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Enter Recovery Mode on Rooted and Locked Android devices

The Android system comes with great advantages for its users, as the OS is always opened for changes and improvements. The best is that you can easily customize and optimize the performances of your Android device for improving the speeds, upgrading the battery life or even for replacing the stock firmware with a custom and unofficial one. But in order to do so, you first have to deal with some extra operations that will provide access to the internal system of your smartphone or tablet. As you will see, for each task using the recovery image will be required; that’s why during this general tutorial I will show you how to easily and manually enter recovery mode on rooted and locked Android handsets.

All the Android smartphones and tablets are having a stock recovery image, pre-installed on their systems. The stock recovery can be used for numerous operations such as installing apps from the SD card, backup the data, perform maintenance procedures and so on. But, when dealing with unofficial methods, such as installing a custom ROM or a custom kernel, the stock recovery is useless. In that case you will have to replace the stock recovery with a custom one, an operation that usually requires root access (not always though).

The custom recovery images are bringing more features and options that can be used by the Android users who are trying to tweak their handsets. So, these tools are useful only if you want to perform complex operations on your phone / tablet, else you will replace the stock recovery without any purpose. As mentioned a custom recovery must be used when trying to update with beta, unofficial or custom ROMs, or when installing custom kernels – after that you can overclock / underclock your smartphone or tablet for improving the speeds or for upgrading the battery life.

The most used Android custom recovery images are CWM and TWRP recovery, the last one being the touch version of the first tool. There are many other recovery apps that can be installed on the Android system, but I am recommending you the mentioned tools.

As mentioned above, when trying to flash a custom recovery, root access might be required. In that case, first unlock your smartphone / tablet and then install the app and finally return here and learn how to boot your Android device intro recovery mode. Be aware though as by rooting the warranty will get void and for restoring the same you will have to downgrade to stock firmware, or to update with an official release of the Android software.

Now this guide is compatible with both rooted and locked Android smartphones or tablets, which means that you can learn how to enter recovery mode without dealing with further problems. This method will work on almost all the Android devices out there so the tutorial is a universal operation. So whether you need to enter the stock recovery or the custom recovery (CWM or TWRP recovery) use the steps from below and learn how to do the same.

Usually, for booting into recovery, you need to press a combination of buttons on your handset. First you have to turn off your device, wait a few seconds and then press power and volume up buttons at the same time for a few seconds. The recovery mode should be displayed. But, if that isn’t working for you, follow the guidelines from below:

Enter Recovery Mode on Rooted Android devices

  1. This is the easiest way that can be completed.
  2. From Google Play you need to download a tool on your device.
  3. So, access the Play Store and search for the Quick Boot tool.
  4. You can manually download the app by using the link from here.
  5. Install the tool on your phone / tablet.
  6. Run the same.
  7. From the menu that will be displayed (Recovery, Reboot, Bootloader and Power Off) select “recovery”.
  8. Now your handset will be rebooted into recovery mode, so that’s it.

Enter Recovery Mode on Locked Android devices

  1. In order to succeed with these steps, you will need access to a computer or notebook.
  2. Your handset and its USB cable should also be there.
  3. Your phone must have USB debugging option enabled.
  4. On your computer Android SKD must be installed -> learn how to install Android SDK on Windows or learn how to set up ADB on MAC OS X / Linux.
  5. Connect your device with the computer by using its USB cable.
  6. On your computer navigate through the Fastboot folder.
  7. There open a command prompt window.
  8. On the cmd window type: “adb reboot recovery”.
  9. Good, now your handset will automatically enter in recovery mode menu.

Perfect, the tutorial has been completed. Now you know how to enter recovery mode on rooted and locked Android devices. So, go ahead and use the recovery menu for making Nandroid backups, for installing custom ROMs firmware or for making other complex and powerful operations. If you need help, or if you have something to share with us or with other users, don’t hesitate and use the comments field from below. We will then assist you as soon as possible.

  • Dinu Andrei

    my xperia t dont reboots in recovery its just restarts.what i am doining rong?

    • Sim Kae Hwan

      i met the same problem here. Have you solved it? Would you mind teaching me how to deal with it?

      • Olufohunsi Tolulope

        It’s a problem with the recovery file, especially with clockworld download another and try

    • Mike

      same here, is it on Tmobile? my LG L90 is and Tmobile locks that phone out of recovery mode. does it like show the android symbol with the squiggily thing in its chest? mine shows that and immediately reboots

      • dre

        You guys just have to HOLD the voluME UP volume down AND power button n keep holding all 3 buttons until the phone vibrates several times…. AND THEN WHEN THE SCREEN STAYS BLACk, LET GO OF ALL 3 buttons, n u should be fine

        • Mimi

          Does not work

  • Dinu Andrei

    i rooted,unlockt the bootloader just dont see what is rong

  • Where the heck is this fastboot folder?

    • Lolaapje2


  • what if it is locked and usb debugging is not enabled???

    • Ben

      For these steps, your device being rooted doesn’t matter:

      Samsung Galaxy: While off, hold power, vol up, and home. When boot screen shows let go of power or it can crash. When you see a black screen, let go of vol up and home. Recovery mode comes up.

