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Easily fix bricked Samsung Galaxy Note N7000

As you may know, there are many kernels that can damage your Samsung Galaxy Note’s emmc, so your phone will be hard bricked. Unfortunately there are many bad kernels, including official ones and many have bricked their devices, including me. But I found a fix for this and I also have a list of kernels you should stay away from in order to make sure your device is safe from bricking.

While there isn’t any way of fixing the damaged emmc, you can repartition it and also used the internal SD card to move some system partitions to it in order for the device to work. Doing this is pretty easy, thanks to an XDA Developers user, who created a PIT file that can repartition your device.

First, here is the list of dangerous kernels: XXLPY, XXLPF, UCLD3, SiyahKernel 3.1rc6, all Samsung Epic 4G Touch (SPH-D710) leaks, all Samsung Galaxy Note (GT-N7000) leaks. If you are running on one of these kernels and your device is still working fine, we recommend you to flash another ROM through Odin right away and do not use ClockworkMod Recovery while on this ROM. Flashing or wiping in recovery can permanently damage your Galaxy Note !

We can’t guarantee you that this method will work, but it did work for us. Other users also confirmed that they managed to fix their bricked Galaxy Note with this method. Please note that we are not responsible for any damage this method does to your device. You do this on your own risk.

How to unbrick Samsung Galaxy Note N7000

First you will have to download the PIT files for both the 16GB and 32GB versions. And make sure to use the appropriate version because otherwise you might do even more damage to your device.

Then you will need to flash either a stock Gingerbread ROM from sammobile or a rooted KJ1 ROM here. You will also need Odin 1.85, the software used to flash the files on your device. You can download it here.

You might need to unzip the files you download. Odin requires them to be in .pit and .tar file format and it cannot flash .zip files.

Shut down your Galaxy Note and boot in download mode ( press volume down + home button + power button simultaneously ). Then press volume up to actually enter the download mode. While doing this the device has to be disconnected from the computer.

Before you begin flashing the files, make sure that your antivirus and firewall software are open and there isn’t any Kies process open on your computer. You also require the latest Samsung USB drivers, which are included in the latest Kies version, so you should install it if you don’t have it on your computer.

Now launch Odin, click PIT and open either the 16GB or 32GB pit file. Click PDA and open the downloaded ROM. Now you can connect the device to the computer and press start. It might take a few minutes and you should wait even if it appears to get stuck. Sometimes it can take even 20 minutes.

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  • jengkoil

    Hye, I just upgrade 2.3.6 to 4.0.3 but suddenly stuck at factoryfs.img..
    Then it like hard bricked. blank screen, cannot boot in download mode. Do you know how to unbrick? solve?

    • Alex Dumitru

      Sometimes it boots in the download mode, even if the screen is still blank. Boot in download mode and don’t forget to press the volume up after you believe it should have entered.

      Now try to flash a kernel. If it doesn’t work, flash a ROM which includes a Kernel and PIT file.

      If this doesn’t work either, I recommend you to buy a JIG and try with it.

      • jengkoil

        Thanks for reply.
        I already tried that method.
        (volume down + home button + power button) around 5 to 10 seconds then press volume up. still nothing at Odin.

        Are you sure can unbrick using JIG?

        • Alex Dumitru

          You have to press volume up after the Download mode shows up. you will see the green “Download mode” window saying to press volume up to continue or volume down to cancel.

          So try again: Pull the battery. Plug it in and keep volume down, home, power until you see the download mode.

          • jengkoil

            yes, but now download mode never shows up. when i press volume down + home + power… just blank screen…

          • Adil Yasin

            my galaxy note gets on i can hear the sound but i doesnt shows anything

          • Hold volume down + home + power for 30 seconds. After that press volume up even if the screen is blank. Then open Odin and connect the device to your computer. If the yellow square doesn’t appear in Odin, try it a couple more times. If it still doesn’t work, then you must send it to service.

  • jeff

    Thanks a lot for your article on unbricking galaxy note. myself had the problem and gn would get stuck in odin at factoryfs.img.when flashing numerous roms. even samsung service centre here said that motherboard was corrupt and had to be replaced @ cost of omr 120(im currently in oman).tried flashing via odin with pit file (appropriate one from list provided)and gn is perfect like before. YOU ARE A GENIUS.

  • vikash

    helpppppp me plzz i have brick my galaxy note and i m unable to on my screen ..even in recovery mode or download mode…samsung service center says that i have to change motherboard…..i have just flash kingdroid rom..2.1..and then flash cm9 nightly rom …then this problem started ..plzz help i m soo afraid to lose my note …..

    sorry for english..

