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Galaxy Note 3 Camera Gets Unofficial Port to Samsung Galaxy S4

In March, Samsung introduced the Galaxy S4 which brought a 13 MP primary camera packing a bunch of pretty cool software features like Eraser, Dual Shot/Video, Cinema Photo, Drama Shot, or Sound and Shot. The Galaxy Note 3 arrived a few months after the GS4 and brought the same 13 MP camera with some enhancements for the camera app.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 camera software features a couple of new functions, with Surround Shot among them, which is basically the S Orb 360 degree panorama we’ve talked about earlier this year minus the Facebook integration.

Samsung recently announced that the Android 4.3 update for Samsung Galaxy S4 will be rolled out soon, but we don’t know yet whether the Premium Suite update will also bring Note 3’s camera features.

In case you want to have the Note 3 camera app functionality on your Galaxy S4 before the Android 4.3 is being rolled out (of course, if the features are included), you can do it right away courtesy of XDA member LastStandingDroid, who ported the said app to the GS4. We are also glad to announce you that all Note 3’s camera features are working just fine.

The installation process is not complicated, but you must know that you would need to root your Samsung Galaxy S4 if you didn’t do it already. In order to get the Note 3 camera app on your Galaxy S4 you will need to flash a zip file using a custom recovery.

You will find more information on how to flash the Galaxy Note 3 camera app to Samsung Galaxy S4 in this XDA thread.

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