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How to Enter Recovery Mode on HTC One XL

Using recovery mode is a great way in which you can “communicate” with your HTC One XL. Thus, knowing how to enter and manage stock or custom recovery mode on your Android smartphone is essential the same operations representing basic Android procedures that must be learned if you want to use your device on full power. Because of that, by using this dedicated step by step guide you can now check how to easily boot your HTC One XL into recovery mode, so don’t hesitate and read the following guidelines.

Recovery mode represents a link between you and your Android device. In that matter you can use the recovery mode for performing various operations on your HTC One XL. For example, you can use the recovery menu for installing a .zip app, for making a Nandroid backup, for making a hard reset, for clearing cache and for lot more. Of course, if you are using the stock recovery then you will be able to apply only the basic operations – if you want to complete risky and custom procedures you will have to flash a custom recovery image (such as CWM or TWRP recovery) on your HTC One XL.

When you first buy your Android phone it is delivers with the stock recovery. Now, if you are an advanced user you will probably replace this stock software with a custom recovery that offers more control over your One XL. Anyway, entering recovery mode on both stock and custom app can be made in the same method, or in the same methods. During the guidelines from below I will show you how to easily enter recovery mode by using easy to apply procedures, so don’t worry and just perform the tasks that are described there.

Do note that these procedures are only compatible with the HTC One XL, so don’t try the same on other Android smartphone as you can end up in damaging or bricking your handset.

How to Enter Recovery Mode on HTC One XL

Use hardware buttons

  1. First of all, turn off your phone – you can either press on power button and select “power off”, or you can press the power button for about 15 seconds.
  2. Then press power key and at the same time press on volume down button.
  3. Use the same volume down key in order to highlight “hboot” and press power to select.
  4. Up next highlight “recovery” and select the same.
  5. Also you can enter recovery, after turning off your phone by pressing and holding power and volume down keys; then release the power button but keep pressing the volume down key. From there just select recovery and that’s it.

Use ADB commands

  1. First of all, on your phone enable USB debugging mode by going to “menu – settings – developer options”.
  2. On your computer install ADB – install Android SDK on Windows or set up ADB on MAC OS X / Linux.
  3. Then connect your smartphone with your computer.
  4. Go to the folder where you have installed ADB.
  5. From there open a command prompt window.
  6. In the cmd box type “adb reboot recovery”.
  7. Wait while HTC One XL is being rebooted into recovery mode.

Use a third party app

  • In order to use this procedure you need to root your One XL first.
  • Then, on your phone download and install the Quick Boot tool.
  • You can get the software from here.
  • Launch the app on your device.
  • Just select the “recovery” option.
  • Confirm and wait until recovery mode is being displayed on your One XL.

So, that was all; now you should be able to enter recovery mode on your HTC One XL, which means that you can complete various operations such as: installing a custom kernel, flashing a custom ROM firmware, fixing boot loop issues, remove bloatware and lot more. Anyway, use the comments section from below in order to share your experience with us and with our users.

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