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Facebook Messenger Receives Minor Update with Photo Sharing and more

Facebook Messenger for Android just received a new update the 5.0 version of the app being now available on Google Play. This is a minor update that brings several improvements and new features, so if you want to check what’s new on the Facebook Messenger app for Android, check the lines from below.

First of all, for receiving the update you just have to update your Facebook Messenger app right on your Android device, of if you haven’t use this software until now, just search for the same trough Google Play. The 5.0 version of Facebook Messenger will smoothly run on any Android system, though the new features will work only on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean or higher.

The updated app brings improved photo sharing and video capabilities along with a new selfie mode that can be used anytime you want to surprise your friends or when you want to capture your own special moments. With Facebook Messenger 5.0 you will be able to send videos right from your Gallery and you can take photos within the software and then share the images with your friends on a single tap.

The new version of the app is stable and will smoothly run on any Android handset. Therefore, if you want to see the results by yourself don’t hesitate and download the update now from Google Play. Also, don’t forget to share your impressions with us and with our readers by using the comments field from below.