      Other: While off, hold power and vol up. When boot screen shows let go of power or it can crash. When you see a black screen, let go of vol up. Recovery mode comes up.

      Hope this helps!

      • sam

        doesnt work :c

        • dave

          on htc devices hold volume down button while holding power on button until phone screen comes on

      • mehrab rashed

        it worked

      • Ahmed KhaTer

        i have that problem to … how to enter the download mode { boot loader } when the deviceis locked andusb debigging not enabled ?

      • ravundra

        i have same problem for lenevo A328.. what to do ??
        any solutions ????

    • yuupss

      Android Greeks please help i want to install
      zip From sd card but it isn’t work please reply immediately

      Will it help in installing zip from sd

  • Aslam Hashmi

    hi, i had tried to enter a recovery mode using both quick boot and clockwork recovery but everytime i am frozen on the android logo with red traingle, as shown below. please help me.

    • Eduardo Najar

      Hold Volume Down and then press Volume Up (while holding volume down)

      • Davide Ortiz

        i have the same issue.. whatd did you do?

        • Greg de Hoedt

          i think this site is just to get hits, they don’t reply at all cause they don’t have the answers.

          • Marie Van Ackerbroeck

            Hold power and press volume up shortly! Then you’ll enter recovery mode

        • Craig Cogdell

          its bricked thats why.

      • ashish malgawa

        just press power button

        • Sabrina Ferguson

          this will turn the phone on

    • miki

      i have a same problem helpppp

      • Albert

        Click back

    • Juan Castaneda

      DId you figure it out… I’m having the same issue. Will attempt what Eduardo Najar suggested (Hold Vlm Down and then press Vlm Up while holding vlm down)

    • Tipsfromgeek.com

      You just need to press the power button on this frozen link

      • Sabrina Ferguson

        no. This will turn the phone on

    • 1997AzizAli

      Just click the power button and Use Vol Up to navigate and Vol Down to select. Like if it helps

    • haseeb

      whats the solution to this… for jelly bean 4.2.2

    • Smile Shiva


    • YAS

      same here

    • Martin Marchev

      Hold power key and pres volume up 5 times while holding it.

      • johnjohn supleo

        omg thanks dude…

    • Sabrina Ferguson

      After this page press Start buttona and volume up. the recovery page will appear.

    • yashraj123

      Just press the home button. The home button toggles the display of text.
      Source: experience. 🙂

    • baba


    • kartik

      Try doin this, long press the power button then once the ‘Power off / restart’ menu pops up… Long press on Power off.. That will reboot the phone to safe mode which i think is what they be talking about..

  • Kiran

    Please tell me i rooted my Mobile Micromax a26, But the next thing what i have to do is, I need Custom Rom For this,,, please help me to turn on with Recovery mode and give a guidance to Install a Rom to Micromax a 26… plzzzzzzzzzzz. Helppppppppppppp………… My Mail ID. Kiran4you@live.com

  • yash

    can i install aosp 4.4.2 rom for my xperia s without unlocking the bootloader??? coz i cnt find the drivers for my xperia S and without them my bootloader cannot be unlocked..
    plzz help…

    • Kenny Franz

      I don’t think so. There has to be a toolkit out there or cmnd to use through adb for your device. Check YouTube and XDA forums for unlocking the bootloader on your device. I saw some really simple bootloader unlocking methods surface recently. I just used one on a Verizon gs3 that took 3 minutes tops. Keep looking.

  • honeyashrafali

    with my samsung galaxy star s5282 i failed in updating firmware from den it only shows samsung logo it does not enter into recovery mode but it is entering into download mode so some one plzzz help me fix my phone plzz……

    • Kenny Franz

      Flash a new recovery using Odin from DL mode while connected to a PC via USB. This will require your device to be rooted, if it isn’t, try finding the correct toolkit to root your device through an Android Device Bridge (ADB) first.

  • Leumas Erilad

    after i click the manager there cmd appear but it will close immediately., all your tutorials not working

    • Benjamin

      same problem…

      • Kenny Franz

        Using a toolkit with fastboot through adb?


    My Xperia S is rooted and unlocked bootloader. I’ve tried to reboot in recovery more by all possible means(pressing vol+ button on booting, tapping on SONY symbol on booting, used cmd after installing sdk manger, apps like recoverx, rom manager,quick boot, etc…) but none of the methods works for me. Kindly help …

    • Kenny Franz

      Try installing a different recovery. They don’t always work equally well on every device. If your using TWRP now, try switching to CWM recovery and vise versa.

  • 512MB of RAM

    Rooted phone ^_^

  • Dev Raj

    hi everyone i have Asus Padfone and unfortunately its IMEI code got reset , can anyone help me how to restore it:

    I have tried following thing but didn’t worked

    1. Reset to factory settings

    2. update from external SD card

    3. *#*#3646633#*#* code using dialer

    4. i have recovery backup file but don’t know how to restore it.
    Please reply My email ID is DEV938@gmail.com

    • Kenny Franz

      You may need to look into having it JTAG. It will restore everything to factory. I can recommend a Dev that provides this service, it usually costs around $50 and you get your device back in about a week.

