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6.3-inch Samsung Galaxy Foblet To Be Released In June As Galaxy Mega, Says Report

According to the latest reports Samsung Mobile will launch two more devices in June. The handsets will be phablets as they will sport large-sized screens, one having 5.8 inches and the other 6.3 inches. The handheld will be part of the same line, which you may know it as the Galaxy Fonblet. Well, it looks like they won’t be called that way, but they will be dubbed Galaxy Mega.

We need to tell you right from the beginning that the information has not been officially confirmed and we’ re looking at pure speculations, which would make a lot of sense, but still speculations. The Galaxy Fonblet probably exists, but we don’t know for sure in which form until Samsung will give us something palpable to work with.

Anyway, the story goes like this: Samsung will reportedly release a new line of hybrid devices (not smartphones, nor tablets) sometime in June, according to Sam Mobile, publication that claims to have reliable sources familiar with the company’s plans. The website suggest that Samsung won’t launch the handsets as Galaxy Fonblet, but with the “Mega” name, which in my opinion sounds even more cheesy.

Sam Mobile claims that the phone maker will unveil two Galaxy Mega versions, depending on the display’s size. So, one will be sporting a 5.8-inch screen, while the bigger model will measure 6.3 inches. Furthermore, the smaller version of the Galaxy Mega is supposed to be launched at the end of May (week 22), and the 6.3-inch model will be released in June (week 25).

The website doesn’t mention exactly from which source they have received the information, but Sam Mobile is known for providing useful information before the Samsung products go live, even though they have not been always accurate. However, the rumor seems to make sense because the Galaxy Mega trademark was registered by the company a few months ago, as well as the Fonblet mark, which was registered a month a couple of months later, in December 2012, along with two more other marks, the Mega View and Galaxy Wide. With all this in mind, it would not be such a big surprise if the 6.3-inch device will be named Galaxy Mega View.

Another reason why we think that this could not be just a rumor is the fact that Samsung has recently announced the Gamepad accessory, which the company said it will have support for devices with up to 6.3-inch displays. Coincidence or not, it’s almost obvious that Samsung is developing one or more large handsets. Whether it will be a very big phone, or a smaller tablet, or even some kind of multimedia player, it remains to be seen.

We only hope that more detailed information will be available in the near future, something official maybe.