    • Alex Dumitru

      Try to enter download mode and connect it to your computer, then do what I said in the article. Your phone might enter download mode, even if the display stays blank. If this doesn’t work, then you will need to change the motherboard at a service.

  • james o

    There are files called patched and regain in the zip file. Do we use the pit file with out the patched and regain

    • Alex Dumitru

      Use the regain file which ends with the highest number. If it doesn’t work, then choose one with a lower number.

  • Josef

    It worked for me, my Galaxy Note is working again, thank you so much!!!

  • Angel Rodr

    Exactly, What PIT file we must download?, there are many for 16 GB or 32 GB..

    • Alex Dumitru

      Use the regain file which ends with the highest number. If it doesn’t work, then choose one with a lower number.
      Higher number means that you lose less space.

  • Wazeer

    It worked for me, my Galaxy Note is working again, thank you so much!!!

    • I’m glad we’ve been able to help !

    • can you post the steps you used?

      • The steps are in the above article. Just follow them. It’s very easy.

  • yoyo

    Shut down your Galaxy Note and boot in download mode”
    if its bricked how can this be done?, nothing happens its bricked

    • cK

      How if the phone unable to turn on? power + menu + volume + / –
      All those tricks i already tried. still unable to turn it on. No Power At All..

      • This means the device is hard bricked. You should try using a JIG or send it to service.

  • GrimstaGatan

    “Q1_20110914_16GB-patched-regain-0102400-kB” worked for me. However, my internal storage is showing only 8GB out of 16GB. Is there any method to regain the lost memory.

    • It’s impossible to regain the memory. The emmc is damaged. The only way is to change the device’s motherboard.

      • GrimstaGatan

        Thank you for your prompt reply! Does it mean that my device is on the way to get damaged completely?

        • If you don’t do the same mistake again, it won’t get damaged more. Just stay away from official ICS based ROMs and kernels. CM9-based ones are confirmed to be safe.

  • earn

    Able to enter dowloading mode but tried with a number of pit but result returned was

    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 0)

    • Did you also flash a ROM along with the PIT files ? If it still doesn’t work it means the emmc is too damaged and the motherboard has to be replaced.

      • Earn

        Hi Alex. I realized the problem – I didn’t have Kies installed. (am running it using parallel desktop on mac). I installed it and went through, currently is at the stage of

        Been stuck there for quite some time. Is it supposed to be like this?

  • Mark

    you are the MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    with Q1_20110914_16GB-patched-regain-0102400-kB i resolved all
    thank you thank you very much also if the storage now go down in 8 gb it is always much better the mobo replacement also because I can use 32gb of external if needed
    thank again man!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mickarus

    thank you so much! until i found this page i was pretty much stumped.

  • anthony

    After like 15 hrs of trying all the different stock roms different pit files and being in the boot animation loop i used this pit file Q1_20110914_16GB-patched.pit and this rom N7000XXLPY_N7000OXXLP5 to be hones with you guys if I knew about roms i woudnt be here but i know this occurred by an incorrect wipe while trying to update kind droid rom from 1.6 to 2.1. it might have not been the rom that caused this but me the inexperienced user.(lol). I was about to throw my bricked note across the room I kept on trying different roms one after the other so anyone still stuck keep trying, I read one post where it stated to try different roms. I personally stayed away from all custom roms to avoid more damage. Sorry for the grammar but I want to go to sleep :).

  • anthony

    thank you!!!!

  • Kamran Babazadeh

    is it normal that my note loops ? Do i have a chance ?

    • Looping is a very good sign. It means you can recover it using this method.

  • mustasusi

    I successfully revived my bricked Note using the “Q1_20110914_16GB-patched.pit” and now is running ICS, but storage capacity is now showing 8.24GB instead of the 11.97 originally had. Where are the missing 3 GBs?

    • Your storage is still damaged and there isn’t any way to recover the lost space. The only way is to replace your motherboard, which is very expensive. Though you should try sending it to warranty. They changed it for me.

  • Tex Willer

    I used
    Q1_20110914_16GB-patched.pit and the instructions in this link
    http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=26212001&postcount=2203 et voila’ …after 5 hour of desperation….. My note is living again…Thanks

    • My note is bricked, tried everything i can but still can’t unbrick it. can u help me?

  • Terius

    i tried many many ways to unbrick my Gnote, even i think i tried this one, my question is: the odin stucked in the set partition part for over 20 minutes is that normal ?, after that my next question, is this rom compatible N7000UBKK8_N7000UBKK3_N7000UVCKK1_HOME.tar.md5

    • It’s not normal to take that long. Are you sure you followed the steps carefully ? Also you should try another PIT file if it still does not work.