  • Benjamin

    umm… the fastboot, program, thingy… it doesn’t work!!!

    • Kenny Franz

      Are you using a toolkit? If so make sure it contains the latest version of SuperSU. If not you will have to DL the new one separately and replace the older version with it in the toolkit files.

  • Benjamin

    oh, yeh, and I’m using this to get aces to my phone with a frame, thingy, because my friend locked me out while I had Wi-Fi disabled

  • Ashutosh Kothari

    hey.. it is not detecting my device,, no idea y..
    i cant even enter the recovery mode even though my phone is rooted.. i did something wrong i guess i flashed the wrong file
    plz help asap!!

    • Tvs Harish Naidu

      first jst switch on the device

    • Kenny Franz

      Try to find a toolkit where you can use cmnds and fastboot to redo the rooting process, also make sure you are installing the most current SuperSU binary when rooting. You can use an Android Device Bridge (ADB) to communicate the commands for installing the files from your computer to your device. Search for the correct toolkit for your device and bread the instructions thoroughly on how to utilize an ADB.

  • zoran

    this was GREAT

  • Bobby Lynn

    I have a Stock LG Venice. Every time I try to enter recovery mode I get a message telling me to be ready, then it goes to the dead android with the red triangle and exclamation point. The password to the phone is lost and I cannot get into turn on debugging mode. What else can be done to reset the phone?

    • Kenny Franz

      Put it into download mode and use Odin to flash a new recovery etc… from your PC.

  • Simon

    Hello all, Thank you for this very well made tutorial (as always) unfortunately I’ve got a xperia T and just like Andrei notified it doesn’t work and only reboot.
    Seems xperias are hard to jump to recovery mode, I’ve tried applications (such as Quick Boot and many others) as well by using the adb.
    So here is my question, How to enter recovery mode for Sony Xperia?
    Thank you!

    • Tvs Harish Naidu

      try second method

    • Kenny Franz

      Does it have a locked bootloader? If so, you need to unlock that. Do a search on how it’s done on your device and try that before making any modifications. YouTube videos can be helpful in these situations since bootloader can be a hassle to unlock.

  • rohit

    unable to start my phone Samsung GT-7562 in normal as well as in recovery mode what to do

    • Kenny Franz

      Try using a jig to get into download mode then flas a custom recovery using Odin on a PC. Jig = $6 on Amazon.

  • Ken Magno

    hi there can you help me about my cloudfone354g .my android is stuck in welcome logo. and i can’t find a stock ROM. please help me how to recover. please email me on kenzukie67@gmail.com

  • joel yabut

    i cant boot my android tablet… its lock from data
    how can i easily boot it… help please

  • Tvs Harish Naidu

    actually,my device is strucking in boot logo,wen i tried second method ‘

    Enter Recovery Mode on Locked Android devices’ it restarts but does not goes to recovery mode.

    • Kenny Franz

      Try another recovery, check which one is best for your device and install that to see if it solves your problem. If you are opposed to rooting your device and you just want stock recovery, double check the procedure for getting into recovery for your device. If you’re positive you are doing it correctly, you may need to use Odin to flash a new recovery (TWRP or CWM). Although, this would require root access and your device to be in download mode. If you are not rooted you may need to use a toolkit with fastboot and root your device through an adb using cmnds. If this is your last resort, make sure you backup your phone as best you can and be very careful. If you have trouble getting to download mode grab a micro USB jig off Amazon for $6. Works like a charm.

      If you truly haven’t made any modification to the device, I would try getting it fixed by the manufacturer.

  • Juan Manuel

    I have this error on my phone
    verifying update package
    installation aborted
    its an atrix hd

    • Kenny Franz

      Do you have any mods on your device? Most times your device can no longer upgrade as it normally would from an ota or any scheduled stock manufacturer firmware etc… updates once the device has been modified. You would have to find the update file online and manually update your device. If that still doesn’t work, you can try reverting back to the latest stock firmware and unrooting your device. You may be able to complete the upgrade from there but it’s not a sure thing.

  • Bailey

    My lg g2 d800 is rooted, last night it died so I plugged it in and fell asleep… Now it tries to turn on but gets to AT&T screen then goes to a faded screen, then it’ll repeat

    • Kenny Franz

      Sounds like a bootloop. If you can get it into recovery (start by pulling the battery) you can try creating a nandroid backup, wiping the phone to factory, then reinstall the nandroid you created to see if that fixed the issue. If it doesn’t, you may have to go back and factory wipe and reinstall your ROM. Try erasing the cache and delvik files from your recovery first, make sure you fix permissions and then reboot system all from recovery.

      If you can’t get into recovery, you should still be able to get into download mode to reflash the ROM. If you can’t get into download mode using the buttons during initialization (starting from the off position), you can use a jig. They are about $6 on Amazon and when plugged into your devices micro USB port, while it’s powered off, it will immediately send your device to download mode by you simply turning on the device. That will allow you to use Odin to flash anything needed such as a new recovery etc…

  • Nadeem Ahmed Siddiqui

    OK! i have booted in stock recovery mod. but, where and how to select a recovery for chinese model devices, for which custom recoveries are not available? I think I have to choose one of available recoveries and roms according to processor? or board? or what?

