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Flash Galaxy Ace Plus S7500 Using Official Android 2.3.6 DDLB1 Gingerbread Firmware Update

Galaxy Ace Plus enter Download Mode

Samsung released not so long ago the official update of Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread for their Galaxy Ace Plus and here you can find all the instructions you need in order to successfully install it without damaging your device. All the info listed in this post will help you apply the changes on your Galaxy Ace Plus fast and easy without worrying about not knowing how to work with complex firmware updating tools.

Galaxy Ace Plus was launched last week only for the UK markets and it is the successor of the S5830 Model of Galaxy Ace. It was first presented at in January this year and it should come to worldwide markets starting from April. It isn’t a high end device but it still can be considered a reliable smartphone ¬†and if you’re one that owns such device then you should update it to the new DDLB1 2.3.6 Gingerbread update. Please note that this guide only works with the Ace Plus S7500 device and if you have any other model then you will have to wait until an update will be rolled out for it.

This firmware update hasn’t been made available through KIES as that might happen only in the next few days, but, using the tutorial guide I’ve posted here you can easily flash your device using the DDLB1 firmware and enjoy a refined version of the Gingerbread 2.3.6 version right on your Galaxy Ace Plus screen. If you wish to install this app then you will have to read the list of things you to need to know before moving to the tutorial guide, as these will teach you how to correctly prepare your device for the firmware update. Also, by doing so you will have bigger chances of managing to install DDLB1 2.3.6 Gingerbread firmware from the first try. Remember that in case the update isn’t flashed from the first time you try then you will have to repeat all the steps listed under the tutorial guide.

Here’s what you need to know before applying this new update on your Galaxy Ace PLus S7500 smartphone:

  • it won’t root your phone. In case your device is currently rooted then applying this update will revoke root access. A rooting guide should be posted on our website in the next days.
  • make sure to read and double check every step you are about to apply.
  • backup all the data currently stored on your Galaxy Ace Plus just in case something goes wrong during the update and files get corrupted or lost.
  • try and sync your contacts with your Gmail account.
  • the APN and MMS settings might require a backup. This will help you restore internet access if the update messes up the service.
  • charge your phone’s battery until it reaches over 75% and this will prevent it from powering down during the firmware update.
  • disable or even remove all the antivirus, antimalware and firewall apps installed on your Galaxy Ace Plus so that these won’t block the updating process.
  • enable USB debugging access. Do it by opening Settings, then Applications and select Development. Here you will see the ‘usb debugging’ option, tick it.

I think that these were all the facts that you had to take into consideration before starting to apply the new firmware update on your device. Installing the new firmware should be easy. Your phone should work work much faster and more smoother. Now, if you wish to learn how to successfully apply it then you need to follow the steps listed below. Here’s what you need to do to update the Galaxy Ace Plus smartphone with Gingerbread 2.3.6 gingerbread DDLB1 firmware:

  1. Download the Android 2.3.6 DDLB1 Gingerbread zip package from here and save it on your computer.
  2. Extract its contents into a single directory. There should be three different files.
  3. Launch Odin exe, which should be one of the files downloaded at step 1.
  4. Power OFF your device.
  5. Download mode needs to be booted now. DO it by pressing and holding Volume Down and the Center button, while you’re doing this you need to press Power. Confirm that you wish to boot download mode by pressing Volume UP key.
  6. Connect your device with the computer using the USB cable.
  7. Odin should have a box that says ID:COM and if this turns yellow then all the drivers have been successfully installed. If it doesn’t turn yellow then you will have to install the USB drivers and check to see if Samsung KIES option is enabled; if not, then you need to enable it yourself which has to be done without the phone being connected to your computer.
  8. In ODIN, click the PDA button and then select the .mds firmware image.
  9. Click Start and wait at least 5 minutes until all the firmware files have been updated.
  10. When the home screen is loaded, you need to disconnect the Galaxy Ace PLUS from your PC and then power off the smartphone.
  11. Boot into Recovery mode by pressing and holding both the ‘Volume Up’ and ‘Center / OK’ buttons and while doing that press ‘Power’. In case recovery isn’t loaded you should continue repeating these actions until booting into recovery is successful.
  12. When in recovery move you need to select the ‘Wipe data/ factory reset ‘ and the ‘Wipe cache partition’ options.
  13. Now reboot the device by selecting the ‘reboot system now’ from the recovery main menu.
  14. Wait until the device loads the home screen and that should do it, as the Android 2.3.6 DDLB1 Gingerbread firmware was successfully updated. Please note that in case the update wasn’t applied then you will be forced to repeat all the steps listed above until you do manage to flash the update.

These were all the steps you had to take and hopefully, your Samsung Galaxy Ace PLUS S7500 has been updated to the new DDLB1 2.3.6 firmware update.

Those of you who hit troubles when trying to update this new firmware should let us know in comments and we will help you install this new firmware. If you found this guide, but you were looking for a totally different Android how-to guide then you should use the search box above this post and you should find a guide that will help you root/ update/ flash your smartphone.

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