY day that you’re dealing with this.

  • cdub22

    I’ve had some of the same issues listed below. namely the visibly shorter battery life, the loss of weather and sticky notes widgets, PLUS i can no longer take screenshots!?!? any suggestions on the screenshots?

  • not happy

    the update left my groups in tact but can no longer send group text messages from my groups list

  • Big Dog 88

    I would go back to ICS in a minute. I was having ZERO problems and since allowing the download a week ago it’s taken days to get my phone back toward the seamless functionality I’ve previously enjoyed. I should have continued to postpone the update indefinitely– which was a hassle in itself. Specifically what I’ve NOT yet been able to fix: My default e-mail account is loading ALL messages, 10+ at a time, from YEARS ago! Terrible waste of time and attention. And do I call VZN or MOTO or ??? More time wasted.

    IMHO the “Google Now” function is not an improvement over what I was using.

    If something ain’t broken, DON’T FIX IT !!

  • kc4sbd

    on my favorites contact list the pictures from facebook is gone, I hate it

  • Jason

    After JB update can’t connect to my home wifi.

  • Casey johnson

    I really hate this!

  • Wendy Young

    THIS UPDATE REALLY SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Since the update my phone will not send text messages if wifi is on. Any attempt
    to use the internet and type into it results in no spaces between words and a
    mix of each word starting in caps. Generally if I use the Google search its all
    lower case and no spaces. Websites from the browser its each word starting in
    caps and no spaces. It will let you fix the problem but after you finish fixing
    it it will revert back to the problem input. Swype input works but generally is
    incorrect on the displayed word and requires a fix. Much much worse than before.
    While trying to backspace to delete a mistyped letter or such, I cannot just
    keep hitting back or hold it down. I have to tap the input block for each space
    I wish to go back. Otherwise, nothing happens at all. Going into the browser and
    to my bookmarks, the screen starts flashing and you can nearly not select your
    bookmark. The battery does seem to heat up faster than before and drain faster
    as well. Both a soft and hard restart were performed with no luck in fixing.A lot of my apps are gone. motoprint is gone, chrome became the default browser.keeps asking me even though i chose one which browser to use playstore etc. a lot of my ringtones are now gone. sticky note gone which i used a lot. NOthing about the upgrade is good. wish I could revert it back.

  • Fidhle007

    I’m suffering a horrible decline in battery life since the OTA JB update. My “all day, all night” phone is now a “Half a day if I don’t use anything” phone…

  • Razr.user

    Tethering no longer works under this update… Now Verizon wants me to pay more for it, which is something I did have at no extra cost until the update.

  • So much fun!

    Droid Razr. Issues texting pictures since update. I spent an hour and half with Verizon support. Basically they had me hard reset the phone. I now have to reinstall all apps, email accounts, etc. It worked for a few days only. Now the texts won’t go through.

  • TB

    Can no longer use FoxFi/PDANet for mobile wi-fi hotspot. The PDANet site says not to upgrade to JB….. too late. 🙁

  • GKB

    Droid Razr user here. My e-mail hasn’t worked since update. Phone bugs out when call comes in and I’m on the line. On the phone over 4 hours between VZW Level 1 Tech Support, Cablevision Tech Support and VZW Level 2 Tech Support. Althought I mentioned issues arising since JB update, they made it sound like I was the only person to complain about issues. They are sending me a new (reman) phone because after all that, NOTHING!

    For giggles, I tried the Clear Partition outlined in great simple detail below and voila! It worked!
    Why the f¥@k didn’t VZW help me do that and save 4 hours of my life. They had me try the exact same thing like 20 times with the same results! I wonder what Albert Einstein would say about that? Lol!

    Thanks Mooch for posting the procedure!

  • James N

    I am also experiencing many little annoying problems with this Android jelly bean update nothing seems to be working the same in my Motorola Razr Maxx it is quite annoying. I really hope that Verizon and Motorola get together and resolve this issue because I’ll be bringing the $600 phone back to Verizon

  • Tamara

    I can not do my job now due to the fact I can no longer group text my students about events, etc. Weather widget is gone and no where to be found. Overall…it is awful!!!!!!! Makes my phone useless. The reason I got it in the first place no longer exists! This will be my last motorola! Spoke with a person at motorola and not helpful at all…says they can’t recomment a third party app for group texting but get one. None seem to work like the ability I previously had!!!!!! Frustrated to say the least

  • Don

    I also having a lot of problems since upgrade.My phone locks up ALOT and never before upgrade and my apps act weird and sometimes do not work at all. I wish I could have my phone back the way it was before the update.

  • Mr B

    it was not a good update for my razor maxx prefer to go back to prev operating system, gingerbread.

  • SkiPark

    The main issues for me are battery life is not as strong and the e-mail is very sluggish and non-responsive. I haven’t had the other issues (so far) that people have listed, but still very much regret okaying the update.

  • This new update sucks!!!!!! I used to love my Droid RAZR but now i just hate it. I thouhgt the whole idea about an update was to make it better..smh! I called motorola to tell them that its impossible to use my own music as a ringtone since i didnt like any of theirs, and they couldnt even help me. So what if you dont have a computer, how do you transfer files to your phone.
    Motorola had better do something about this new update because it’s a nightmare.

    • JoeMama

      You are quite clueless.

  • Michael Meyer

    No more text group texts available..contacts were separated and now I have 4 or more of each contact. No more timer feature. Power saving mode gone. Voice mail pin keeps saying my pin is wrong and then I have to dial again and then it works…speaker now has big echo….really disappointed at this time with the upgrade

  • toothlesshag

    Yes, this is a hot mess. First I noticed my widgets dissapeared, then I saw that my contacts are now all in my phone like 4 times. One for each piece of information! It should not be this difficult to call someone on my favorites list! I read somewhere that this may be a conflict between google contacts and android update?

  • icepick32

    i have the droid 4 and since the min it went in ive had massive problems. apps gone. ear volume when im on the phone is almost usless. weather alarm music note pad wifi is out. i had the phone 1 week and loved it. now its a waste.

  • Has anyone else noticed the update eliminated the Group Text message option? Seriously Motorola?

  • This might be a dumb question but, I see there is already a 4.2 version of Android. Why would VZ just now be upgrading phones to 4.1.2? Why not the 4.2 version, which would hopefully be better.

  • Grrrrrrrr…

    Before forced Jelly Bean “upgrade,” I had been happy with my Droid RAZR. Jelly Bean makes me very unhappy. Let me count the ways I noticed immediately.
    1. Runs hot.
    2. Battery life is greatly diminished. I could go all day without charging before JB.
    3. Lost one-button conference call ability. Now I have to memorize the 10-digit passcode for each call I attend.
    4. Can’t tell which received texts are unread as they all appear as read.
    5. Google Search is sluggish – it takes longer to use Swype on Google Search than it used to.
    6. Alarm no longer has escalating volume.
    I’m sad, so very sad.

  • jpajamas

    Bluetooth is hosed: Before 4.1.2, if I was using my bluetooth headphones and I got a call, the call would ring in my headphones; all audio was going through my bluetooth connected device. Now if I get a call and I’m on my headphones, the audio I am listening to switches to the speakers and plays loud while the call keeps trying to ring through my headphones! Why would they do this?? I may as well chuck the thing since I can’t have it blaring out my music in the office every time the phone rings.

  • Gary Norris


  • RAZR Trouble

    Ok, just wanted to add my 2-cents worth. Since I’ve owned the Droid RAZR I have been impressed with how fast and responsive it has been. Well at least that was the case until the 4.1.2 update. Since the update I have experienced the following symptoms:

    1) The User Interface crashes or locks up every 1-2 days
    2) The Weather App on my main screen has disappeared
    3) Text messaging locks up
    4) Sometimes the phone gets very hot for no apparent reason until I reboot it
    5) Email to Outlook 365 accounts stops communications randomly until I reboot
    6) Google Browser is very slow to even start, and slower still to bring up a web page
    7) Many apps “pause” immediately after they are launched, but then they respond
    8) The phone will sometimes not respond to keybord inputs or it will randomly type letters I don’t even touch.
    9) Sometimes Swype will not even register that my fingers have even moved and it will record only some letters I pause on, and usually adds random spaces

    Obviously the problem is related to the hardware or it is in the device specific drivers or configuration settings unique to the RAZR phones. It should be easy enough to compare what is different from other phones and backwards engineer the problems.

  • fix it now

    My RAZR has gone almost stupid since the job update text is all messed up and hardly any widgets work now I wish I could go back to ICS and enjoy my phone again hopefully they will get these bugs fixed quickly

  • Santa Monica Bob

    I swapped for a new phone because the Jelly Bean update made my first phone apps unusable. The second phone was updated and the apps were still crazy. So they sent me a third phone. So, now I get an “update software” alert everyday and I hope it doesn’t update all by itself. Can’t wait for the fix.

  • Jen

    My phone stopped vibrating after update. I had to have my brand new phone replaced with a “like new” phone that is also a piece of shit. It just has a mind of its own and dims for no reason when reading Web pages. I too experienced the removal of the increasing volume for alarm clock.. Music player… Weather widget.. Complete train wreck. So unhappy.