    • Kenny Franz

      If you can get the make and model # there is a good chance a thorough internet search and perusing a few forums on your device will provide you with some idea of your options for a cust. recovery.

  • kenneth

    when i click recovery, it automatically factory reset my device. Why?…im using acer iconia one 7 b1-740. pls help……

    • Kenny Franz

      Are you clicking “recovery” while your already in recovery mode? When you reboot into recovery you will see a menu of which “recovery” should be one of the options. Along with other options like “backup to ext sd”, “restore from SD”, “wipe – factory reset”, “advanced etc…”. If you have used your recovery to create a backup or nandroid before you started, make sure you are not selecting a menu option that is meant to wipe or reset your device, or a recovery option that will revert your phone back to how it was when you created your nandroid backup.

      If this is not the case, double check your recovery to ensure it is the correct one for your device. If it’s the stock recovery, I suggest a factory wipe and start over from stock. You may want to consider installing a custom CWM or TWRP recovery compatible with your device prior to doing a factory reset. Furthermore, if you are already using a CWM or TWRP recovery, try switching from the one your using to the other. Depending on the device, one recovery may work better than the other.

      Good Luck!!

  • zenny

    how to unlock share android mid 2810

  • kram

    hi sir,,cnt i help me to recover my tablet..,because i tried to reboot my tablet its very to hard to reboot.,.,pleeeeezzzz sir cant i help me..,

    • Kenny Franz

      Download quick reboot from the app store if rooted, download fast reboot if unroofed. Either app will quickly reboot your device.

  • Sim Kae Hwan

    Hi, i have tried to configured my PC to have android SDK and checked with command prompt that my device was recognized and connected with my PC. However, when I typed on cmd “adb reboot recovery”, my sozy Z2 just simply reboot and not going to recovery mode. Can anyone tell me what I have done wrongly?

    • Kenny Franz

      Are you using a toolkit with fastboot? Also, try downloading quick reboot from the play store. If the rooting process was successful it should reboot to recovery by using that app.

      • I dont suppose one of you guys could give me a step by step with the CMD thing here.. I don’t really get the instructions. It says to navigate to the Fasboot Folder, and there to open CMD.. how do you open CMD in a location? I wasn’t aware of that being a thing that computers can even do.. As far as I know, you can browse to folders in Explorer, and separately, completely unrelated to that, you can open CMD. Does it mean to browse to the location in CMD?
        Also, I can’t figure out for the life of me what or where my fastboot folder is (on a Motorola Droid 2).
        Thanks for your help,

        • my-ro

          to open CMD in a location :
          browse to the said location
          use SHIFT+right click then select open a command window here

  • jonhy

    i have a tablet, Utok and don’t have the fizics butons for volume, how can acces the recovery mode, thx

    • Kenny Franz

      Download fast reboot or quick boot from the play store.

  • amar

    “device not found”after pressing enter in cmd

    • Kenny Franz

      Is usb debugging on? If so then it may be your drivers. Sometimes Kies will update your PC with the correct drivers, even if it’s not a Samsung phone, it will sometimes work. However, if you have a phone incompatible with the drivers kies installs, you will have to find the drivers for your specific device and make sure your PC is using the most current drivers for your device. You should try uninstalling Kies as well if it is not solving your driver issues.

      You may also want to try all USB ports on your PC. Sometimes they are not all configured to recognize every device. There may only be one of three, for example, that will be able to successfully communicate with your device. Sometimes a lot of trial and error can be necessary, so make sure you backup your device and take every precaution if trying multiple approaches. It’s risky so be careful! Follow credible instructions and maybe watch a YouTube video of the whole process first to get familiar with what you may see.

      Lastly, even a successful rooting and custom recovery installation can seem like it failed. If using button combinations to boot into your recovery, you may need to try a few times before you get it right. If you want to be certain, download Titanium Backup from the Play Store. This app will check for root access as soon as you open it up. It will then prompt you with a message confirming if you have root access or not. Some devices are trickier than others. In the same respect, it may take several attempts of the same process to successfully complete the actual rooting itself. It doesn’t always take the first time.

      And obviously, double check the cmnds if you are manually inputting them, also make sure the Dev didn’t make any small typos or forgot a character somewhere. It’s rare but it’s happened.

      P.s. check the manufacturers’ website of your device, many times you can find the correct drivers there. Otherwise, happy hunting.

  • Sabrina Sepulveda

    can anyone please help me? I have a LG Optimus L90 and its rooted. Long Story short… woke up one morning and notice my batt was low so I plugged it in to charge, 15 min later I noticed it was not charging and the batt was now really low. It suddenly turned off and WILL NOT TURN ON PERIOD. I bought a new batt …nothing, new wall charger…nothing…car and pc cord/charger…nothing . When I hook it up to my laptop, instead of my computer recognizing it as ANDROID, it recognizes it as UNKNOWN. Also, when I do connect the phone to pc windows tries to install device drivers and it can’t install them. Windows says that this device does not have any drivers. CAN ANYONE PLEASE PLEASE help me? Have ANY advice. Thank you?

