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How to factory reset an Android device

Factory reset is a very useful feature present on all Android devices, as it can help you in many situations. It basically deletes everything from your device, except the Android itself. After your perform a factory reset, your device will look like new.

What does a factory reset do

This feature allows you to delete everything on your Android device. You can delete contacts, sms messages, call logs, apps and app data. And there is also an option  to erase the memory card, so you delete the photos, videos and any other files you may have on your device.

Why do i need the factory reset

Factory reset is good in many situations. It’s extremely recommend to do it before selling your Android device, so that the buyer can’t access your private information. It is also useful if your device starts working slow because of too many installed applications. Doing it will make the Android device work like new.

It’s also very useful when updating to another firmware. Some firmwares are not compatible with the others and they will require you to do a factory reset.

Please note that there isn’t any way to recover data after a factory reset if you didn’t perform backups before. There are a lot of options for doing backups to your contacts, sms messages, call logs, apps and even the entire Android device.

Please follow these links to perform backups: How to sync contacts | SMS backup & restore | Call Logs backup & restore | APN Backup & Restore.

To do a nandroid backup you will need to have root access to your Android device and ClockworkMod installed.

How to factory reset an Android device

Doing a factory reset on an Android smartphone is very easy and it only takes a few seconds getting there, though it may take a few minutes until it wipes everything. You will have to go to Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset > Reset phone. It’s up to you if you want to check Erase USB storage or not. By checking it you can be sure that nothing remains on the smartphone, except the operating system itself.

You can also check the video below to see how it’s done: