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Galaxy Nexus received Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update in a pre-release status

All Samsung Galaxy Nexus users have been waiting for an Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update and it seems like the firmware is now almost ready. While until now there were only custom Jelly Bean ROMs for the Galaxy Nexus, today Google outed a pre-release version, which can be installed on most Galaxy Nexus devices. Fortunately Verizon users will be able to enjoy the update too.

Unfortunately we don’t know how stable the ROM is at the moment, so you should better stick with your current one for the moment, either if it’s a stock ICS or a custom Jelly Bean one. Some have already reported that the firmware is very stable, though Google must have a reason for keeping it in a pre-release status, so there are some bugs left for sure.

Unlike other official updates, this one requires to be done manually, so you will also need an unlocked bootloader. We are now trying the Jelly Bean update and will write a quick guide to help you manually update your Galaxy Nexus to the new Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Hopefully Google will move fast and release the stable version soon, as it’s been some time since Jelly Bean got released. Though now most phone makers struggle to update their devices so they can keep up with the market’s requests.

The Galaxy Nexus has been one of the most successful Android smartphones, being also Google’s best-seller. The device comes with high-end hardware, which can really use Jelly Bean’s latest features, though carriers makes phone makers’ lives hard by keeping them from pushing updates to their devices.

What do you think about this pre-release version ? Will you go for it or prefer to stay with your current one ? And for those who tried it already, please let us know how it works.

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  • sonyboyj

    Oh crap pre release can’t wait for the release I’ve been waiting since I hot my phone for a update.hope jellybean fixes signal issues hurry up google.I talked to 2 google ppl both say they dont have a date but on says in a month other. Said maybe couple weeks but not to say for sure

  • Jtari Minter

    Im using it now and i notice major speed improvements compared to ics. plus the new Googlenow feature that’s about it that I’ve noticed, but i haven’t really scoped out every feature since im new to ics and jb,,so everything’s perfect to

    • the link!!!!!

      • rgk

        Why? Can’t open google in your PC?

  • Isaac

    I’ve already noticed a significant increase in battery life and signal

    • download link guys!!!!

  • where is the download link of the Update?????????

    • arimasaes

      you might want to check forum.xda-developers.com

  • becoming impatient

    as for me, I dont know how to root my phone nor know how to install any ROM`s lo…. just waiting patiently on this update is driving me crazy! but i rather be safe then sorry… just wish verizon can get with the program and get their act together for the sake of thrir customers.. eventually people are gonna run to other phone companies if this keeps up…. i been with verizon for 7 years… and im telling you, im losing hope for this company… after my contract my 4 lines included my tablet is gonna say syenara to verizon….

    • rgk

      You can’t brick a GNex…unless you drop it in water or something…
      Quit being a baby and waiting for a spoon feed …

  • PMN

    What version of android are you talking about the stock version is now stable with 4.1.1

  • JimJ

    I’ve been rockin’ JB since Google released the source code for AOSP. It’s been 100% stable with ZERO issues. Now, with new radios, and the official JB Bootloader, it’s even faster, and my battery life is better. The features are just plain AWESOME too.

    For those asking for download links….it’s not as simple as just installing it. There’s a few things you need to do, and if you don’t know how, this isn’t the site to do it. You need to go to other sites where that’s all they do, or else you will probably end up bricking your phone.