    • Guest

      Sounds like a soft brick, however, with the battery not charging it seems suspicious. Are you using the USB cable that came with it? If so, try and use a different USB cable and see if that was the problem. Hope you work it out. If you can’t, I know someone who can JTAG it for you to get it back to factory no matter how screwed up it is as long as the hardware isn’t damaged. Lmk.

    • Kenny Franz

      Sounds like a soft brick, however, with the battery not charging it seems suspicious. Are you using the USB cable that came with it? If so, try and use a different USB cable and see if that was the problem. Hope you work it out. If you can’t, I know someone who can JTAG it for you to get it back to factory no matter how screwed up it is as long as the hardware isn’t damaged. Lmk.

  • Kenny Franz

    How to Hard Reset an Android Phone

    Is your Android Smartphone slow, freezing, not responsive, responding incorrectly, or you can’t remember the phones password? You’re in luck! There is still a pretty powerful option available, and that is to perform a hard reset, also known as an alternate reset, on the device.

    Before we begin… If you are still able to access the setting on your device and navigate the phone then you might be more interested in reading How to backup and reset an Android phone, which goes through the process of doing a full backup and then performing a Factory Data Reset through the phones settings.

    If you’re having problems accessing your factory data reset options through the settings then you can still perform a factory reset on your Android Smartphone and this article will show you how to do it. This is the perfect solution if you’re having problems with your touch screen, or you can’t navigate correctly on your phone. It’s also an option if you can’t get your device to power on all the way or when your phone won’t power on at all.

    If you’re seeking to do a reset on your Android Smartphone then you most likely know how effective a reset can be at solving issues on phones. Through this article I am going to go over multiple ways to perform resets on your phone without actually having to navigate through the touch screen. Your phone doesn’t even need to be on in order to do it in most instances!
    Make sure the device is powered off

    Most of these hard resets require that your phone is completely powered off, so make sure that your phone is powered off all the way not just locked. If you’re phone isn’t responding and you can’t power off the phone with the power button, then you might need to pull the battery out, count to ten, and then put the battery back in. Just don’t power the phone back on if you have to reinsert the battery. Keep the device powered off.

    Also make sure that your phone is not plugged into a charger. If the phone is plugged into a charger or if the device is not fully powered off, the reset is not going to work.
    Hard reset methods and procedures may differ

    Alternate resets also usually involve performing a series of key combinations which we’ll get to in a minute. The key combination you have to perform will highly depend on the specific make and model of the phone and what version of Android OS (Operating System) is currently running on the device. For example you might be able to perform a reset on a phone one way if it’s running the 2.2 (Froyo) OS, then you upgrade your phone to the 2.3 (Gingerbread) OS and the method no longer works, causing you to use a different method (I have an example of this in method 6 and 7 below). When you upgrade again to the 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) OS you might have to use a different method and different key combination to perform the same alternate reset. So just beware of this.

    You might also need to attempt the reset a couple times for it to go through correctly.

    Disclaimer: Remember that a reset is permanent and cannot be undone. It will erase all personal data and downloaded content on the phone, don’t worry it will not affect or erase your memory card or anything saved on your SIM card. This includes content such as pictures, ringtones, texts, apps, etc. and will usually fix software glitches, bugs, viruses, etc as well. Try if at all possible, to perform a backup first. Usually when you need to perform an alternate reset on your mobile phone you might not be able to do a backup.
    Preparation for a hard reset on an Android phone

    Just a minor side note, on a typical alternate reset so that you know what to expect. You’re going to power the phone off, hold a specific set of key combinations (shown below), access a fastboot/testing/recovery/etc screen, select reset, and then the phone is going to power itself off, all by itself, then it’s going to power itself back on, all by itself. This can take a few minutes, some phones can take up to 15 min to reboot (pretty uncommon though, the average phone probably takes 3-5 min). Once it reboots the phone is going to think its brand new right off the shelf. So go ahead and set it up again like you did when you first got it.

    If you own an Android Smartphone manufactured by Pantech then unfortunately you cannot perform an alternative reset on your device. Pantech Smartphones currently do not have a hard reset feature; the only reset available on Pantech phones is through the settings.
    Let’s start with the most common Hard Reset methods and go from there:

    Note: the different types of methods are numbered, method 1, method 2, method 3, etc.

    1. When the phone is powered off, press and hold the Volume Up and the Volume Down keys both at the same time, then press and hold the Power key until a test screen that shows some available options appears, usually takes about 15-20 seconds. When that screen pops up you can let go of the keys.

    Press the Volume Down key to navigate down through the options until it highlights FACTORY RESET then press the Power key to select it.

    2. Power the phone off all the way, press and hold the Volume Down key and press than release the Power key, still holding the volume down key for about 10-15 seconds. When you see some additional options pop up on the screen you can let go of the keys.

    Press the Volume Down key to navigate down through the options until it highlights the reset option; it usually says FACTORY RESET, then press the Power key to make the selection.

    3. While powered off, press and hold the Home key, while continuing to hold the home key power the device on by pressing the Power key.

    Once the Android Recovery screen appears release the Home key, then while on the Android Recovery screen, press the Volume Up and Volume Down keys both at the same time.

