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How to Flash TWRP Recovery on the 2015 Motorola Moto E

TWRP recovery for the 2015 version of Motorola Moto E is out and available; thus you can anytime download and install the custom recovery image on your device. If you need help on the flashing process, then you are in the right place as during the following guidelines I will teach you how to safely replace the stock recovery image that runs by default on your new Moto E with this new release of TWRP recovery.

Each Android featured device is pre loaded with the stock recovery image, a hidden environment that can be anytime entered by default for completing different customization and optimization operations. However, the stock recovery comes pre installed with factory and default restrictions so your actions will be limited – since the recovery mode establishes a connection between you, as the user, and your phone’s internal system, dealing with restrictions is not something you want to see. So, if you want to take your new Moto E to a higher level of performance and if you want to become an advanced Android user, you have to replace this stock recovery with a custom software, just like TWRP recovery.

So, what can you do after installing TWRP recovery on Moto E 2015? In a few words, you can start tweaking your Android device by completing several custom and unofficial operations. Bottom line, starting from now you will be able to consider in rooting your smartphone for unlocking the Lollipop firmware; also you will be able to install a custom ROM for experiencing platforms like CM 12, AOKP or Paranoid Android. Of course, on an unlocked system you will then be able to flash custom kernels, to overclock your Android device, to remove bloatware, make Nandroid backups and lot more.

All these custom operations can be used for improving the performances and for customizing the Android OS that runs on your 2015 Moto E. So, flashing TWRP recovery is the first step to make when trying to spice things up. TWRP recovery is based on CWM recovery and brings a touch based interface – the app can be easily used and managed even by a newbie. Also, TWRP recovery comes with different and useful features that can easily tweak your new Moto E.

Of course, the software is developed by third party devs and it isn’t related with Motorola. That’s why, you are now about to complete an unofficial operation. Also, due to same reasons, you will void the Moto E 2015 warranty, so be careful and try not to mess things up – if you do, then you can end up in bricking your Android device and if that happens you will have to manually fix it, since the warranty is no longer in your hands.

Also, this installation guide reveals a manual flashing operation. Therefore, you will need to use a computer, your phone and its USB cable. Moreover, on your device USB debugging option will have to be enabled (you can do that after gaining developer rights – go to “menu – settings – about phone” tap several times on built number) – from “menu – settings – developer options”. While doing so, take a look on your computer and if there you have security features installed, temporarily deactivate the antivirus-like programs.

Charge your new Moto E before installing TWRP recovery – if your smartphone gets turned off in the middle of the flashing process (that can happen if the battery power left is lower than 50%) it might get bricked. Also, make sure you apply the steps from below only for the 2015 model of Motorola Moto E (the GSM / Condor version) as the TWRP recovery file from this guide is compatible only with the mentioned handset.

Finally, backup your Moto E before doing anything else. Even though it is unlikely to lose your data while completing this guide, when it is about your personal info and accounts you can never be too sure. So, just use some backup and restore tools and maybe some cloud storage platforms and save what’s important for you including stuffs like contacts, texts, call logs, internet settings, market apps, images, videos or audio files.

How to Flash TWRP Recovery on the 2015 Motorola Moto E

  1. On your computer get and ensure Android SDK: install Android SDK on Windows or set up Android SDK on MAC OS X / Linux.
  2. Then, download the TWRP recovery file from here and place it on desktop. Then, rename the twrp- file as recovery.img and and copy it to your Android SDK / Fastboot folder.
  3. Now, turn off your device and reboot fastboot mode on your new Moto E.
  4. When done, connect your smartphone with your computer and then navigate towards the Android SDK / Fastboot folder.
  5. From there open a command prompt window by pressing and holding Shift keyboard key while right clicking on any blank space.
  6. In the cmd window type the following command: “fastboot flash recovery recovery.img”.
  7. That’s it; wait while TWRP recovery is being installed on your device.
  8. Then, don’t hesitate and reboot your 2015 Moto E in recovery mode.
  9. From there you can go back to Android OS by choosing “reboot system now”.

There you have it; that’s how you can install the latest version of TWRP recovery on your 2015 Motorola Moto E. Stay close for further tutorials and share your experience with us and with our readers.

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