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Install MIUI Ice Cream Sandwich ROM On HTC One X

HTC One X Running MIUI ICS

The HTC One X has been launched from some time and the guys at MIUI, the ones that are working day and night to deliver the best custom ROM firmware for numerous Android devices. This article will teach you how to install and flash all the firmware files required in order to get the Ice Cream Sandwich on the One X smartphone, which shouldn’t be hard if you carefully read all the steps I’ve listed several lines below.

MIUI custom ROM received numerous positive critics and now it can be installed on the HTC One X. However, the ICS ROM build we’ll find here is in its beta phase but it works and if you’re an Android enthusiast that wishes to test it then you should give it a try. However, this MIUI ICS for One X can be flashed using a somewhat different guide than the ones you were usually accustomed to apply.

The main changes that are coming with this firmware are these: permission manager ROOT permission has been repaired, lockscreen is English along with all the other parts of the ROM as it were translated from chinese, MIUI Metro Icons are now set as default and the AROMA installer has been intergrated within MIUI’s ICS ROM. There are several other features and fixed bugs from previous versions and it has been said that this firmware works well with the One X and you shouldn’t hit any roadblocks while installing it.

Before starting to install the new ROM you will need to read the preparation guide as you will learn how to properly configure your device and make sure that you don’t lose any files while updating the ROM to MIUI Ice Cream Sandwich. Here’s what you need to do before starting to apply the new firmware on your HTC One X device:

  • backup all the data stored on your phone as it will be lost while installing the new ROM while wiping files and data from CWM. The pictures, video, audio, documents, zips and other important files should be placed on your phone’s SDcard as that will be the only part left unchanged while updating the new ROM.
  • Text Messages and the Call Logs can easily be saved with these two applications: SMS Backup & RestoreCalls Logs Backup & Restore.
  • Contacts can be saved using Gmail to sync them between your Android and your Gmail account.
  • your device has to be rooted. In case yours isn’t then you should read this ‘how-to root HTC One X’ guide here.
  • ClockworkMod recovery should be present on your device. If you don’t know how to install it then read the tutorial guide here.
  • ADB has to be installed.
  • charge your phone’s battery until it reaches over 70% power levels and this will prevent it from switching off while installing the MIUI custom ROM.
  • enable the USB debugging and disable any antimalware or firmwall apps running right now on your phone.

I think that these are all the pre-requisites needed before starting to install the new MIUI ICS custom ROM on your device. Please note that we cannot be held responsible for any problems or in case any files get corrupted while updating the firmware. This guide is only for advanced Android users who know what they’re doing and how to properly use firmware zip, flashbot, recovery bot etc.

How to install MIUI ICS Android custom ROM on HTC One X:

  1. Download the MIUI Ice Cream Sandwich ROM firmware zip from here and save it on your PC.
  2. Copy this ROM  ‘.zip’ file on your phone’s SD card but do not remove it from your PC as we still need it.
  3. Now go back to your computer and extract the boot.img file from the zip downloaded at step 1 and place it in the Fastboot folder. C:/fastboot should be. This folder should be present as you already rooted and unlocked the bootloader of your device while applying the actions found in the preparation guide.
  4. The Google Apps zip firmware file should also be transferred to your phone’s internal SDcard. Download it from here.
  5. As you know fastboot needs to be started now after you powered off the device.
  6. After fastboot loads you need to connect it to your PC and then open a command prompt or terminal window and enter the following command line when you’ve pointed the location to fastboot.exe : fastboot flash boot boot.img
  7. When you’re seeing the confirmation message you will need to use flashboot to boot into recovery mode and when that loads successfully you need to mvoe to the next step.
  8. When in recovery mode you need to select the option that is named ‘install zip from sdcard’ and then select ‘choose from sdcard’.
  9. Now navigate to the MIUI ROM .zip firmware file and confirm its installation.
  10. After the new rom has been successfully flashed you need to get back to the main recovery menu and reboot the device.
  11. HTC One X will now reboot and now you need to change the language to English then perform a new reboot.
  12. Wait for the second reboot to complete and then select the HTC Sense input as the default one by opening Language & Input.

That’s it, now you should starting testing the new beta MIUI ICS custom ROM on your HTC One X. Make sure to let us know how it performs on your device as well as telling us any problems or bugs you’ve encountered. Also, if you have any extra questions please feel free to post them in comments and we will gladly help you with whatever problems you’ve stumbled while installing the new ROM firmware on your smartphone.

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