    If/when you’re on the Android System Recovery screen release all the keys, and then use the Volume down key to navigate down to the “wipe date/factory reset” option. Once it’s highlighted press the Power key to select it.

    Once you see the “Confirm wipe of all user data?” Press the Volume down key to highlight “Yes—delete all user data”, then press the Power key to select it.

    4. Power the device off, then press and hold the Home key and press and release the Power key (while still holding the Home key).

    From the Android Recovery screen, press the Search key.

    Tap to select wipe data/factory reset then select Ok (located in the lower left of the screen). Note: if screen is not responsive use the Volume keys to scroll and the Camera key to select.

    Select Yes – delete all user data, and then select OK (again lower left).

    Select “reboot system now” and press OK.

    5. This is becoming a common hard reset method and can be used to factory reset Samsung’s more recent Galaxy smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S III, the Samsung Galaxy S4, the S5, the Samsung Galaxy Note the Note II and Note 3, etc.

    With the device powered off press and hold the Volume Up key the Home key and the Power key all at the same time.

    When the phone vibrates (or you see the GALAXY Logo) release the Power key but continue to hold the Volume Up and Home key.

    Continue holding the Volume up and Home key until the “Android system recovery” screen appears.

    Use the Volume buttons to scroll to and highlight the “wipe data/factory reset” option, and then use the Power key to make the selection.

    Once the factory reset is finished you may use the Volume and Power keys to highlight and select the “Reboot system now” option and the hard reset will be complete and your cell phone will be nice and squeaky clean.

    6. Here is an alternate reset for a Motorola Atrix still running on the 2.2 Android OS…

    While the phones power is off, press and hold the Volume down button and press and release the power button (note: if it doesn’t work after all the steps listed try holding down the power button along with the volume down button in this first step).

    A “Fastboot” screen should pop up, press the Volume down key to cycle through the choices until you get to “Android Recovery”, then press the Volume up key.

    Wait for the “triangle!/Android”. Once it pops up you’ll need to tap on the bottom right corner of the screen (note: it may take a few attempts). A menu should pop up.

    Tap on “wipe data/factory reset”, and then tap OK. Another confirmation screen will appear. Tap Yes and then OK.

    After the data is cleared the “reboot system now” option should appear and is highlighted by Default. Tap OK.

    Note: this type of reset is common on the 2.2 (Froyo) before the tech geeks wised up and removed the need to use the touch screen.

    7. This reset is for the same phone, the Motorola Atrix, but one that’s running on the 2.3 OS.

    Power off the phone, press and hold the Volume down button and Power button simultaneously while powering on the unit.

    The “Fastboot” screen should pop up. When it does press the Volume down key to cycle through the choices until you get to “Android Recovery”, and then press the Volume up key to boot in this mode.

    Wait for the “triangle!/Android” screen to pop up. Once it does press both the Volume up and Volume down keys simultaneously. A Recovery Menu should pop up.

    Tap on the Volume down key until “wipe data/factory reset” is highlighted, and then tap the Power button. Another Confirmation screen will come up. Tap on the Volume down key until it highlights “Yes” and then tap the Power button to make the selection.

    After it’s done make sure “reboot system now” is highlighted and then tap the Power button.

    In this method you don’t have to use the touch screen any more. So let’s say your touch screen isn’t responding therefore you can’t navigate the phone or go into your settings and do a regular factory data reset. Well now on the 2.3 there is hope. Just power off the phone and perform these steps and the reset should go through.

    8. Here is a hard reset for a Sharp Android Smartphone.

    While the device is off, hold the Sym button (it’s located on the keyboard) and the Power button simultaneously.

    Once the Android boot screen appears highlight the Wipe data/factory reset option by using the volume buttons. Then use the Return key (on the keyboard) to actually make the selection.

    Scroll down to Yes – delete all user data and then press the Power key to confirm.

    Once it is done select reboot system now and press the Power key to confirm and reboot your handset.

    Important Note: On some Sharp models (such as the Sharp FX Plus ADS1) if holding the Sym button and Power key simultaneously doesn’t take you directly to the Android system recovery screen you might have to do one additional step. If using this hard reset key combination takes you to a screen which shows an exclamation mark within a triangle, then press the Home key (while on that exclamation mark screen) and this should take you to your Sharps Android system recovery options.

    9. Here is a common method used to hard reset an LG Android smartphone. So if you need to hard reset an LG Optimus this is the hard reset key combination to try first.

    After the LG phone has been powered off, press and hold the Volume Down button. While holding the Volume Down button, press and hold the Home button. While holding both the Volume Down button and Home button, press and hold the Power button.

    Continue holding these three keys down simultaneously until the LG logo appears.

    Once the LG Logo appears release all of the keys. This will complete the reset on many LG phones; you will be given the option to “Select your language” and can proceed with setting up your device as if you were setting up the phone for the first time.

    If however, you are taken to a fastboot screen or a screen with additional options then use the Volume Down key to scroll to and highlight the wipe data/factory reset option and then press the Menu key to make the selection.

    The phone might give you a confirmation screen in which you can use the Volume Down key to scroll to and highlight Yes — delete all user data and then press the Menu key to make the selection.

