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Easily Gain S-Off on HTC One M8

HTC One M8 is one of the best Android based smartphones that are currently available on the market. The phone comes with high end specs and features, the performances being more than decent in that matter, even if we are talking about an advanced Android user. But, if you really want to take full advantage of your new smartphone, you should consider in unchaining its internal system and in performing other operations. Well, in order to help you out, I will show you how to easily gain S-Off on your new HTC One M8.

Gaining S-Off represents a complex and custom operation so it is recommended only for the advanced users, who want to power up the performances or customize the looks of their 2014 HTC One. Anyway, if you are a newbie, but you want to turn S-Off on your Android smartphone, don’t worry as this tutorial will easily guide you through the unlocking process. Of course, read all the guidelines from below and try not to mess things up; if something bad happens, you might end up in bricking your HTC One M8. Also, before going any further the best will be to learn more about the S-Off term; in that matter don’t hesitate and read the following tutorial: “What is S-Off and How Can you tell if Your Phone Has S-Off / S-On”.

In a few words, S-On means that your HTC One M8 is featuring factory and default restrictions meaning that you can’t have control over your phone’s internal system or over its Android OS. When you first by an Android HTC device, it will be delivered with S turned On, just like a default setting. Thus, if you want to obtain more power from your handset, you will have to gain S-Off by yourself. As you can already tell, this operation isn’t official which means that by completing the same you will be losing your HTC warranty – it can be restored as soon as you install the stock Android OS on your 2014 HTC One.

Now, you should know what you can do once you gain S-Off on your HTC One M8. Mainly you will be able to tweak your device as you can choose to install a custom recovery image, to unlock the bootloader, to install a custom ROM firmware, to overclock the CPU, remove the bloatware and lot more. Basically by having access to the internal system of your device you will be able to make any changes you will want as your phone will become your new playground. Therefore, as you can already see, completing this process is a must have, especially if you are an advanced Android user.

Since this a complex and also risky operation, before applying the steps from below you should backup your data, especially the info which is saved on the internal storage of your device – in rare cases while gaining S-off the data might get corrupted. So, on your HTC One M8 use compatible backup and restore apps from Google Play and save everything that’s important to you, including contacts list, call logs, text message, market apps, internet settings and personal info, data and accounts.

On the other hand, the steps from below will work only if you have a rooted HTC One M8; so before doing anything else root your Android smartphone by following a compatible step by step guide – else you can end up in damaging the system of your handset and since the warranty will get void, you probably don’t want that to happen. Now, gaining root access along with gaining S-Off represents the first steps to apply when thinking in tweaking your One M8, so don’t hesitate and complete these procedures.

Also, on your phone you need to enable the USB debugging option(by going to menu – settings – developer options) before heading to the proper unlocking guide. On that same matter a Windows powered computer will be required and on the same you should deactivate the security protection (just temporarily disable antivirus and antimalware protection) or else you might have problems while trying to complete the steps from this tutorial. It is important to charge your phone, especially if the battery status indicates less than 50% power left – if your handset gets turned off in the middle of the unlocking process it might also get bricked.

This step by step guide is compatible only with the HTC One M8; use the steps from below for gaining S-Off only if you own the mentioned Android smartphone. Also, be careful when completing the following guidelines and try not to mess things up (don’t apply anything by yourselves, just stick to the steps).

How to Easily Gain S-Off on HTC One M8

  1. On your computer download Android SDK and install fastboot: install Android SDK on Windows, or set up ADB on MAC OS X / Linux.
  2. Also, on your computer download the firewater exploit from here and save the same on the ADB folder.
  3. Connect your HTC One M8 with your computer by pluggin in the USB cord.
  4. Go to your adb folder and there open a command prompt window (press shift keyboard key and right click on a blank space; then choose “open command prompt window here”).
  5. On the cmd window type the following commands: “adb reboot”; “adb wait-for-device push firewater /data/local/tmp”; “adb shell”; “su”; “chmod 755 /data/local/tmp/firewater”; “/data/local/tmp/firewater”.
  6. In the end agree with the prompt by typing “yes”.
  7. Finally, in cmd type “exit”; “exit”; “adb reboot bootloader”.
  8. Your HTC One M8 will automatically reboot so you are done.

