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Facebook Talks Facebook Home Privacy

Let’s face it, Facebook doesn’t have a great reputation when it comes to using personal data. Starting with the reticence the users or potential users are looking at all the personal data they have to fill in when signing up for the biggest social network in the world and ending with the unfortunate statements made by Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook is seen by many as a “spy” and it’s no wonder that the company’s latest product launches came along with announcements to make the users feel safer.

In a post published on the company’s official blog, the Facebook officials have explained how the latest product, the Facebook Home for Android, works with privacy. According to the official statement, when it comes to privacy, the Facebook Home will not behave differently compared to how Facebook apps do.

Therefore, Facebook Home will collect the same data regarding location, and, just like it happens with the Facebook app or Facebook Messenger, the user will be able to turn it off. Facebook Home will be able to collect info regarding the apps launched from Home Launcher, but the data contained by the respective apps can’t be accessed through the classic Facebook APIs, just like it happens at the moment. This applies only for the applications launched from Facebook Home interface, and not for those from the Android host system, which will not be affected. The interactions within the service will be treated identically with those from the current dedicated Facebook apps.

For the customers that will use the HTC First smartphone or other models that will come pre-loaded with Facebook Home, data about the received notifications will be collected, but not about their content. As for the Facebook Home application, which will become available for download in Google Play Store starting Friday, the Android notification system will not be affected, so the interested users will not have to worry about this matter.

Finally, the company wanted to assure its users that they will continue to receive updates for the current Facebook apps in Play Store, just in case someone though that Facebook lost its mind and will try to push Home as the only way to access the social network.

These privacy and security clauses can be changed in time, but we have to remark that Facebook didn’t manage to fix its reputation, but at least is not trying to make things even worse.