  • nini

    I hate the new upgrade. My phone has slowed down so much. I don’t like it and would like to get rid of it. Can I??

  • nini

    My phone I used to enjoy. My apps won’t work. Try don’t respond. My phone turns on and off at will. I loved the RAZR the way it was. Now I’m really pissed off. Its too damned slow… do something cus I’m going to chuck it soon….

  • carol

    I hate the update..I keep losing my data connection..I have even gone to the verizon store and they couldn’t fix it. My battery life is terrible now and I am having issues finding stuff … will they ever fix this?

  • UGH!!!

    I tried to connect to wifi on the Droid Razr, but never connects. Just drains battery trying to connect to it.

  • Mike

    Since the update my battery has gone from charging every third or fourth day to having to charge almost every day! The only reason I bought this phone was for the battery life! I think Verizon should take there crappy phone back and replace it with another one!

  • Mine is all messed up. From text messages with different names attached to totally wiping out id ring tones and messing with phone calls. Just another reason to STOP forcing it upon us. This is un-called for. I would like to know who is going to be libel when I lose a business deals over it? Looks like it’s time to go to the iphone. I will give another week and if not corrected or set back to what I had I will make the change. My living depends on it.

  • Update killed ph, alarm app gone but still ringing 6 am everyday, sd card unreadable, battery life is now cut in half,,,,,fatory reset phone put back what I had lost and used a recovery for sd card that had lost its tables …battery life still suck…..please fix on next update !

  • rousch6

    About 2 weeks ago I was wondering why my MAXX was as hot as fire. I found that my phone was updating to the “new” JB. I had previously updated to JB and loved it. Needless to say now I HATE it. I have been getting all kinds of errors. Having to delete apps and reinstall them. The biggest issue is the voice recognition software now SUCKS. I used to be able to use my bluetooth in my car and loved it. Now I call “DAD” and it calls “SUSAN”. How can I get rid up of the update and go back to the regular JB? Someone please help…

  • daverazruser ready for change

    before the update my battery would last the whole day, now the phone is on near constant charge, if I do not every AM the phone is dead!!

  • jb yuck!!

    The battery life is now so much shorter after the jelly bean update on my RAZR MAXX. I used to charge every two to three days. Now I need to charge by late afternoon. They should disclaim this problem on the fix so users can decide update or not. Who fixes things by taking away the most valuable asset of this phone???

  • mathews1

    I have a Droid Razr MAXX. I have been having all kinds of problems from the touch screen being fickle to the “Phone” interface being cumbersome to use. The speaker phone button and the Dial pad button also were moved to the other side of the screen. The device as a whole is slower and does not fuction as smoothly as it did before. The best thing that could happen is for the 4.1.1 version to be re-released to restore the phone to its former glory. It would also be nice to have the screen rotate on all fuctions or better yet allow the use to customize the apps that the screen will rotate. future builds should focus on user customization features for all screens and features on the phone… I will like to be able to “move” buttons on the Dial Pad and also “skin” the dial pad as well.. I think that the ability to rapidly make calls from the Call History List needs some work too. the Navigation software needs to be more advanced as well. They should take their lead from garmin on this one… one thing that the GPS can not seem to display is speed and altitude information as well has having a “North Up” setting so that the top of the screen is always north… I think in directions and much prefer a north up configuration over the Track up configuration where the map rotates around the vehicle position. I have been mostly impressed with the Android OS as it smokes Apple and Windows OS. I guess i can not understand why you would release updates that impair a device. I would think that programers would want to maximize the performance of any device it is installed on…

  • Touré Evelyn

    I really believe because Google bought out Motorola, that this update was just a way to replace all the preset apps like my music with the internet pod cast radio , gallery, mog, the alarm clock and its features, the list goes on, but all these apps were replaced with Google apps. The next reason I say that this was just an excuse to replace the Motorola apps is how they didn’t give us the latest version of JB 4.2.2, in order for us to still go out and buy the later phones and not fall into releasing the later version like apple does. Just my opinion, but out does look suspicious.

    • Sodomeyes

      That’s exactly what they’re doing.

  • larry

    I have been using a Droid Razr Maxx HD since they first came out. I just installed the latest Jelly Bean version, 4.1.2, and been using it for about a half day so far. I have not encountered any issues with it at all. I have been notified that I have apps that required updating and they went okay for me. No problem with loss of battery life. I can usually go about 3 days before recharging, unless I am using my phone as a hotspot and then need to in 2 days. If I notice any issues, which so far I have not encountered any, I will follow up on this posting.

  • kw

    worst thing ever ! screen will not sleep automaticaly no matter what the settings are service drops calls and wont let me access the webi now regret buying motorola product

  • zilla

    the phone was awesome and now it blows. slow internet, slow to switch screens, slow to search, i have to double tap icons for them to load up…these are just a few problems, among many….I want a new phone cuz this one blows. Android better fix this ASAP

  • Bitsy

    Whenever I try to post or send a message on Facebook the first letters of each word all come out in caps, and the auto space option doesn’t work. Does anyone else have this issue?

    • Touré Evelyn


  • SS

    I used to charge my RAZR about once week, and now since the update I have to charge it every day. I discovered that it had turned back ON the wi-fi searching and my gps which of course add to the battery drain. But I’ve turned those back off and it is still draining my phone battery in less than 2 days. I don’t use my phone to make calls or play music or any other power-draining activity. About 20 texts a day, looking up 4 web addresses a day, and receiving about 30 emails a day is the total activity of the phone and yet it dead the next day..

  • want fix now

    my phone is sluggish and my battery doesnt last as long as it used to. i used to be able to go an entire day without even getting to the warning level now im lucky if the phone doesnt die on me before i go to bed.

  • AndyAndrew

    Should have checked this last night before I gave in to the warnings to upgrade! On the positive side the music player does not leave gaps between songs which has always annoyed me about the previous version! On the negative I cannot switch off the keypad vibrate when keying in SMS messages. The new clock feature is slightly annoying. Not found any other problems yet but am sure I will!!

  • VagrantCoyote

    Just upgraded last night and my Razr V is insanely slow. It is far slower than my old Galaxy single core phone that is 3 years old. Completely unacceptable, DO NOT UPGRADE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE!!!!!!

  • wonder if Motorola really tested out the update before releasing to public..

  • Come on Now

    The new update has seriously messed up my text messaging. It keeps the green arrow like it is still sending. Sometime it does send and other times it doesn’t. I can no long hold down the search button for voice commands which is very frustrating. The alarm app is frustrating and my phone does annoying things when I am trying to make calls. The update also cleared out some of my apps like accuweather. I wish they would fix it soon! Does anyone else have problems with the voice recognition just not working sometimes?

  • mike

    Since upgrading to jb from ics stock calendar no longer works. I can’t add a new event from the phone. google sync says it is not working either.

  • anthony regalado

    The upgrade is horrible. The voice recognition for voice dialing is terrible, the voice text is improved however when I send a text the green send arrow make take 2-3 minutes to disappear before text is sent. When I click on the voice google it says initializing for quite some time before I can do a voice search. I want this upgrade out of my phone.

  • My DroiD Razr IS Acting Very Strange Indeed Once I Make A Call I Can Not Ever Hang Up, The Screen Does Not Work What So Ever

  • I’ve got the droid bionic and I’ve noticed that I’m not getting the same rfecetion as before. I had a full set of bars in my office, now nothing. This sux!

  • dharma

    now I no longer have the time and the weather viewing. I have to download an app!!! And the apps I have found, all drain the battery at a rapid rate.

  • randolf mayhem

    I agree the “clock” app now instead of the alarm app is not as good. Plus there is no timer feature anymore either. I also lost the built in weather app it was removed with the update.

    WORST PROBLEM– my wireless connection no longer works from my home. Verizon told me I need to buy a new router or way for update. Said my router is too old for current update. Very frustrating… should not have to buy a router for an update I had to receive …version does not give a choice with updates.

  • softtail

    this sucks , my wife is flipping out, apps missing, browser wont respond to touch correctly. Ready to throw it in the lake.

  • Sarah Jones

    i am just wondering if anybody elses suggestions on the bottom of the screen are gone, ive only had my droid 4 for a little over a month and everything seemed fine until 4.1.2. update. sometimes my suggestions work and sometimes they dont, is there anything i can do to make them stay on…something i am doing maybe that i dont know about. this is so annoying….look at this paragraph….no capitals no grammar…never had to do it manually before. wtf

  • roborbobb

    The alarm clock doesn’t support wave or music any longer, only a few obnoxious buzzers! What a flat tire.

  • B. Gibson

    So far my biggest issue, I cannot send or receive picture texts. I received the update 04/20/13. I loved my droid RAZR prior to the update.

  • Mikel

    Well I have the alarm issue also where the volume no longer can increase. 1 thing that is fixed though compared to ICS is that the car dock for my Bionic when you hit either escape or home buttons takes you back to the car dock home which ICS broke by sending you to the phones home instead!