    If you get an option to reboot system now then select that option with the Menu key. The phone will reboot, which can take a couple of minutes, and the hard reset will be complete.

    10. A less common method to hard reset an Android smartphone, but the following key combination can be used to reset some cell phones including the Samsung Gio (GT-S5660).

    Power the phone off, by using the power button or by removing and then reinserting the battery (when possible).

    While the phone is off press and hold the Home button and the Power key at the same time (the Home key is typically the big button on the bottom center of the phone under the display/touch screen).

    When the phone starts to power on and you see the phones logo you can release the power button but keep pressing the Home button until the Android system recover screen appears. Once it pops up you can release the Key(s).

    Use the Volume keys to highlight the “wipe data/factory reset” option, and then use the Home key to make the selection. Scroll down using the Volume keys again until the “Yes—delete all user data” option is highlighted and then press the Home key to select that as well.

    The system recover screen should pop back up and when it does make sure that “reboot system now” is highlighted and press the Home key to make the selection. The phone will restart and the hard reset will be done.

    11. Another uncommon hard reset technique but similar to the one used in method #2. This process can be used to hard reset T-mobiles Prism and Prism II as well as AT&Ts Huawei Fusion (U8652).

    Turn off the phone and then press and hold the Volume Up key and Power key simultaneously until the Android system recover screen appears.

    Use the Volume Down key to highlight the “wipe data/factory reset” option and then use the Power button to make the selection.

    Use the Volume Down key to highlight “Yes — delete all user data” and use the power key to proceed with the reset.

    Once the reset is complete the phone may return to the Android system recover screen. If it does then use the Volume Down button to highlight “reboot system now” and press the Power key to confirm the action.

    The phone will restart and the hard reset will be complete.

    Now you know how to hard reset an Android Smartphone and the next time your touch screen stops responding, your phone freezes, your phones power cycling, you forget your password, or pretty much any reason you wouldn’t be able to perform a reset through the settings, you’ll be set.

    • Aaron Miller

      Hi Kenny,
      I read a ton of your comments To find the answer to my question to no avail.
      If I don’t have access to a device with a custom rom and its passcode locked many times doing an Odin stock recovery will wipe the device….
      However (especially on the newer Galaxy models) I’m stuck on a half dozen devices that will update and be right back at the startup screen.
      I can’t use adb because developer options is not checked.
      I have seen a couple people ask you this same question without. A reply… 🙂
      Hopefully I’m lucky number 3.

  • Zach Leggett

    how do I enter recovery mode on a htc dsire 610

  • Jomari Eisma

    how can i co to recovery mode .. stock recovery ??

  • Jomari Eisma

    help -_-

  • SlickWilly

    My Sprint LG G2 is stuck in fastboot mode. Every time I hold Vol down and press power it goes to the factory reset mode and gives me an error and goes right back to the fastboot screen

  • farshad

    hi. my device htc 816 dual sim. in cmd type adb reboot recovery…
    my phone reboot to recovery but screen is black.please hellp mi !!!!

  • Snehil

    Hi . can you please help,its urgent,me all the developers I have flashed a wrong ROM on moto e and now it is not starting up if you have any solution please email on :snehil2003@gmail.com, please there’s got to be a way to go in recovery mode . I have tried the button combinations it is just stuck
    Please I beg everyone

  • Snehil

    I ment i all the developers help

  • dojoshima

    the quick boot loader does not work for me on htc desire 610 and when I try recovery it malfunctions and kicks me out.

  • Rude Boy Rudeboy

    hi my cell phne namely QMobile Noir X6 Look this picture is my smart phone but i don’t no what i can do i try recovery mode but not response. please help me.

    hi ya mera mobile hai jis ka naam QMobile Noir X6 hai nechay tasveer bhi hai post ki hai yr mujhy is mai lolipop 5.0.1 kr na hai mere paas hai but mujhy is mai install kr ny k liye recovery mode pe jana hau jo k mujhy sy nai ho raha mai try kia but koi response nai milla please madad krain.

    mai ny jubk try kia nechay ka button 3 dafa daba k power button kia tub bhi nai hua phir mai ny oper ka dabaya 3 dafa toh is facory mode khulaa recover mode nai khoola .. look please help kro yr.

    please reply k liyee alisultanahmed2@gmail.com pe send kr dena.

    • saeed

      You need to remove battery and the press the volume key(
      both up and down) the insert the battery and press power button and the press
      volume up key for recovery mood and then press or touch the menu button at left
      button of your mobile

  • gary

    Hi Guys, Need Help, my tablet is cycling between the screen shown below and the start up screen. It have a reset on back, tried that, tried power button and volume up. have down loaded phoenix card tool and tried different firmware. Can not get it to boot of card! Tablet is a 9′ Quad core+DSP, Android 4.4. It has a ATM7029B Processor. mother board is a TEAN E120339 94V-0ML1. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Fang the Hedgebat

    I need help badly, please. I’m trying to hard reset my tablet because the password was locked by my brother on airplane mode and no USB debugging enabled. I try every combination of buttons to try and enter recovery mode, but every combination just lights up the stand-by light green as if it was on, but the screen doesn’t react. There’s no vibration, no noise, the screen doesn’t even “go black”. It’s just off entirely. And I thought I’d be lucky with the reset button in the back, but apparently it works only as a reSTART button, only turning my tablet on normally. Is my tablet defective? Is there something else I should try? I’m unaware of the exact model of the tablet; all I can tell you is that it has a power button, volume buttons, a reset button on the back and a button that only seems to turn the screen on and off. Not one of the tablets with a home button, unless that screen button IS the home button. Thank you for reading, and if there’s anything you can even suggest, I’d be incredibly grateful to you forever.