That was all for today; now you know how to easily gain S-Off on your HTC One M8. If you can’t apply the steps from above or if you need extra help on that matter, don’t hesitate and use the comments field from below in order to share your issues with us and with our readers. Also, stay close as we will also show you how to update your HC One M8 with a custom ROM firmware and how to improve the performances of your Android smartphone.

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  • Zeal Kun

    I am not being able to turn s-off due to some problem.. pls help

  • Daniel Regan

    This happened, any ideas?

    preparing, one moment
    The first bottle is open
    ********** whelp, this sucks, firewater can not work on your device **********
    ********** no amount of reflashing, retrying, or ruuing will fix… **********
    ********** DO NOT COME TO IRC ASKING FOR UPDATES OR ETAS!!!!!! **********
    ********** if we are able to fix this issue, it will be announced **********
    ********** bye bye…..sorry it didn’t work out. **********

  • Guest

    current firewater isn’t compatible with your version of htc m8.
    Try sunshine app from theroot.ninja it will cost you 25$, and if it doesnt work probably you will have to wait till the next compatible version is out.

  • dude

    my Hboot is like ver.5 and i cant use sunshine either. anyone know anything else?

    • Sidney Barros


  • Sidney Barros

    Actually This is probably the easiest way to unlock the BootLoader.

    Un-Locking the Bootloader on the HTC phone maybe as
    simple as you think!


    Go here First xda-developers
    Register as a developer.
    Go to phone Setting’s
    For none Developer phones on Andriod
    Go to Setting’s then About, HTC SDK API
    Level and start tapping on it to get developer options, continue tapping till
    it says “Your now a Developer”
    In Settings go to Power, scroll down to
    where it says “Fastboot” and un-check it. You will need this to get into your
    boot menu.
    BACKUP ALL YOUR DATA. Because “unlocking
    your BootLoader” WILL WIPE OUT ALL YOU’RE DATA. You will go back to the
    settings when you initially bought the phone.
    Power Down
    After powering down, press Volume Down
    and while pressing Volume Down, press Power holding both buttons to start the
    device into Bootloader mode. If you have difficulty, power up normally, go to
    Settings->Battery and deselect Fast boot ( If you forgot to do this). Power
    down and try again.
    Use the Volume
    buttons to select up or down. Highlight Fastboot and press the Power button.
    Connect the device to the computer via a
    usb cable
    Go back to xda-developers, Login (If you
    already have not do so)
    Select the link for unlocking the
    Bootloader, make sure your phone is plugged into the pc as discussed above.
    Follow the simple instruction’s; you
    will get on the right of the screen where you can select one of the HTC this
    tool will work with only HTC devices on the list. THIS WILL ONLY WORK FOR the
    phone’s on the list!
    A POP UP menu will come up after you
    select the phone on the list it will be a warning.
    Check off the warnings (AT YOUR OWN
    RISK) Remember this is heavy duty!
    The next screen will be the scariest for
    newbie’s “What to select”
    Download the following fastboot binary
    for your OS using the following links:
    19. Platform
    Download Size (bytes) Checksum fastboot
    binary, Linux
    20. (Unzip
    the file before executing) Fastboot 618 ffd3b02cdf9aa7609462e3957663d238
    21. Fastboot
    binary, OS X
    22. (Unzip
    the file before executing) fastboot-mac
    23. Fastboot
    binary, Windows
    24. (Unzip
    the file before executing) fastboot-win
    83753 a90c25141e306b3062dc8e47e14a1005

    I have not gotten to
    the point past this because I unlocked my BootLoader the old fashioned way. But
    this way seems a great deal easier than searching for your HTC and not finding
    the right choice. I have already unlocked my cell and rooted, and through trial
    and error I got the right OS Modification “InsertCoin Here”
    Good Luck

    • Roger Cerasoli

      Unfortunately, this will not work on Verizon’s HTC one M8. They have removed the toggle for fastboot.

  • Piotr Nalewajko

    Should I use exacly same comands (step 5) if I use sunshine this disturbs me: “adb wait-for-device push firewater /data/local/tmp”