  • Samantha

    I can no longer put widgets on my home screens. Long press only yields a screen asking about wallpaper… widgets aren’t even an option now.

  • William

    My batter lasts 6 hours tops. That’s with data turned off, no browsing, no GPS, and very limited testing and maybe one 10 minute phone call if my son does call. I charge my phone all night and used to be able to use it all day, tethered Tony laptop wireless and still have power at night to go out and not worry. Now, if I don’t charge it at work, my battery will be dead an hour into my evening at the gym, dinner or just running around. This is horrible. How did this get past Quality Assurance people? We cant be the only Guinea Pigs.

  • Phantom240

    I’ve noticed since the JB update:
    1) Wifi has been sketchy, even with my brand new router. No, it’s not one that isn’t supported either
    2) The phone has gotten slower
    3) It gets stupid hot.
    4) Swype now wants to capitalize EVERY word when I’m trying to leave comments on websites, forums, etc.
    5) The stock JB keyboard is horrible, honestly. The autocorrect is too inconsistent.
    6) The “Alarm” app was fantastic for setting timers and such for cooking and naps. The “Clock” app sucks for this.
    7) JB installed Chrome. The native browser works MUCH better than any other mobile browser I’ve tried.
    8) Google Now is annoying. Whenever I search for directions on my PC at work, it pops up with navigation on my phone. I realize I can turn this off, but unless I search for a location on my phone, don’t push it TO my phone.
    9) Battery drains much faster.
    10) Screen won’t automatically adjust brightness anymore, even with the option enabled. Sucks to get a text in the middle of the night and get BLINDED by the screen at max brightness.

  • Paul Pacheco

    droid razr:
    alarm issue with increasing volume.
    alarm/clock now takes more keypresses to set alarm
    one of my “notes” apps disappeared and thus all info saved in said notes app.
    battery life has been horrid since update. android O/S taking most all of the battery

  • Not Happy

    I have a Droin Bionic. It tried to update for 4 days but kept getting hung at 0% percent. I went by the Verizon store and they reset phone and the update started. No more than 15 mins into it the update hung at 69%. I went through the same procedure as the Verizon store and the update finally completed. NOW, I can’t get my ringer to work. If someone calls it either rings once or not at all. I stopped by Verizon to see what they could do. They reset the phone but it only worked for one call.
    Back to Verizon I go.
    Not happy

  • Scott Switalski

    I have always bragged about my service with Verizon.And I loved my Razr Maxx. No dropped calls, no wifi or problems with coverage/data. Now I have problems daily. I hope there’s a fix soon. _ Scott S.

  • Bummed but still love my Razr

    Dial pad quirky after update. I have to try two or three times to get my own voicemail as it keeps telling me I’m putting in the wrong code!

  • Ever since the update almost everything freezes, most annoyingly the home screen. i often have to restart the phone entirely, usually with facebook and the home screen. They better fix this soon!

  • OMG, I am so frustrated…. got my update this morning, and now I’m not getting ANY notifications from ANY app on my phone. Chatted with a Motorola person online, went through the whole clean cache thing, still nothing… *ugh* This sucks. They said I need to call their level 2 technical support people and I ain’t got time for that tonight, I guess on to it tomorrow.

  • Sue Turner

    Don’t like new update 98.72.16 on my Motorola razor. How do I uninstall it and get my phone back to the way it was?

  • TVismylife

    I use my Razr Maxx to play music quite a bit – but ever since this update, I have not been able to use any player (either the installed 2 or any from the market) successfully. Additionally, my phone has been a big dog. Slow, sluggish, apps don’t open or close right, I’ve even had calling fail completely – took 2 reboots to be able to take or receive calls. Playlists are unavailable in Smart Actions. Calls drop for no reason (with full bars). Ugh! Verizon, I implore you, take away this horrible jelly bean and give us something that works – PLEASE!

  • shamrocks7627

    I have a RAZR M and its going haywire since the update… how and when will the new update fix this…option for MMS video has completely disappeared..has anybody else experienced this

  • Joanne

    I downloaded the newest software update this past weekend (April 19). Since then, my phone (Motorola Droid Bionic) has become sluggish, and typing is delayed. When trying to edit text, the curser doesnt line up correctly. I am hoping for a fix to be released very soon. This latest update is the worst one yet.
    Very disappointed.

  • Mike

    This update has caused several changes to my Droid Bionic as well. So far there hasn’t been a single update to this phone that has added functionality I don’t use without removing that which I do use.

  • ugh

    I have a Droid Bionic and also have issues with the update. the previously convenient search function and voice commands are now worthless. I used to simply press and hold the search button and say “text Jane hello exclamation point“ and it would automatically create a text message that says “hello!” Now, I press and hold the button and wait… and wait… until finally a search bar appears which requires me to then act again. now I have to call my phone by name and then wait and wait for the phone to then open the mic. THEN like the lame Apple Siri I now address my phone and say “Google… text Jane hello exclamation point” and it will eventually create a message for Jane that says “hello” or ” hello exclamation point”. My calendar now won’t let mgr enter events from the ” month“ view. and a number of other bugs that make the update a waste.

  • Ron Thomas

    Jerry Bean ruined my Moto Maxx phone, nothing works…….. i am going back to AT&T and will never use Verison again, the fucking speaker only works half the time and now Jelly Bean totally wrecked my phone

  • bren

    I have a Motorola Droid 4 and my cursor is wacko. You can’t control it to make corrections. Selecting text to copy and paste is a nightmare. The caps lock on the slide out keyboard very seldom works nor does the shift key work unless you hold it down with one hand while typing the capital letter. Difficult to long press a photo to save. A few other quirks but they are very minor. My notifications are very sketchy at coming through since the upgrade.

  • I have a droid Razr and loved it when it used ICS. But the Jelly bean update is a major POS. My phone hangs all the time apps just stop responding the phone spontaneously reboots. Just one big issue after another. I will be eligible for update in January I see an Iphone 5 in my future.

  • Almost

    hey, i just want to thank everyone here for saving me a headache. i was about to buy a Droid 4 because i wanted a phone with a physical keyboard and jelly bean. after reading all the upgrade problems everyone is having HELL NO!

  • psychotap

    NOT LIKING IT!!!! Droid Razr was a great phone till this.

    I have had numerous problems since the forced upgrade to Jelly Bean. I have been able to resolve or work around some, but these are still maddening:

    Voicemail notification: Nope! I cannot get notifications of voicemails even though I have set it notify me. When I do get around to checking it for some reason, the icon always reports “0 Voicemails,” although there may be several, and sometimes they have been important and time-sensitive.

    Alarms: What happened to gradually increasing volume? I hate being awakened by noise blaring next to my head.

    Music for ringtones? Jelly Bean took that away too, but fortunately I found an app that allow me to do it.

    The apparently cute little Jelly Bean picture things that do something? I don’t know what it is they do because I haven’t seen them. Unfortunately, aside from Bean Flicker, they seem to be unavailable on Droid Razr. Flicking beans across a screen became wearisome after a while, so I don’t use it. Too bad, too, because I read somewhere that these were supposed SO COOL that we’d forget about all the functionality we lost.

    Apparently I’ve licked my wounds enough that they’re bleeding much any more. I have resigned myself to this situation and giving up on the other things that I used to like about my phone. I have not, however, forgotten what a fiasco this has been.

    But I might forgive them if they’d make it right.

    • psychotap

      Oh, yeah, I forgot speed dial. It seems to have been replaced with little app-sized icons you can paste here and there and hope you see the tiny little letters well enough to press the right one. Pressing a big number block on the phone screen was, what? Too simple?

      The upgrade from GB to ICS, while inconvenient, was in fact much less disruptive than this.

      – John Deppel: please tell me what I should plan on losing if I do wipe the cache, and how is that going to make my life easier?

  • OhGodWhy O_______O

    My room mate has the same phone as I, and fortunately, I was able to warn her not to update her razr maxx. Mine however, is completely useless, except as an unreliable clock. Features such as text, talk, type, and any apps are stopping and causing the phone to really piss me off. Not something I wanted when I bought a four hundred some odd dollar phone. Get to work MOTOROLA, I have never been disappointed in one of your products before, let’s not start now.

  • PM

    I have a problem that hasn’t been mentioned before. On my new Razr Maxx,during a call my phone starts dialing. I noticed that, when it does this, the dial pad is visable (which it wasn’t before on my old Razr). I am thinking that because the dial pad is visabel my cheek is touching the dial pad and dialing the phone.

  • Chad

    I have a motorola droid 4 and it did really screw it up. You cannot rename photos, you cannot put photos in seperate albums, your keyboard does not dunction right (example is the shift key does not lock for just one letter like it should, you have to hold it to make it work. Really screws up the keyboard functions, you cannot edit photos in any way like you are supposed to, it types really slow, drops calls and alot more! PLEASE FIX THIS A.S.A.P.

  • Jelly Bean Hater

    I absolutely LOVED my maxx when I first purchased it…

    Since the jelly bean update EVERYTHING has gone wrong with this phone. I’ve already had it replaced and still nothing. All I want is the ICS software back. But, unfortunately, once you download jelly bean – there is no going back…not even with a factory reset.


