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Free Google Ingress invites are now available, though limited

Google Ingress is a new augmented reality game, recently released, and it’s currently in a close beta, unfortunately. This means you need an invitation to play the game.

The game is about dominating the world and there are two sides. The Enlightened try to control people’s minds, while the Resistance fights to stop them. Ingress¬†begins¬†with training missions to help new players understand it better, because it’s quite complicated, being a new concept.

There are portals around town and you have to check in at them in order to control them. You will also need portal keys in order to link more portals together. Three portals will turn into a field, which is much more powerful than a simple portal.

The game’s currency is called XM ( exotic material ) and you gain it by wondering around unexplored parts of the town.

All in all, the game is really a new concept and can keep you really focused, though currently there aren’t many players, as Google is releasing invites quite slowly. Fortunately we found a forum where someone has a few spare invites to offer, so you can give it a try there, along with entering your email on the Ingress website and hope for one from Google.

The official website can be found here, where you can enter your email address for an invite, though it might take a while. The forum we were talking about is here, though we can’t guarantee that’s legit and that user really has invites. But you can give it a try if you want.

If you got your invite yet and managed to play Ingress, please let us know what do you think about it. We are really curious to see people’s opinion about it.