  • Raj

    It worked for me 🙂
    You were Superbbbbbbbb!!!
    But can i change my motherboard under warrenty
    if yes,what should i say when they ask me what did i do to the phone

  • Raj Sekhar

    It worked for me:)
    You were SUPERBBBBBBBBB!!!!
    But can i get my motherboard replaced
    If yes,what should i say when they ask me what did i do to the phone

  • Tuyen Do

    Thank you for your article Alex!
    I followed your instruction, when my Note reboots, it loops again & again at Samsung logo. Then i flashed it with new official rom: N7000XXLQ2_N7000XEULP4_XEU, it backs to life as a new one and auto re installs all apps i got before. How could it do? Would you please explain and advice if i can keep that rom or i have to flash with another CM9 base rom? Thanks again, you are my hero!

    • You can use whatever ROM you want, but please be careful so you don’t damage it even more. Only use safe kernels, like franco 4 and above, CM9 or CF-Root 5.6 and above.

  • Tuyen Do

    Do you mean i can root my Note again? I would like to try follow this article: http://www.android.gs/root-galaxy-note-n7000-official-xxlq2-ics-4-0-3-firmware/
    Thanks for your prompt reply.

  • Agli

    you saved me and my note
    thank you very much…..

  • Thanks a lot Alex. After days of fretting, your guide was my only help. However, there’s a problem. i chose the pit file
    Q1_20110914_16GB-patched-regain-0102400-kB. the smallest. the flashing seems to pass everytime with any ics or gb rom but when it goes to the samsung logo it stays there, glowing. I’ve waited half an hour with various firmwares, same problem, samsung logo glowing. when i go to recovery and reboot from there it says “failed to mount /data” what is the solution to fully complete the process? please help. thanks again from Bangladesh for this great guide.

    • I believe your device might be permanently bricked. You should go to a service.

    • Kar Shiang

      I got this too. Power off the device and wait for 5 min. Then boot into stock recovery, wipe cache and data. Restart fix.

  • carl

    i wish i had read this before i wiped my memory in recovery, i cant get it to start up, ive only had the phone a week, do i still have a chance? get back to me asap pretty please….

    • I believe you will have to send it to service.

  • carl

    also, is there a way of getting my photos and videos off the phone while bricked?

    • Try this method and then you will be able to connect it to your PC.

  • abhijeeet

    guys will this work with my note i717?probably not but just asking anyways to re partition the internal emmc?

  • wolfito

    hi, sorry Im from argentina… and my english is bad… but i have two question about your post “easily fix for the hard brick”… first… I make the tutorial and i finally can unbrick my phone with the fixed pit 16gb… but i lost the 6gb in my storage… Can i regain memory if I flash my phonte with other pit in the zip file?. Can I flash my phone with other stock rom? and if i can i have to do it with pit or without it? my problem its when i repair my phone i flash ICS stock rom… and i want to flash with a gingerbread rom but im afraid… i dont wanna brick my phone.. and the last question is the lost of the 6gb its the only problem that still in the phone when i repair with the pit or there are more problems? thank u very much your save my life with your post… i wait for u answer… thanks 🙂 🙂

    • You can flash whatever ROM you want, though you will not be able to regain the lost 6GB.

      You could try to use another PIT which could recover a portion of the lost space.

  • Marcos

    pro please help me

    I upgraded my SGN and now will not start.
    message appears:firmware upgrade
    encountered an issue. please select recovery mode in kies & try again.
    what should I do?

  • Marcos

    please help me
    I’m with the cell with the following message :: Upgrade firmware encountered an issue. please select kies in recovery mode & try again.

  • Mark

    Thank you so much, I just got my Galaxy Note revived. You are my saviour 🙂

  • Marcos Muñoz Mariano

    if my note galaxy does not enter download mode??? what i do?

    • Marcos Muñoz Mariano

      I’ve tried power+volume down+home :(….. help!!

  • thanks a lot for this..i got my n7000 up and running again,lost 3gb though but doesnt matter…an external sd is cheaper than a motherboard…thanks a lot…

    • please write me the steps and the programs you used.

  • sungderwonder

    thanks so much, it was 8th time lucky for me. I worked my way from the pit file with the highest number until I found one that worked. My question now is, how do i tell how much space I’ve lost? In storage settings it says my usb storage total space is 9.24GB. I have a 16GB model – does that mean I’ve lost almost 7GB!

  • tof843

    Thanks a lot. My Note is revival……. Yessssss….