    1) If you have an older router – you’re doomed. After the update I am no longer able to connect to wifi at home. Everywhere else my wifi works beautifully, but the one place I am at the most it is incompatible. I’ve called Verizon – they were puzzled so they put me through to Motorola. Motorola didn’t have any answers for me so they told me someone would contact me within 2 business day (basically, “I don’t know what to tell you, so just deal with it”). They said a few people have recently complain about the same issue, and it was something to do with the router. SO we called our internet provider and they said we had to purchase a newer router that is compatible with the new software update.

    I’m sorry, but this notification was pushed to me through Verizon – and the problem resides with Motorola so WHY on earth do I have to pay for a whole new system. Are you seriously going to tell me that everyone who has an older router is not going to be able to connect and their only option is to spend about $100 more dollars on a new router to fix the problem??? This is just ridiculous.

    2) Battery Life – after paying a large amount more for a phone that is supposed to have a VERY long lasting battery life (and has, mind you before this update) I am really disturbed that a simple update – that truly has only enhanced a few features and removed other features/apps/etc. that worked beautifully – has completely taken the “amazingly long lasting battery life” of this phone and made it no different than any other phone on the market. Another waste of my money. I LOVED this phone for the simple fact that I could use it moderately (I’m not one to be on thousands of apps, streaming or downloading lots of items simultaneously or anything like that – I check face books maybe 2-3x a day, emails about same amount, and text/call) and the battery life lasted for DAYS without charging.

    Since this new update, the phone takes FOREVER to charge – and just yesterday went from a full charge to 10% in 2 hours…and I only text maybe 5 msg total and didn’t use it for anything else (I mean I just woke up and barely had breakfast). AND yes I have the setting destroy activity on all apps once user leaves the app because I don’t want a bunch of apps running in the background. Then, once I plugged it in at 5% battery remaining, it took over 6 hours just to get to 70% (and yes I tried other chargers to be sure the – brand new – charger wasn’t the problem). Then with in about an hour of very abnormally light use it was back to 10%.

    3) Widgets and Apps: Expect to lose a lot of these, and if there exists a replacement do not expect the same cool features with the replacement (i.e., the default alarm and timer app no longer exists; it was replaced by google clock which does function the same as the alarm but you no longer have to option of setting your music as your alarm sound…instead you have to choose from about 7 very basic annoying sounds). The weather widget is also gone…amongst other apps/widgets I used often and really liked.

    4) Downloads: A few of the apps I downloaded after the update had serious problems…I thought it may just be the app but friends had it and didn’t experience a single problem. A few apps would crash a ridiculous amount of times…and some wouldn’t even run without first crashing – and often I couldn’t use them because they’d continue to crash. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but that did no good.

    A few of the apps went as far as doing their own thing – they would finish downloading, I’d open them to use them, and their would have multiple pop-ups which caused automatic downloads of other random apps all over my phone (i.e., one application, upon opening it downloaded about 10 other random apps with it all over the screens of my phone).

    This update has been the most frustrating experience. There isn’t really a whole lot enhanced from what I’ve seen myself and what I’ve read about the update. Not enough to make the waiting period of the bug-fixs worth it. I’m now over my data – w over charges because I’m unable to connect to my wifi here at home where I spend a majority of my time.

    VERY disappointed with this update and am counting on a fix SOON. Nothing could be soon enough. This is BS. I will have spent well over $600 btwn my phone, accessories, new routers, replacements, etc before this update is available.

  • Dooinstuff

    This update looks like it was programmed by someone who does not use this phone! Does anyone test these things before general release?

  • chas

    This new version sucks. I am having problems with all apps and features. Today I got late for work because my alarm didn’t work. Whenever I try to Google something keypad don’t show up. Nothing works even having problem with home screen not responding. Feel like throwing the phone away.

  • Lost pics and video when the upgrade insisted it needed to be installed. other things went wonky too, but those are the major disappointments.

  • Laura Monteros

    My Razr M has frozen five times in six days. Once it just turned off; the
    other times, it rebooted itself. Does not seem to correlate with a JB
    update. Each time, I was using a different app, so it is not related to
    one app in particular. Twice I did notice that an update to one app was
    in the queue.

  • jt

    “the screen widgets are not receiving updates no more”…

  • Heather La Savage

    I was Avoiding the JB update because the ICS update Trashed 3 Motorola Droid Razors. I tried adding a new contact last week and nothing. So I call Verizon to get a Quick Fix & Instead got the Jelly Bean update and a Phone that Sucks! I lost widgets, no Real Big Deal??? I Lost over 1500 Photos! Maps now is Clussless & No Longer Speaks. Keeps Searching for my location???? Battery Drain is CRAZY & my phone heats up. NONE of my Apps work right & I Lost My Weather/Clock. So I talked to Motorola and they Claim they know of NO Issue s?? Oh, did I mention I Lost my WiFi and had to have my wireless provider come out and replace my No Longer Supported Router/Modem?? Volume has Detiorated and Alarms and Calendar sounds are Absent! Also, They Took Away Film Roll in Camera App plus Video can Only be done in HD. Pictures are niw in 5 Separate Folders and I cant see what the pictures are orwhen they were taken. IM SICK & DISGUSTED BEYOND WORDS!!!I plugged USB to Laptop & Found some of my Photos Scattered about BEHIND the JB OS? That’s the ONLY way to Try to Locate LOST stuff!! Transfered it to laptop & will try to move it back when New? Used phone arrives. I’m So sick of this BULLSHIT That Im leaning STRONGLY if favor of Leaving Verizon All together! I also lost 4 more days of MY Life that I can Never Get Back!!! This is my 7-8 th RAZR in about 10 months & Now Verizon has to send me Another new Referbished piece of Crap!! AVOID THIS UPDATE at ALL Costs for as Long as Possible or You Too Might what to Throw Your phonLeanine at Some bodies Head!!! You’vebeen warned!!!

  • Bunnie6272

    I was loving my Droid SO MUCH until that update…now Im VERY UPSET!!!

  • Bunnie6272

    Oh yeah and the alarn increase I LOVED IT but they took that away Grrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!

  • driod user

    I have noticed that the new update drains the battery super quick and a coworker of mine has the same phone also has the same issue. Droid RAZR m

  • SkyGuy

    The new Jelly Bean on my RAZOR has resulted in me getting many “Message not received” notifications. Text messages I use to receive flawlessly now say “Message Size 1K (or 30 K) Expires [date & time]. DOWNLOAD or REJECT” I don’t know what this means and am missing many text messages.

  • robert

    Waiting for the fix, I have the same issues with my new razr HD

  • punkin227

    I have all of the symptoms described in your article on a RAZR Max. Boo jellybean!

  • Kevin

    I hate this update. It is like I have a completely different phone. If the phone had worked this way in the store I would not have purchased it. Something needs to be done from a legal perspective. When they change the OS they are changing the functionality of the device.The consumer has no recourse.

  • Michael Hicks

    Voice to text is gone. When I try using it it goes to Google search screen.
    when I use voice dialing she really gets it wrong, call Mark cell comes back and dials Tim.
    What the heck…

  • Lauren Lost

    They removed my ability to edit my “Alarm and Timer” app from ICS, but the alarm is still there. It still goes off, i still have to dismiss it, but i can no longer edit the alarm or disable it. This is totally separate from the double twist alarm that jellybean came with. Anyone know how to get to the old alarm?

  • Shawn

    TheUpdateHasCreatedSoManyProblems. JustLookAtTheTyping. TheScreenDoesn’tRotateAnymore. ThePhonE Is AMess


    i have no voice dialing or typing. In car dock mode it prompts for text message to say listen to here text. this no longer works. this did not start immediately after upgrade but has getting more corrupt as time goes by. very frustrated.

  • J Marino

    My phone has gone from being my best convenience to being a major handicap. I have two email address one of which is gmail and neither of them connects to my phone now and I have to try to manually open them which doesn’t always work. Not good in today’s business world where everything is through digital communication and email is the usual SOP for everything.. Also the living wallpaper is no longer living which is not such a bit deal but still annoying. The most annoying though is the constant battery drain.

  • Konrad Kern

    Can’t group text, battery life getting sucked dry quick, etc. terrible update for my droid. fix?????

  • 3G RAZR

    I have not been able to connect to 4g since the update. I have spoken with Verizon and gone through every fix. New SIM card, factory resets, etc. No luck. I pay for unlimited data and now only get 3G. This is completely unacceptable. Their only answer is to send me a refurbished phone. They break my phone and then I get a refurbished replacement. Totally unacceptable. After being with Verizon for over 6 years I guess it is time to move somewhere else.

  • Chelsea

    I had so many ridiculous problems with this damn phone that I sold it and bought an iPhone. This shit was ridiculous and I will never buy another Android/Motorola product again.

  • annoyed

    I have a Droid Razr 4.1.2 I have noticed my email no longer syncs and I cannot reset the timing for a sync. It says the sync is turned off and it cannot be turned back on. I must manually refresh my email and get no notifications of new emails.

