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Flatee Icon Pack Brings 800 Icons to Apex, Nova and ADW

A new icon pack has been released and it comes with 800 wonderful flat icons. The Flatee icon pack is compatible with a multitude of launchers, like Apex, Nova and ADW and it also features 9 HD wallpapers, a theme font, and a themed dock.

The Flatee icon pack works with basically any launcher that used the Unicon Xposed Module, which means it’s compatible with Apex, Nova, ADW, Action, Smart, Holo, Atom, and Go. You should know that Iconmask is not supported in the Go launcher, though, but you can turn off the icon base from settings.

This pack contains flat icons that look really nice and clean and you can watch them in the screenshots below or on their Play Store listing. We’ve been surprised to find icons for less popular apps, but that should be pretty normal, considering that the pack contains over 800 icons.

You should know that icon packs are not standalone apps and they won’t work without a third-party launcher. So you can’t install them on your phone’s stock launcher, whatever smartphone you may have.

Installing an icon pack is very simple and once you’ve installed the app, you have to head over to your launcher’s settings and activate it.

To install the Flatee icon pack on Apex Launcher, head over to Apex Settings > Theme Settings, then select the Flatee Theme and apply it.

To install it on Nova, go to Nova Settings > Look and Feel and select the Flatee Them, then apply it.

Let us know what you think about this icon pack. We don’t usually write about themes or icon packs, but we’ve been really surprised to see this one and we might search for more good ones to share them with you in the future.

You can buy the Flatee Icon pack from the play store here.