  • pramodh

    awesome……I cant thank you enough. When i had gone back to stock rom from cm10 on my note, i had inadverently used a non-wipe rom. However, without realizing, i did a wipe and soft bricked my phone. I used the Q1_20110914_16GB-patched.pit file and SGN_XX_OXA_KJ1_FACTORYFS.tar to first get the phone unbricked. I tried to install a few stock roms, but could not go beyond the samsung boot logo. Then i booted into recovery and installed cm9 and it is working like a charm. who needs stock roms when we have xda team…..and people like you. Many thanks!!! Will be upgrading to cm10 and should be having it for probably as long as i use the note.

  • Linh

    Will it work for Galaxy Note from Korean??? Please at least tell me it won’t likely to make become hard bricked so I would try. It is in the loop state now

  • Nhat Linh Nguyen

    Can I use this with my Korean Galaxy Note?

  • Linh

    Hi, does anybody knows if it works for Korean Note too?

  • Linh

    Does it work with Korean phones???

  • michikaiser

    where are the pit files because the pit file link is broken

  • saif

    Hi i was trying to upgrade my galaxy note n7000 from gingerbread 4.0.3 to jellybean 4.1 .. during the process my mbile phone got turnd off suddenly and now its not getting start do u have any solution plzz help

  • suvasish

    hi this is sumon from bangladesh. i had severe prob wit my note. i follow above intruction put pit & xxla6 2.3.6 gb tar in pda. after upgradation complete in recovery mode it shows successfully updated applications then successfully applied multi-CSC then frezze for some time then stuck on samsung logo.plse help me

  • timmy

    the download the PIT files link is not working

  • Puneet

    What to do when My Note (Indian) is bricked 🙁 and refused to turn on :'( :'(
    Please help

  • infolancer

    My mobile is not even detecting charger, its not at all booting, I have tried this 3key combo as well, nogo.
    Please suggest further course of action

  • Jed Archer

    I made a mistake and while in CWM tried to wipe data/factory reset…quickly i realised what nonsense i had done while being on a stock ics Rom and kernel. So i tried to go back into cwm and use abyss kernel and try to do it right but with no success. So its stuck at the first image on boot up and won’t move past. Will this method help me?

  • nigel dre

    my galaxy note was stuck on factoryfs in odin, so what can i do now?

  • nigel dre

    will this make 3gb space lost from galaxy note?

  • lovish

    my galaxy note bricked….
    how to find out whether its a emmc brick…bcz ……when i m flashing with a rom it get stuck at factory.img…….plzz help

  • comisu

    my galaxy won’t start at all!!”press volume down + home button + power button simultaneously” is not working for me.Any other solutions?

  • Soli Sivan

    Hi, my note does not turn on. Is there any chance? What should I do? Thanks. Soli.

  • along

    How about hard brick 🙁 can you show me

  • Anthony Cassar Aveta

    Hi, I have an n7000 with Slimbean 4.3. It suddenly got stuck in a bootloop and I can’t put it into either recovery or download mode. What can I do to fix it? No amount of changing the battery has worked.

  • Tejas

    I am able to go into download mode…but odin isn’t recognizing my phone..what should i do?

  • Pallavi

    hi my samsung note N7000 is not starting… I am able to charge this but when I try to Power on this just showing samsung logo again and again. Please tell me what to do so that it start working and I can save my data and contacts on phone. Please help

  • blacks

    Hey I hav a galaxy note n7000 and its not reading any sim card wat can I do to fix

  • santosh lundani

    sir my note gt-n7000 doesnot starts
    should i use this guide

  • Ah Shaun

    🙁 someone please help me… the home button of my galaxy note does not work…and now I bricked my phone…. I can not go to recovery and Download mode on my phone…… even my pc can’t detect my phone in adb. So I am unable to reboot it into recovery mood…. Please please please….. tell me how can I unbrick my phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • xovu com

    Hate to be a thread necromancer but what about recovering a hard brick on a Note 2. It’s not SDS (Sudden Death Syndrome), no custom ROM, everything stock but one day it just wouldn’t power on. No charging LEDs, not the battery, no water damage. So how to recover a hard brick on Samsung Galaxy Note 2? I see the Galaxy S can be recovered from Hard Brick using a USB Jig and worse case scenario I’ve seen JTAG but don’t know if these are even an option for the Note 2. Please advise!

  • Lunar

    I got a bricked N7000 too, with an endless bootloop, this guide should fix it but unfortunatly the pit file download links arent working anymore. Could someone share them for me, thanks alot.

  • StehpeK

    Is this still working? i mean the link download is broken now and my gt-n7000 is bricked.