    The volume of my phone calls is very, very low. Even turned all the way up I can hardly hear the caller and they cannot hear me.

    I also can no longer voice to text (?) It says “ready” but then does not recognize that I have spoken.

  • In charge of choosing Android

    Since the upgrade, when I press the voicemail icon, I get a lengthy “Please Wait – Signing In” message that always results in “New Voicemails (0),” even when new voicemails have been received. This has caused me to miss some important messages. I wonder what Android’s thinking was.

  • cmjohnson26

    Droid Razr Maxx is sluggish since the update, but most frustrating thing is that my bluetooth audio streaming no longer functions in my new 2012 highlander. Prior to the update I could stream Pandora, IHeart Radio, Tunein Radio, all of my music apps. After this update I can only stream music via Google music play. Contacted Motorola, they are aware of the issue, but I have to wait until the next software update. My workaround right now is either playing my music apps directly via an auxiliary input or using one of my Jabra car kits(cruiser 1 or cruiser 2) with the FM transmitter.

  • David

    It isnt only the Razor. I have a Droid Bionic and ever since the update my keyboard does strange things. I have noticed other apps acting weird also.

  • kenewport

    Maybe on purpose to force people out of old plans and into new phones. Just saying it’s not beyond their scheming,

  • meln353

    Is there ANY news on when the patch is coming. This really made me phone horrible and I can’t do a factory reset because they took away the ability to back up your calendar from the phone (which mine was set to default save to) to Google. Much longer and Motorola is going to be buying me a Samsung galaxy!

  • serg

    I purchased my new motorola RAZR i the last week; 4.0.1 ice cream sandwich. and i updated to jelly bean 4.1.. in the past day. So, now i have some problems; my widgets take about 9-11 second to load, some of my contacts(all) are gone; only the emergency contact are intact. the pattern password gone crazy; sometime work and sometime don’t.

  • animal

    I have a Droid bionic and have issues since I got the update. Text messages won’t go and drops calls.

  • Bob M

    So much for the new phone I was bragging about. Luckily I still have my old Samsung. It was slow, but at least it worked.

  • Frustrated

    My razr maxx has become A NIGHTMARE since the jelly bean update. My sticky notes (with all my important info I needed to have saved) is GONE. My voice text feature no longer works. The text keyboard continually changes the words I type to WHATEVER it “thinks” I should type. And now I get notifications EVERY TIME I receive an email (which is NOT how I set it up) and I am currently still on the phone (1 hour and 17 min. into this desperate phone call) trying to get these notifications turned off- and Verizon transferred me to Motorola, because neither one of them have been able to fix the problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM GOING CRAZY DEALING WITH ALL THESE PROBLEMS!!!!!!!!

  • disappointed

    Voice commands using the new Google interface is the worst I’ve seen. Not only does it pull up the incorrect person in your contact list to call, it actually calls that incorrect person without asking you to confirm. Considering a jump to Windows or iPhone.

    Also, while typing this comment, may type a letter and nothing happens then all of sudden many letters appear. Hangs hangs hangs. Very frustrating.

  • Mike

    Droid 4 is now unusable except for web. No voice signal. Cannot make or receive voice calls or texts. The only thing working is wifi. Phone is used for business. This is unacceptable. No option but to switch to iPhone?? Cannot “wait for update” that fixes the update. Much more not working including fast draining battery & shift key not functioning.

  • Shawn

    My droid bionic is doing the same thing. Screen twitches dropped calls. Can’t use hotspot anymore !

  • niki911nj

    My droid razr max is a paperweight after the 4.2.1 update… nothing is working properly

  • Jeffrey Snaapz

    After the update: Vibrate for all alerts (Text or Facebook notification) is stuck ON. Even when unchecked in settings it still vibrates…

  • PO’d

    My Droid Razr keeps on restarting. Once it’s on I try to text or use an app and 15 seconds later, it turns off again. This update ruined my phone, I can’t use it at all.

  • Will Martin

    I have a Droid 4 and I have notice the only problem is now with the physical keyboard. After this update I can no longer type a colon or semicolon. Is anyone else having this problem?

  • Burnitdwn7

    Seriously considering going to the iPhone because of all the problems I’ve been having. My biggest problem is my text messages. I’ve had to resort to using Facebook, emails and Instagram to talk to people. 95% of the time I can’t tell if a message has gone through and if it has, I still get notification that it hasn’t. I keep changing the texting app in hopes one will work but after a while, the same problem comes up and I find myself highly pissed off. My apps keep freezing as well….. I keep looking to see if they have done anything to fix this and I haven’t read one thing about there being a fix anytime soon. Is there any word on if they are going to fix this? I delayed upgrading this phone for as long as possible until one day it did it on its own.

    Reading all the comments about how unsatified people are, I don’t understand why there hasn’t even been a disclaimer put out in regards to this.

  • I am getting so sick and tired of my phone rebooting anywhere from 6-12 times per day since the update. I can be in the middle of an important phone call and it will even do it, or it will just be sitting on my desk charging or in my pocket and it will randomly reboot. Not to mention it is sluggish, drains the battery on my maxx and the direction on my navigator is completely off. Says I’m going forward, but the screen is sideways. I am NOT happy with this update!!!

  • taleki

    I have the Motorola Droid Razr and received the dreaded Jelly Bean upgrade. GPS no longer works at all. I can’t have WiFi on if I want to make a call anymore. The phone used to be conference call friendly, where I could have the conference number and passcode in the invite, and when I dialed the conference number, it would then popup a message with the passcode and when I clicked OK, it would then enter the passcode. This is essential for a business phone. Not any longer. I now have to enter the passcode manually. What a pain. The new widgets for email and contacts are a joke. The email widget does not recognize subfolders in my Inbox. I can’t believe they did not test this upgrade for a corporate environment. I used to like this phone, now I can’t wait to get rid of it. Thanks Verizon for upgrading my phone to pretty much being useless.

  • Danget

    4.1.2 significantly slowed down all aspects of my Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx HD, especially task switching. Apps generally work okay, but memory management by the operating system seems to be miserable. Most noticeable is coming out of standby – this used to be seamless/instant, but now it stutters horribly and can’t even keep up with entering my security code.

    On a somewhat related note, the Google Search system app crashes frequently, its images feature never stops loading and neither lets you open the web page or save the image, and links to other apps like YouTube sometimes do not work at all.

    In general, I was much happier with my phone before this lousy excuse for an update.

  • docthu

    I purchased the droid Razr Maxx but it keeps on restarting it self i can even use can anyone help me out

  • Arthur Z.

    I just got this update automatically pushed to my Dried Bionic Phone this morning & will never install another system update before reading about it online. Motorola should be sued for the tremendous damage they are causing by NOT performing any QA on these forced updates. I cannot even make a call with my phone, God forbid if I had to call 911 as I am unable to do so should an emergency arise. I can’t view my contacts or the dialer or even launch many Apps system or installed such as text messaging or even the System Settings. I may call my attorney come to think of it as I am self employed and this is unacceptable as it affects my income directly!!!

  • Dave

    Yes, JB has wrecked my phone’s usefulness.
    The loss of so many widgets that I use is annoying, but there are work-arounds out there with 3rd party aps (not as nice as having all the info easily accessed on the widget, but it works).

    The worst is the Wifi. I can’t get on wifi at all in some places now (appears to be linked to DSL modem/routers). That kills me at my Uncle’s, which is in the woods and also has no data service to begin with.
    Even on broadband routers, like I have at my house, anytime the wifi is active, the phone is so laggy its almost useless.

    I literally have a 2 second lag from touching the messaging icon to the message screen popping up, then another 2-3 seconds until the messages load. Always. Worse on wifi.

    Unread messages don’t always highlight. *That’s* gotten me in trouble a few times.

    Deleting a conversation doesn’t delete the conversation right away. Or always. Sometimes you have to do it 3 – 4 times while waiting a few minutes in between to see if its really gone.

    Going back to the home screen, I get a blank screen for half a sec, then icons with no background or color, then each populates individually.

    Google clock is fine instead of alarm, except the lack of increasing volume sucks. That was handy. The timer was handy, as well. And setting alarms is too many touches. I don’t need a giant, full-screen clock when I launch the app. its a phone. I have that on locking it. Or on the tray.

    Notifying me that everything on my sticky-notes was going away would have been nice. Luckily I put everything important in colornote.

    Frankly, I think Google Now is useless. Its not giving me any functionality that I didn’t already have. Speech-to-text worked. Voice searches worked. And the extra stuff it gives you is nice, but if you’re using your phone properly and efficiently, you already have that at your fingertips. Most of the time, its telling me things that I don’t want to know, care about, or are too late. It tells me I have an extra 10 minutes on my commute home from work…once I’m at the door to my house. Thanks for the tip.

    Chrome was the only useful part of JB, and I’m willing to bet I could get that stand-alone on the App Store, *IF* I could go back to ICS, which is impossible without a root and a ROM. I’m almost to the point where I’m considering the option.

    Thanks, Verizon. The one time I break my rule of not getting the new IOS until I’ve let it stew for a few weeks and read the feedback, I regret it.

