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How to Fix Bricked Verizon Galaxy S3

If you had managed to somehow brick your Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3, then this step by step guide will come in very handy for you, as I will be showing you how to fix your bricked smartphone. The guide is quite complex, so you should be aware that there is a lot of work that must be performed. Don’t worry as I have tried to explain everything so that everyone can understand what to do; just read and follow the steps from below and everything should be fine. Read all the following lines or else you will not be able to unbrick your Galaxy S3, the Verizon version of course.

The Verizon Galaxy S3 is the handset that seems to have a lot of problems when it comes to its locked bootloader, as more and more users are dealing with major issues. Unfortunately, according to those who had tried to unlock the bootloader, root or update the S3 with a custom ROM firmware, in many cases the Galaxy S3 got bricked. And since the warranty is void (as you know when you decide to apply one of the mentioned operations the warranty of your phone will get void) the only way for fixing your smartphone is by sending the same to Verizon and pay a lot of money for having a “normal” handset once more.

As a note, the warranty can be restored, but only by downgrading to the stock ROM, or by updating with an official OS provided by Samsung and suitable with the Verizon version of the Galaxy S3. Then, the bootloader will be relocked, the root access revoked and the factory restrictions reinstalled. But, since your phone is bricked you will not be able to complete such operations. All you have to do is to follow the present tutorial from where you can learn how to fix your bricked S3.

For that you will have to use Odin, which is a dedicated tool used especially for complex actions that must be completed on a smartphone, such as installing custom ROMs, rooting, unlocking the bootloader and so on. That means you will have to use a Windows running computer, your Galaxy S3 and its USB cord. On the computer you will have to download some files, so you must have internet access too. Now, this guide was first developed and tested by those of xda-developers so we have them to thanks for this opportunity. For more info you can anytime check our source page from here. Also, we shouldn’t be held responsible if somehow this method isn’t working for you, you do it on your own risk.

How to Fix Bricked Verizon Galaxy S3

  1. If you don’t have the Galaxy S3 drivers installed on your computer, download them from here.
  2. Also, download Odin from here.
  3. On your computer (on the Desktop) extract Odin. A folder with 4 files should be displayed.
  4. Up next, download the “VRALEC.bootchain.tar.md5” file from here, the “BOOTLOADER_I535VRALF2_618049_REV09_user_low_ship.tar.md5” file from here and the “stock.vzw_root66.7z.torrent” from here.
  5. Save the files on the same computer.
  6. Now, open the “stock.vzw_root66.7z.torrent” file on a tool like the well-known “µTorrent”.
  7. The “stock.vzw_root66.7z” file should be downloaded in uTorrent.
  8. When the download ends, extract the file.
  9. Take you Galaxy S3 (it must be turned off) and boot into download mode.
  10. For download mode press and hold the Volume Down, Home and the Power buttons together. A “Warning” message should be displayed; when you see it just press the Volume Up button to reach download mode.
  11. On your computer open Odin.
  12. Go on the Odin window and make sure you check, or uncheck the options so that you will obtain the exact same as showed in the image:
  13. Then, select “PDA” and pick the “VRALEC.bootchain.tar.md5” file.
  14. Connect the SGS3 with the computer via USB cord.
  15. The drivers will be installed and in the end the “added” message should be displayed on Odin. If not, re-install the drivers and repeat this step.
  16. Click “Start” for allowing the installation to begin.
  17. In the end the “pass” message should be displayed.
  18. Unplug the USB cord and don’t turn off the phone, leave it in download mode.
  19. Close Odin on your PC.
  20. Connect the device with the PC again and then re-open Odin.
  21. Next, select “PDA” and this time pick the “OOTLOADER_I535VRALF2_618049_REV09_user_low_ship.tar.md5” file.
  22. Similar as above, on the “Options” section select only “F. Reset Time”.
  23. Click on “start” and wait until the “pass” message is displayed.
  24. Disconnect the smartphone, leave it in download mode and close Odin.
  25. Re-connect the S3 and re-open Odin.
  26. Click on “PDA” again and then select “stock.vzw_root66.tar”.
  27. On Odin you should make some changes; check the image from below for more info.
  28. As usual, click on “start” and wait while the file is being installed.
  29. When the “pass” message is being displayed, unplug the USB cord. The handset will also reboot by itself.
  30. The boot will not be a complete one; don’t get scared as we are not done. Remove the battery of your S3 and re-insert it. Don’t turn on your phone yet.
  31. Reboot your Galaxy S3 in recovery mode. For that press and hold the Volume Up, Home and Power buttons together. Ignore the alerts.
  32. From recovery select “wipe data factory reset” and “wipe cache partition”.
  33. When done, select “+++go back+++” to return and “reboot system now” to end this process.

Congratulations, you have finally managed to fix your bricked Verizon Galaxy S3. Remember that this tutorial works only for the Verizon variant of the Samsung S3, so don’t use it for trying to repair similar devices. In the end, do tell us how things worked for you, or if there were issues with the explained steps. I hope that everything works fine now and your S3 is no longer bricked.

  • Noccus

    Thanks! Now I’m off to try to flash it again!

  • Thomas

    I followed the steps and when it turns on it says samsung then samsung gs3 then to the verizon 4g lte and all the circles but it never passes that. any ideas?

    • Daniel

      clear cache and dalvik

  • Lon

    This worked for me so many thanks. It took several tries to get the actual ROM to flash but it finally did in the end. So if yours fails at “SetupConnection” or “Erase” like mine did, keep trying

  • Bob

    Thanks!! Worked great! Your instructions are awesome, very detailed and easier to follow than the xda ones. First time the rom wouldn’t run but then I re-d/led it and used the stock usb cable and it loaded.

  • pick dickles

    dl links dont seem to work. I get to the link but the download doesnt start.

  • Told u so.

    Awesome! Thank you very much.

  • Jeff

    Thank you! Worked for me. Hard part was waiting on some of the file downloads.

  • Nathan

    So, I cannot whatsoever boot into any mode, that’s how hard my S3 is bricked. Although, I’m trying this as I have tried many other ways. So please, pray that this works.

  • Dennis Button

    for soft brick. But not a hard brick. This will not work because there is no power to the phone

  • Steve

    After doing this I can no longer use my phone since my phone now only boots to the “unauthorized software” screen or something like that. someone said it was because of a 4.3 update. WTF?

  • David Teo

    Unfortunately, this did not work for me, I followed the guide to the letter, but to no avail. On every single file odin fails. I’ve tried 3.04 and 3.09. Help?