  • AGriculture BOy Malnegro

    i still cant open my recovey mode it will reboot instead

  • Shadrach Penitala

    My Sony xperia z2 has been locked for almost 2 month nw, so can anyone place help?

  • miau maiu

    My xperia J says I don’t have a root! What does this mean? ;A;

  • Móñú Síñgh

    For any android issue contact me on fb i may help out in my possible ways..;)

  • My phone is dead.Now what can i do.


    Will this work on lg optimus pad l-06c with honeycom

  • HTM

    After a wrong turn it seems in ROM Manager my galaxy tab 4 7.0 is frozen. It only shows the white Samsung Galaxy Tab 7. All key combinations with Volume and Power to try to get it into recovery mode don’t show results. Also there is no home button. It only shows a soft button when the device is booted up…any idea where I am. ADB does not work either because it does not recognize the device.

    • Christopher Walker Couch

      did you get you tablet fixed i have the same problem with the usb

    • HTM

      No. I used the battery for another Tab and thru the rest away. Was a Chinese clone anyway.

  • HTM

    It seems I have a problem nobody experienced so far. Galaxy Tab 4 7.xx. No hard home button! Volume + power switch won’t get me in recovery. The USB debugging is not activated so adb can not find the device, All I have is the monochrom display SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab 7. I can’t boot it, I can not access anything, therefore I can not access any app that would possibly help.I tried reset, i tried Volume +/- & power…Any expert out there who has an idea? thanks

  • Mora Mero

    how to get recovery mod in sony xperia v

  • Griffin Samy Kristal

    I’m in a boot loop now… PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!

  • lucien

    None of the methods are helping me to get into the recovery mode.

    Equally, I’ve a rooted Wiko Bloom and the way is POWER + & –
    Then + for Recovery Mode. Then the factory icon is shown for ten seconds. Enjoy voila a buzz and whole the thing is start up normally.
    Volume down is Factory Mode and from there I can test all the crap this phone has installed.

    Is there a other way to dismiss the old recovery? Plz help me THX

  • Patrick Erdman

    cant enter recovery mode because my volume up button does not work

  • Khaled Mostafa

    i have problem flashing white screen and usb not detected because i install driver wrong in odins when restart i get flashing white screen on model mobile galaxy y gt-s6102 dual i want to recovery by sdcard if have any one help me for this problem.

  • Zeeshan Anwar

    hi there… I have razr 201m, I am stucked and cant access recovery menu. I had tried every thing I think. if any one have solution can call me on my number I e +923155089703… I am also available on WhatsApp. please help

  • Sagar

    hello, i rooted my htc 816 when i go to install cm zip file it shows red trangle and it also not rebooting system come to recovery again and again. i also restore my data and system but it doing same how to start my htc normaly plz help

  • Greg de Hoedt

    how can you install something on your device if it is stuck in boot mode? I have been on 3 pages and your advice is shocking!

  • Patrick

    Hi i can’t get in recovery mode with my Sony experia Z2 phone.
    I’ve installed everything as above.
    Tested in command promt with abd devices, and i see my device.
    But when i enter abd reboot recovery, the phone just reboots.

    Can someone help me?

  • aldrin john pacris

    i rooted my phone with kingroot app, then uninstall some apps(bloatware), then i uninstall the kingroot app then i reboot the phone. then when i install CLash of clans it says that my phone does not support the app. even i used it before. help me pls

  • Randy Moore

    help my tablet wont go past the logo screen with the words enjoy life everyday the model is MID_M1006S PC20111019002

  • Raj ningthoujam

    Clockwork mod recovery is not supporting in my device xolo Q2100 please make cwm comfortable with my device

  • abraham murciano

    when i type adb reboot recovery into cmd in the fastboot folder, i get this: “error: device offline”.

    I have made sure debugging is enabled, and the device is plugged in properly

    Anyone able to help me out here?

  • Ather Murtaza

    I did every single step nice and fine, but it ‘FAILS’ displaying something “Blocked by R/L”. What’s the matter now?

  • Kylie Oldham

    I have a Samsung Galaxy J3. It is a black screen. It will vibrate every now and then and twice I tried to power it on but the only thing it did was play a song (the song was either “Ride” or “Stressed Out”, by Twenty One Pilots). What do I do? Can this be solved without going into town? Please help me.

  • Sanjeev Pandav

    My firmware version is XXUBNG3, So can i root my mob using the above method?

  • Shahrul Nizam

    my tablet can’t be on
    how to access my tablet to the computer to adb reboot recovery because my tablet stuck on recovery mode after system update.please help me & give me arw solution…

  • mr king

    i try it and now my phone won’t turn on… help me………

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