  • MaryS

    I HateThis Update. My Camera FlipsUncontrollably Between VerticalAndHorizontal View. KeyboarD Not Functioning Properly. Capitalizes EverY Word And Does Not Space Between Words Automatically. Also RotateScreen Doesn’t Work On The Net.

  • Rick Taylor

    It just aint the motorola its turned into a piece of crap it has also ruined the samsung g2 model sch-r760

  • DEM

    My calendar does not work. It is frozen in place, showing only the dates I put an event in, no others, and I cannot add or delete anything. My clock/alarm definitely isn’t working properly. Also, the songs I downloaded to use as ringtones and alarms have disappeared.

  • Droidcry

    I want my music ringtone and photo contact assignment back. My ringtone changes on every other phone call and my pictures no longer show up with the contacts I set them with. I am very disappointed in Motorola this time around. I really like my phone. Just please HURRY UP WITH THE FIX ALREADY PLEASE… Thank you for your time.

  • BPops

    Lost my home wifi after Jelly Bean upgrade. After jumping through all the Verizon hoops, I realized that the problem was compatibility with my modem. Went to Verizon Chat for another stab at it today. They don’t even deny it now, they just say contact Motorola…can you say “class action”?
    I saved the transcript of the Chat, but not enough room here…

  • remns07@gmail.com

    My symptoms were; The Voice-Mail showed (0) but I found out there were three sitting there. I had one time when someone showed they sent a text where I did not get it. Others asked why I did not reply to text as well. Also, there is a loud squelch when I call someone, prior to the initial ringing. The most annoying is that intermittently, when texting, the key I press will pick up the other keys in the same row or column as the key pressed, and enter that into the text message, requiring a phone reboot to resolve.

  • Zimram

    I cannot do bluetooth tethering with the 4.1.2 update. Claims I need to sign up to Mobile Hotspot/Mobile Broadband Connect from Verizon for $29.95/mo. This is such BS! I have tethered my bluetooth device to my phone for last few years. And now it won’t tether. Now my $400 bluetooth device is useless.

  • dan

    JB has ruined this phone….test the software before u deploy it dumass.

  • Bummer.

    Same here; no more voice dialing, rendering “hands free” bluetooth use obsolete…and my once mighty RAZR maxx battery life has been greatly diminished. The menu key operates sporadically, sometimes working, often not, but usually functions again after a restart. My widgets and icons occasionally have fits and start blinking, and the browser navigation features are definitely a step in the wrong direction. Q&A? Testing? Hello? WTF? This was the best phone I’d ever had, until this update relegated it to the “what a pain in the @$$ category”. Ouch.

  • Trent chambers

    i have a droid razr. loved my phone prior to jb 4.1.2. 2 days after the update rolled out the network signal was dropping constantly. the phone rebooted itself foe no reason. the next day it worked alright in the morning. after a couple hours of use it went into a reboot loop. it would reboot, once loaded i would have about 2 minutes to flip through setfings to find that all of the device info, id meid etc etc were unknown, network state unknown, no connection. then it would reboot over and over. other than this the phone was in mint condition. i called verizon, telling them about the phone. they said it was a faulty phone and would send a replacement phone from the manufacturer at no cost. fine. they did and i sent my phone back. so i get my new phone back on track. a week or so later. they send me an email saying theyre gonna charge $299 because my old phone had damage not cause by electrical and junk. see pictures below. no pictures in the email. go figure. so i called em and talked to them. told tgem their update is what messed up tge phone and i coulda sent it through the insurance for only $100. asked them to send pictures of the damage (they said it was water dmg on the charge port). they couldnt find tge pics. so i said to just send my phone back and ill mail this one back, “we cant find your phone”. ofc not. so now im likely to send this one back because its starting to have issues. slow as xmas, apps not responding. still no email with pics from my old phone.

  • pissed

    This phone is a piece of crap. Verizon has sent me 3 replacements and they all suck. Since software update it has become soooo slow and frustration. I hate this fucking phone and will never buy a Motorola phone again. What a joke.

  • SWP

    My wife and I are Droid Bionic users and since the Jellybean update (which by the way, was not optional) we have had BIG problems! Some of the apps would not work properly until I uninstalled and reinstalled them. Even after doing that, sometimes randomly and unexpectedly after an incoming notification, a saved web page will begin to play. The biggest headache is that the battery life is drastically reduced!!! Both of us have extended life batteries and most of the time, I cannot even make a half day before my battery completely discharges. I have called both Verizon and Motorola and expressed my concerns. Verizon cound do NOTHING and Motorola is simply sending me out a new battery. Somehow, I do not think that this is going to solve the issue! We are VERY FRUSTRATED with Motorola, and while we like the Android environment, we may move away from Motorola.

  • McNuttly

    My Issue Is That When My PhoNe Powers Off The I Charge It An Power It Back On MY Ringtones Are Reset To Default It DoSe Not Do This All The Time But At Least 2 Out Of 10 Times This Happens It’S AYyouning.

  • Zack

    The call drop issues and the phone going crazy its loud sometimes, or you cannot hear it ring at all, the lag in operations is terrible after the update.

  • pbdavis

    Jelly bean 4.1.2 for Razr is a definite downgrade, not an upgrade nor an update. My phone is now slow and glitchy. I haven’t found out how to use any of my songs as a ringtone and I also can’t set an alarm with a song either. WTF! I’m stuck with the crappy preloaded tones that put you in a bad mood when you wake up to them. Also, like the others, I think that the ability to have an alarm with increasing volume was INCREDIBLE! Why take that away? Very disappointed. Not only thinking of getting a new phone, but moving away from the Android OS altogether..

  • Rich Didday

    Screen locked in Portrait mode in all apps except camera with 4.1.2

  • Rich Didday

    Update to previous post. My phone (Droid Razr) is as described (Portrait mode only for all but camera), but my wife’s Droid Razr Maxx screen rotation works fine with Jelly Bean 4.1.2 installed.

  • Kelly

    My Razor Maxx Will Lose Internet COnnection Constant All Day Long. In Addition, My Text Messaging Is aLl Messed Up And Either Won’t Send, Or says It Is Still SendiNG. It Is Very Inconvenient, And Extended Battery Life For someThing this Irritating Is Hardly A Selling Factor. It Also Has Trouble Receiving Messages, And Has Caused My Boyfriend To Get His But Chewed For Not ResponDInG To Me. My Account And His Avcount Lig Both Show The Message, But My Phone doesn’t Get It. I Bet He Likes The Update Even Less Than I do.

  • Ali G

    updated my xt910 razr a couple of weeks ago and its caused problems since! capital letters in texts for no reason! apps starting up on there own! drops calls! ringer stuck on silent so i miss all my calls! etc…. Motorola say i need to sort it out with my service provider! o2 says its motorola! both said they will repair my phone but it will cost me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just banging my head against a brick wall 🙁

  • George Wilson Jr

    I was excited to tell all my friends about the long battery life ( no longer) and smooth operation (no longer) of the razr maxx. Now the phone is a mess. A complete mess. After the update, it is extremely slow, it takes forever (up to half a minute and more!) to load pages, to open apps, even to make phone calls! Typing is so hesitant as to be useless, and the designs of apps fall apart on this phone. I hate to say it, but I may deal with a shorter battery life and different features. Motorola and goole should be ashamed of themselves. Seriously.

  • Steve

    A good phone has turned into absolute rubish. Can we uninstall version 4.1.2?

  • Mitch

    Motorola Razr M is no different. First it started with occasional freezing & apps becoming non-responsive. Then, it started locking up and the screen would freeze and cut off. Somewtimes when unlocking (well mainly) and also at random during usage the screen would freeze, become unresponsive and then cut off and completley at random start working again. Verizon customer support said that they and Motorola are working on a software patch update but said it would take weeks so I had to just opt for a replacement phone to be overnighted and have not yet upgraded past 4.1 to 4.1.2 again yet until they have announced a patch release date.

  • guest

    Phone has been markedly slower ever since ‘upgrade’, being very laggy with opening/closing apps, typing, browsing. Freezes often. Can no longer do voice commands from the search hard button, which I used to show off to beat my friends’ Siri – now the voice commands app is pathetically slow if it works at all. Used to absolutely love the phone, now frustrated with it daily. And like others, why the hell did they remove the increasing volume alarm and the stopwatch?!

    Just did the clear cache partition as people have described and already phone much faster. Fingers crossed.


    If Verizon knows this is a fix for many people then why the f&%$& can’t they bother to tell us??!! Really pissed with them these days.

  • Chas

    Since updating, all apps are slow, keyboard entry is 1 letter per second, lag on everything. I will never buy an Android again. I’m going to Apple. I need something reliable.

  • BilltheBruinsFan

    Love the new gMail interface.

