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Facebook for Android Receives Major Update, Ditches HTML5 for Native Code

The Facebook application for Android has just a major update, as the social network officials have announced that the HTML5 code has been ditched in favor of native code, which brings a boost in speed and performance.

Already available in Google Play, the new Facebook 2.0 is a lot quicker than the previous version. It basically received the same treatment that was applied to the Facebook app for iOS about four months ago.

After ditching all the web content pre-loaded in the Facebook app by switching to a native code, the loading times in the Facebook 2.0 dropped almost 50% on any terminal powered by Google’s mobile operating system. The scrolling in the Facebook news feed or timeline is now a lot quicker, while the photos are displayed faster on the same Internet connection.

Moreover, you can now go through entire sets of pictures directly form the news feed, without clicking on the albums.

If you are spending enough time in the new Facebook 2.0 for Android, you will get real-time notifications in the top end of the main window telling you that new stories about your friends are now available. With a simple tap, the news feed will be updated and you will be sent to the top of news feed page.