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End of the Road for the Ad-Block Apps in Google Play Store

According to section 4.4 form Google Play Store Developer Distribution Agreement the developers must agree that they won’t engage in activity in the market of applications that  “that interferes with, disrupts, damages, or accesses in an unauthorized manner the devices, servers, networks, or other properties or services of any third party including, but not limited to, Android users, Google or any mobile network operator.”

The above mentioned section is invoked by Google to help them remove all the ad-blocking applications form the Android applications store, the popular Google Play Store. I will remind you that the ad-blocking apps require constant updates, in order to be capable of remove the latest advertising sources. Applications like this that block various ads are very popular among the Android users, as they are allowing them to reduce the mobile data traffic and improve the battery life.

From now on it will be more difficult to find the resources to help you block the ads inside the apps. The developers of applications like AdAway, AdFree, or Adblock Plus have already received the warning from Google. The folks at Adblock Plus, an ad-block app that is also available for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, have issued an official press statement:

“Apparently Google is putting revenues over the freedom of the Internet and choices of the users. Of course, you probably have contacts at Google to get a response from them on this decision. This comes on the heels of news I pitched to you in mid-February about Google being afraid of Adblock Plus (see email trail at the bottom of this email).”

In the same press statement, Adblock Plus talks about the efforts Google made to put a stop to the ad-block apps.

“This decision by Google follows on the heels of a December decision to not allow Chrome users to find Adblock Plus in a search for apps. In December, Google changed the way users could search for apps, and since Adblock Plus is an extension on Google Chrome, they suddenly couldn’t find Adblock Block when they searched for apps. On Dec. 12, Adblock Plus started offering an app for Chrome users and Google took it down 12 hours later. So, this singling out by Google toward Adblock Plus and its vast user base (it’s been downloaded 190 million times on Firefox) has been going on for a few months now.”