  • DarkonIV

    Resounding yes! slow, slow, slow…boot menu cache clear helps, but only a small bit…how long before the creep sets back in…hmmmm

  • cbeubyevo

    They are tightening the reigns, and letting everyone know it’s their phone. You are just using it. Chrome has killed the browser by screwing up keyboard input on browser as soon as chrome is installed. Where’s the history on Chrome. Unless they changed it since I gave up trying to find it. Google has been corrupted and is all about marketing now, and they want to make sure you use it. The Maxx is an awesome device. First phone that completely satisfied me and they are constantly lobotomizing it with their crap. Soon it will be as restricted as an I Phone. Any time I hear someone talking up an I Phone it sounds more like they are trying to convince themselves. Apple is no more than a status symbol for the sheep and android will be the Reebok to their Nike before they are finished. Really tired of MY phone, MY tool trying to sell me crap or suggest things I might like. The only program that even comes close is Pandora and I pay so they will just shut up and play music. Last complaint, popup blocker wouldn’t be needed if idiots that actually bought into the scams would seek professional help.

  • razr crap

    I have the razr maxx and I have been having problems with vibrate and volume on my phone not good I paid allot of money for the phone a tech told me that I could send it back and caim the insurance on it well I did and just got charged to get the same problem back I complained and they told me that there was nothing they can do (in other words they stoled my money

  • TD

    So I have update 98.72.16.en.us ask me every 12 hours if I want to install now or later? I’ve been pressing later for about 2 months now evry morning and every evening, after hearing the initial reports. Is there a way to get this off my phone? Does anyone know? Thanks.

    • razr

      factory data reset..
      backup all your data/apps!

  • RB

    My problem is that the touch screen is completely unstable while the phone is charging. I happened to lose my first Maxx last week, just got the replacement today (insurance turned out to be worth it), and the new phone HAS THE EXACT SAME PROBLEM. While the phone is charging, typing produces almost random results, even more amusing when autocorrect jumps in after which your text /email gets sent before you can change the errors, tap a screen icon and start a completely random app, not the one you wanted…maybe 2 or 3 apps…

    I’m fed up.

  • d

    My Maxx has gone whacky. Swype is not working right. I was at least able disable facebook which was dragging down performance to a molasses pace. and in general the device is just not performing well. I’ve been uninstalling stuff if there is a hint of it being part of the problem.

  • Motorola Razr i

    Some apps that I download do not seem to load, such as when I go to open certain apps such as candy crush, it opens and says its loading, then after about two seconds it shuts off and goes back to my home screen, why is this?

  • cj

    me and my gfs phones are going nuts. from the screen shaking to apps opening itself and settings opening itself. i now hate this phone

  • Glenn Nelson

    The “real” solution may be to disable Search Application Provider. Here are instructions from lifehacker: http://lifehacker.com/speed-up-slow-google-searches-in-android-with-this-twea-591677040

    AFAIK, Search Application Provider takes your Google search request and farms it out to various apps that you have installed, in addition to sending it to Google. So Facebook, Twitter and who knows what else may also be performing searches for you at the same time. The problem is possibly not these additional searches, but rather some problem with the Search Application Provider itself.

    By disabling this you will probably lose very little in your searches.

  • RedneckBarbie

    My phone has definitely been acting up since the update. It shuts itself on and off randomly, doesn’t receive phone calls or alert me to voicemails until days later. It’s slow-moving nonresponsive. I hate this update!!

  • Dr. Ramon

    This about the same update but for the sgh i717 on 4.1.2 rom. Handwriting has gone from excellent to sucks. Standard keyboard longpress popup no longer shows the same options. Its like when the grocer moves the aisles forcing the customer to search for items he once had memorized. I did and deleted all the ATT apps and performance is better, but battery life sucks and worse !

  • applezax

    After the update i lost my voice text and alarm feature…the phone is 3 days old and i thought i broke it, thank you for the heads up….so whens the fix coming?

  • Lori1746

    Battery life is horrible now & texting is nightmare. Screen seems to be more sensitive and not calibrated correctly. So disappointed right now! Any fixes inthe near future?

  • Nick

    running hot for me, and battery life is horrible now. this sucks!!

  • kinghoffbeers@gmail.com

    my phone is a top of the line piece of garbage RAZR maxx. maximum bull crap.

  • Hacked in Louisville

    I am so angry about the “commercial rape” perpetrated on me. Lost my entire calendar and they (both Verizon and Motorola) are saying it is my fault for trusting the device calendar. Would be happy to see a CLASS ACTION filed.

  • Antonio Claudio Michael

    i have a droid Razr and 2 days after the update 90 percent of the apps i had installed just seemed to un install them selves also the sound notifications and ringtones are going hay wire i have over 321 ringtones and there all different when i go to change either the ringtone and or the notification sound it plays the same doot duut doot dunah sound for every ringtone i removed all the ringtones out of the phone media folder and took all the original files back off one of my other phones and re put them back in razr same problem also it seems 100 times slower the battery drains like mad and also when i set a sertin program or setting to run as default the defaults keep reverting back after i set them a few minutes later so now like my swiftkey keyboard app is suppose to run as default keyboard and after i set it to default it turns around 15 minutes later i will close like facebook messenger and reopen it couple minites later and it loads the android os keyboard this update is crap and i wish i never updated to it im on Verizon Wireless and they offered to replace phone but its not phone its update if anybody hears anything about a fix please let me know it would be much appriciated

  • 7jod

    My RAZR has had nothing but problems since the update. I would love to go back, but I cannot find a way to uninstall the update. The most annoying issue is the ‘recent calls’ listing. The green notificiation icon blinks with every call until I clear the recent calls. I can no longer clear one call, I have to clear the entire list of recent calls. Totally annoying. My ‘notifications’ listing is missing. Text messaging takes forever to load.
    I could go on and on with the issues, but the bottom line is……this update is absolutely horrible.

  • rskater

    Lost Message access protocol. Now can not read or send text via bluetooth over my GPS. Miss that feature the most. I too have spent hours online and with verizon to no avail. Google/Verizon will have to issue an update to get IMAP back on phone. Are You listening Guys?

  • Mute

    I have the Droid Razr Maxx, current Android version 4.1.2. When I record video at a concert, the audio goes mute for 10 seconds at the 10 minute mark (the audio resumes at the 10 minute and 10 second mark). I had this problem with the ice cream sandwich platform and complained. They told me the mute audio glitch would be fixed with the jelly bean platform upgrade, but they lied. So far, four songs have been ruined by the 10 seconds of silence.

  • Jeremy

    I’ve had 4 warranty replacements since April when the OTA push of 4.1.2 hit my RAZR. I’ve been in contact with Motorola as well but to no avail. They have a severe lack of meaningful customer support. 99% of all calls to Motorola are answered by Indian agents from overseas that offer no real help at all but to raise my blood pressure. Verizon’s only course of action has been to steadily send replacement after replacement but do nothing to fix the real issue. I’ve commented on almost every call to them that this is more than just an isolated incident. All parties I’ve spoken to act like they’ve never heard of any widespread issues with RAZR or RAZR Maxx. Hmmm. I guess it is time to move away from Motorola and find a different phone. This is frustrating as Motorola does seem to have the best battery life of any smartphone and that is the most important thing to me when using a smartphone.

  • NAS

    Ever since the 4.1.2 update on my Droid Razr HD all my social media apps ie. facebook and instagram have been acting up. News feed updates are extremly slow and the images within facebook and instagram dont pull up. This all occures while having full 4G service and even when connected to wifi.

  • Mark P

    Just found out that the emails I have been sending out on my Razr Maxx for the last 2 weeks have all failed. I never received any kind of notification EXCEPT if I were to look at my “sent” emails. I use the phone for daily business as well as personal. Looks like another poorly designed /tested update. If they don’t fix this quick I will be forced to move to an apple product. Don’t want to, but these failed upgrades are terrible and could cost me business!

  • brofarmer

    Same problem droid RAZR HD before jelly bean couldn’t open SMS picture. Cleared the download catch which fixed the problem. Here comes update now I’m. Back where I started from. But now after awhile the download/ reject turns to a image of a paper clip and says unsupported multimedia message

  • Shelly

    I have one corporate email I can set up because it’s cloud based, but the other one is a stand alone server and it won’t connect!! Really beginning to tick me off! I had a choice between the Razr MAXX and the S3 and I’m really wishing I’d gone with the S3. Have had so many problems with this phone. I’ve had to factory reset it twice! So annoying! Can’t wait to upgrade to the S4 in February!!

  • jasmine2990

    how can i stop vibration on call connect in android jelly bean 4.2.2, please help me this is very annoying , when ever i call somebody and it take my call my phone will vibrate. i want to stop that vibration.
    reply plz

  • Alexander Walters

    I just got the update to day and now I can not access my home WI-FI now

  • Brian

    It seems that Motorola is really dropping the ball and losing touch with their consumers. In today’s market there are there too many competitors with better products for us to have to deal with Motorola’s incompetence. Maybe this is why Motorola sold off their phone business to Google. This update has actually been a regression- useful feature have disappeared and the phone has been plagued with glitches, battery issues, etc. I’ll be taking my business elsewhere in the future. Samsung is looking like the way to go.

