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How to Enter Download Mode on LG V30

If you want to apply certain update operations on your LG V30 you need to learn how to reach download mode. The download mode will help you complete manual update processes, whether we discuss about flashing new official Android packages or using old versions of Android for making a downgrade operation. Anyway, read the lines from below for learning more about the download mode and for checking the reboot sequences that must be followed for entering this dedicated environment on your own LG V30.

So, the download mode is directly related with update operations. That means you will have to reboot your LG V30 into download mode for completing manual flashing processes – the flashing program can recognize your device only if it’s running in download mode. Thus, whether you want to update or downgrade your handset, first you will have to resume the steps that are described below.

Download mode is a built-in mode that runs independently from the Android mode – just like the fastboot environment. Therefore, you can access download mode anytime you need to without using complex or risky procedures. A reboot sequence will have to be completed though as you cannot complete this process by using built-in Android settings. Anyhow, applying the reboot sequence is an official operation supported by LG and by Google. Shortly, you won’t risk anything while using the download mode.

Moreover, you can use the update or downgrade process as general troubleshooting solutions through which various software related problems can be addressed – by installing the stock Android firmware you can restore everything back to its default state, so you can fix soft related issues and revoke tweaking operations. Shortly, using download mode and flashing the default Android OS can help you revoke root access, relock the bootloader, reinstall the stock recovery and address issues like boot loops, lags, bugs, force close errors, battery drain, heating situations, signal strength problems, total blackouts and more.

Backup your data before going to download mode and initiate the update / downgrade operation – in most situations a full wipe will be performed during the flashing process so everything that wasn’t there by default will be erased. Thus, you need to take matter into your own hands – if you have something important stored on your LG V30, you now need to complete a proper backup process in order to secure your personal data, info, accounts and files. Just sync your data with your Google Account, use built-in cloud storage systems or get backup and restore apps from Google Play and save everything you want.

Charge your device before entering download mode – complete this process especially if you want to apply an update operation. These processes can drain the power out situation during which your LG V30 can get turned off right in the middle of the reboot process. In that particular case you can end up in experiencing different soft related issues. So, if you don’t want to soft brick your device, before doing anything else verify the power that’s left – if it’s lower than 50%, plug in the charger before going any further.

Of course, use the steps from below only if you own the LG V30 – the guidelines explained here are tested only for this particular Android based device.

How to Enter Download Mode on LG V30

Method 1

  1. This method works if you first turn off your device – so start by switching off your LG V30 and then wait a few moments until the shut down is successfully completed.
  2. A computer is required, along with your phone’s USB cable.
  3. Connect the USB cable with your computer – don’t plug it into your phone yet.
  4. Press and hold the Volume Up key on your LG V30.
  5. While still holding this button connect your smartphone with your computer.
  6. The download mode should now be displayed on your device.
  7. You can release the Volume Up key and resume the update / downgrade operation.

Method 2

A computer must be used in this situation. The LG V30 drivers must be flashed on your computer, where Android SDK must be installed too – learn how to install Android SDK on Windows by using this guide or learn how to set up ADB on MAC OS X / Linux by using this tutorial instead. Then, on your smartphone enable Developer Options by tapping repeatedly on Built Number until you receive the ‘you are a developer’ message. Finally, access Developer Options (from menu – > settings) and check the USB Debugging features. And afterwards, follow:

  1. Switch on your phone and connect it with your computer – do that by using its USB cable.
  2. On your computer go and access the Android SDK folder.
  3. In that location open a command prompt window – press and hold the Shift keyboard button and right click on any blank space; then from the list that will open choose ‘open command prompt window here’.
  4. In this cmd window type ‘adb reboot download’ and press Enter.
  5. The Download mode should be now automatically rebooted on your LG V30.

Method 3

In case your smartphone is rooted you can go to download mode in an easier way – you can download a third party app from Google Play and use it in that respect. For example, you can try the Quick Boot software – just download and install the app from Google Play and run it on your LG V30. Then, run the software and use it in order to access the desired mode. That’s it.


So, did you manage to reboot download mode on your LG V30? If you have questions related to this particular reboot operation, or if you cannot properly perform the update process, don’t hesitate and share your observations and issues with us. Based on the information you provide we will try to find the perfect solutions – you can get in touch with us easily and quickly by using the comments field available below.