  • Dynasty

    I got my Droid Motorola Razr HD in July, and after two weeks I got the update. It was the biggest mistake ever. This is the second phone I have had from Motorola where the first update completely ruins the phone. I was loving the Razr HD so much, I had zero complaints, until this.
    I thank God for me being smart enough to get the warranty/ insurance because I was able to have Verizon send me a replacement. My only problem now is the phone sends me a reminder every 12 hours to update it. I fear I might accidentally hit “Install Now” instead of “Install Later” one of these days.
    Does anyone know the way to turn of the reminder? Please and thank you, it would help a lot.

  • Harvey Schleifer

    Does anyone have a problem sending video text messages or video emails?

  • spidermissile

    My voice to text (never really that good) went entirely to hell. Have to reboot the phone almost every time I want to do a text via voice. “Can’t reach Google at this time.” is the usual result. Then after reboot, 1st message is “Unfortunately, Google Search has stopped.” YES, QUITE UNFORTUNATE. This phone ( I was in wireless for 8 yrs with ATTWS, so I get the technology), has never been anything but a psychotic gaggle of poorly executed “apps” and crap. It changes screens to a myriad of useless/ unwanted options in calls. The keypad functions are non-intuitive, and they change willy-nilly. It’s like saying, “you know all the things tht make PCs unreliable and just batty? well, what if we could compress ALL of them, and put them in a vital, simple device like a PHONE!” Well, here it is, folks. I am no mac snob…I use mac b/c it WORKS, period. Cost is very high, but my macs don’t break, get clogged up and thrown away. I wish I’d gone with the i5 when I switched to Verizon. On my 2nd refurb now…phone #3, but these are simply shots in the dark…the core issues lie in the software design, firmware, etc. The only advantage of this Razr Maxx HD (God what an asinine name) is it’s fantastic battery. I hope I can hobble along one more year until I can get an upgrade again, and go with an iphone. Anyway, what was really a nutso piece of software went worse around the time of the latest update. I would be happy if texting was never invented…but since it’s the world’s way, I must txt…voice to text at least restores some human dignity…one is not worshiping a phone with fingers and eyes all day long… But what was bad, is almost not functioning at all any more. What a mess is Verizon and Motorola over this. My phone is a huge burden, not a working, helpful device. I have to manage it like an ill baby all day long.

  • spidermissile

    Oh, and I have found all the backup options, especially backup assistant plus…to be really sick jokes on the consumer. I said my macs don’t crash…but, one bit of software can crash a mac…it is called backup assistant plus. SCORE VERIZON! WooHoo! No, but, really, this whole phone concept of the droid razrcrapxxxx is just a mess. It is now worse. OK, the camera is nice. The screen is big. In a nice rubber case, it’s tough. It’s cheaper than an I5…it’s not all bad, but it’s a travesty in that one must use a phone quickly…it’s a vital moment to moment piece of communication technology. I know perrenial kids love playing with gadgets, so I guess it replaces real life or something, but this thing is like haveing a relative brain dead on life support…it’s like “God, why have you done this?” I hate spending 800.00 on a phone, but if I have a good couple of month’s income, I’ll put this in the trash and try an i5…

  • spidermissile

    It’s sad, what Motorola has become. They were giants in telecom. When I was with AWS, AT&T, ATTWS, and then back to AWS…almost a decade, Motorola was simply amazing.

  • spidermissile

    Sorry, I think we were AWG (AT &T Wireless Group) for like a year…felt like the special ops of the telecom world for a while…that was one slick name.

  • heckle

    Mine ran hot as well and the screen won’t rotate while auto rotate is checked

  • Chris Casey

    Since the JB update, my Razr tells me I am connected to HDMI & the phone goes into landscape. I rooted the phone & froze all of the Motorola Dock apps. Now the phone freaks out & rotates the screen every time I touch it. I tried all of the suggestions on other sites in dealing with the HDMI issue but I cannot turn off autorotate. Does anyone know which app or process I need to remove so the phone NEVER rotates??? Before you say it’s a hardware failure, the screen worked perfectly on GB; never had an issue. So, it’s the ROM, not the H/W…

  • roehoe

    It isn’nt just the razor or razor max that is haveing isues.My daughter bought a new bionic and updated it to JB 4.1.2 and the phone went absoluteing nuts.The screen jumped around so bad you could’nt use it, when you tried to text it would text automatically by itself with all random letters and numbers and then choose who it would send it to on it’s own and send it.The funny thing is, I orderd a factory refurb of the bionic and updated to the jb 4.1.2 and mine works fine.It almost acts like motarola may have a problem with the phones and JB.Did the factory reset and hard reset twice and it still does it, it would work fine for a couple hours then start the same thing.

  • Richard Vogt

    I was having this problem. The solution that worked for me was to disable much of the bloatware. One of the features in 4.1.2 is that you can disable much of the pre-installed garbage. I disabled most of it and my phone is happy again.

    Go to menu -> Apps -> All – then for each app that you want to disable, clear cache then clear data then uninstall updates. After updates are uninstalled, you will have the option to disable most of the bloatware.

    I hope this helps others.

  • Ty Siouxpawncheque

    Yup. My ringtones and notifications are constantly reset to apparently random numbers that have no associated sound file. Very frustrating.

  • lmvw

    Since update the speaker volume is so low I can’t use it. Also my head phones volume is so low I can’t use them. Please fix I am on the road for work and need the volume.

  • eldo

    I have a droid RAZR Maxx and am sorry I bought it after the upgrade my phone sucks I am getting rid of it and getting the Samsung Galaxy s55. and am telling anyone thinking of buying the droid not to. The idea that Motorola know of this problem and to say they are not going to fix it and to say there would be no more upgrades for this phone is absurd I am getting rid of mine and advising people to not buy this product.

  • Beth

    did this then i got the “No command” then realized these instructions were for the phone. i have a tablet

  • Tammy Charleston

    I hate this phone. I can’t even pick it up or hold it without pressing the power button or volume which is used for well..everything! For instance if its in my coat and it rings I take it out & just the fact of my hand grasping it..inevitably it will hit these buttons so it will answer, reject, go silent, SOMETHING. But I can’t touch the phone or hold it without that touching those effing buttons no matter how hard I try. Ringtones suck. Camera sucks at night. Can’t take screenshots – according to instructions but it never works cuz pressing the 2 buttons simultaneously does not work…EVERTIME it only ” picks up on” me touching the volume OR the power even through I’m hitting both! Lovely that the phone is slim but that is USELESS since you HAVE TO use a case cuz the phone is so slippery you have difficulty holding on to it ( see button complaint) texting composing nightmare – gives you a tiny little window to text in…keypad impossible unless type with 1 small finger at a time. Voice to text is retarded and NEVER transcribes correctly. God, I hate this phone even pick it up or hold it without pressing the power button or volume which is used for well..everything! For instance if its in my coat and it rings I take it out & just the fact of my hand grasping it..inevitably it will hit these buttons so it will answer, reject, go silent, SOMETHING. But I can’t touch the phone or hold it without that touching those effing buttons no matter how hard I try. Ringtones suck. Camera sucks at night. Can’t take screenshots – according to instructions but it never works cuz pressing the 2 buttons simultaneously does not work…EVERTIME it only ” picks up on” me touching the volume OR the power even through I’m hitting both! Lovely that the phone is slim but that is USELESS since you HAVE TO use a case cuz the phone is so slippery you have difficulty holding on to it ( see button complaint) texting composing nightmare – gives you a tiny little window to text in…keypad impossible unless type with 1 small finger at a time. Voice to text is retarded and NEVER transcribes correctly. God, I hate this phone

    • Tammy Charleston

      As you can see from my complaint which says the same thing twice because I tried to copy my whole comment so I didn’t lose it upon signing in. Highlighted the whole comment then pasted and got this instead ( see above)

  • IMissMyRazor

    I loved my Droid Razo 4.1.2 since the day I bought it and our relationship has grown stronger (very pleased with my phone)! Until now – It reboots itself. In other words, it turns itself on and off, on and off continually until I power it off. While it’s on I have approximately a half a minute to grabb a phone number or check my very important Evernotes etc, before it turns off again. I had to transfer to my old Blackberry (hate it). I don’t want another phone. I don’t want to lose what’s on my Razor: pictures, music, text messages, notes, voice recordings, etc. Can somebody please HELP?!!!
    Thank you

  • Steve Archdeacon

    I’m not able to rotate my pictures to landscape ONLY in facebook. I made sure the Settings/display/auto-rotate was checked, I’ve tried powering the phone off and back on, reinstalling FB & FB messenger, and even doing a soft reset of the phone by holding the power and the down button, and I’ve even tried to uninstall some new apps that I’ve downloaded too, but nothing has worked. It does auto rotate in the GALLERY, but just not on FB. This is really annoying as I’m a musician/videographer/photographer and I post a lot of my pics on FB and I can’t show people the TRUE pic if it won’t rotate to landscape……….any help would be greatly appreciated as I’m at a complete loss of why this is happening…

  • Christy Lou

    Any and all links for the web aren’t responding . Thats the only thing I’ve noticed that isn’t working correctly, so far.

  • Fred Humber

    Since the Jellybean update my Razor M will not allow my ringtones. All I can get is the voice speaking the contact name or phone number. Also battery life greatly decreased.